Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Partial Lunar Eclipse on November 19th (18th some places)


Friday morning – depending on your timezone – the first eclipse in this eclipseseason, (see more details on the entire eclipseseason in the last update), takes place at the Full Moon 27° 14 Taurus, exactly opposite the Sun in Scorpio.

The two signs represents two different poles and seasons; Taurus: Spring, greenness, lushness, light and life versus Scorpio’s Fall, darkness, withering and stripped nature and death.

While the Sun in Scorpio demands that we face the darkness and accept the fact, that everything sooner or later will end, everything changes, everything dies, the Moon in Taurus reminds us of the need for bringing things to a halt, smell all the flowers,  enjoying the beauty of life, finding peace and calmness, having secure fixpoints, preservation and making things last.

However, Taurus can also spend a lot of energy on, almost by habit, trying to preserve the status quo, whether it’s preferable or not.

Change is one of the few certain things in life – and right now we are living in times of massive change, and it’s far from over yet – and it can thus be a huge waist of energy trying to hold on to something that is way past it sell date.

In other words, we need to use Taurus' preserving energy selectively and wisely.

So, it’s time to make important decisions on what to hold on to, what to let go of, and where to give up control, to free as much energy as possible  - cuz we are gonna need all the energy we can muster in the near future!

Taurus represents your values, so your decisions should obviously be made from the core of your true inner values, not from outside dictates.

So, anything of no particular or less value to you or things that you, if you’re really honest with yourself, just know is a thing of the past, is beneficial to release around the time of this Lunar eclipse.

There are also things in life, completely out of your control, where it’s likewise a waist of energy trying to hang on, control and preserve in current form. Here it’s also about releasing, letting go, trusting the process and instead putting your energy and focus towards things, where you can actually make a difference.

But on the other hand, when it comes to your true and most important values in life, it is now  extremely important to stand firm – UNSHAKABLY FIRM – and not let yourself be pressured into something that goes against your values and convictions.

The eclipse energy can be helpful with that, since the Taurus energy represents both stubbornness and endurance.

Collectively, eclipses in Taurus, typically places focus on economy, financial matters, wages, properties, ownership, values of all kinds, as well as nature and crops.

Financial changes, problems or crisis, trade and supply issues, problems with or lack of crops, a rise in hunger around the world, is sometimes seen during Eclipses in the Earth element, that Taurus belongs to. The same is earthquakes and vulcano eruptions.

Scorpio, whose ruler Pluto also happens to be triggered by the eclipse, points to huge changes when it comes to common ressources and economy, as well as in the handling of power and control and also adds the Water element.

Scorpio’s old ruler, Mars, opposes and activates Uranus in Taurus during and in the days surrounding the Eclipse, so the same topics are emphasized over and over again. Meaning there's now way around it.

The Mars – Uranus opposition also points towards that some of the things happening right now could result in uprising and downright revolution.

Peace and calmness is not exactly on the horizon right now or in the 6 months ahead, where this eclipse will be active.

The Taurus Moon however has a huge need for peace, calmness, safety and security.

Especially material security. This is obviously highly challenged right now, by insane mandates various places in the world, threatening peoples livelihood, for some it is already a reality, for others its looming right ahead.

On top of that, there’s inflation and huge price increases that will eat up more and more disposable income ( if you have one!)– and sooner or later everyone will be affected, if this is allowed to continue and we go further down this truly disturbing path we are on, except a small super rich elite.

This eclipse, however, not only triggers Pluto, but also Jupiter, and these two planets are right now in semisextile, meaning that they have reached a new point in their joint cycle, they began last year, also meaning that some of the things initiated during the 2020 conjunction, will now begin to become more visible and tangible in the outer world.

As we can obviously see, when it comes to some of the more dark intentions initiated then.

But during last years three peaks of  Jupiter & Plutos conjunction many positive seeds were also sown, concerning FREEDOM,  JUSTICE and ABUNDANCE for all, including a new more fair and honest economical system, that will benefit us all, through several world wide mass meditations and manifestations.

Not only does this Lunar Eclipse trigger this, but the eclipse that follows, the total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius in December, is also thematically well aligned with among other things freedom, justice and abundance. 

But we need to keep our hope and faith in these dark challenging times, and we need to water and nurture those seeds, we planted back then, in order for them to survive, grow bigger and stronger and more tangible in the outer world. We also need to stand together and not let the various efforts to split us completely apart work.

Cuz there are dark forces, who is trying to steer us in a whole other direction, where we will own nothing at all, not even our souls – and who have already come far with their plans, because not enough people has realized and opposed it, yet...

But eclipse energy has the ability to change things, also very quickly, so here’s hoping that some kind of breakthrough in the public will happen somewhere in the world and then spread all over.

At this cross road between whatever model and system, we will be living under in the future, we will experience less and less to hold on to and place our trust in, in the outer world, which of course can be extremely anxiety filled.

This is also a huge theme for 2022, where a lot of outer and previous wellknown fixpoints and anchors will dissolve, leaving us nowhere to go but inwards and/or upwords towards higher powers, from outside this world.

This Lunar Eclipse, which is the first of 7 eclipses on the Taurus/Scopio axis the next two years, comes with the message, that you in periods of huge change and turbulence in the outher world, can and must learn to find peace and calmness within yourself and your own resources.

Noone, is saying it’s easy, but no matter what is going on around you, peace of mind and inner calmness CAN be obtained, at least periodically.

Some of the classic Taurus methods of doing that is meditation, staying outside in nature, creativity and grounding yourself through your five senses.

Nature and the changing seasons has an inbuilt spirituality that can be very soothing and calming, because it brings a very concrete and visible proof of the fact, that after a dark and perhaps really tough season, brighter times will always follow sooner or later…In other words; this too shall pass.

So spending time in nature is advicable – because the oasis will be much needed.

Depending on where you live and whats possible to grow at this time of year, if anything at all, it is also advicable to start growing more of your own food. If not possible now, make plans for it in the upcoming spring.

Becoming more selfsufficient, finding peace, comfort and security within yourself and using and relying on your inborn talents and gifts in new ways, is all important issues the next couple of years, with this series of eclipses,

This is a North Node eclipse, which points to the future and the creation of the future and where we are meant to head – but since Full Moons and Lunar eclipses at the same time are all about releasing, it means that there is a lot that has to be released before a more secure future can be build.

In other words, there are many things that needs to be let go of, cleared and removed, before the creation of a better future can lead to something concrete, useful and more lasting.

The houses – and the areas of life they represent - containing 27 °14 Taurus/Scorpio in your personal chart, will show where these topics primarily will play themselves out in your life – and also where you will experience growth opportunities the next 6 months ahead.

If you have important placements between 24° 14 Taurus/Scorpio &  0°14 Gemini/Sagittarius, they will be triggered by the eclipse, and what they represent and perhaps rule over, will also add further information on how exactly you will be affected and where there will be special focus for you.

19 years ago there was an eclipse in the same spot, so think back to what happened in your life back then and the following 6 months –  an echo from back then might very well turn up, resulting in a revisit of themes and topics, that you now get to meet from another more mature – and hopefully also wiser – place in life…or you might get the chance to become wiser.

The partial eclipse starts Friday morning at 6.02 (GMT – adjust to your local time), the Full Moon is exact at 8.57 and the eclipse peaks a few minutes later at 9.03, the Lunar eclipse is finally over at 12.03.

The partial eclipse will be visible, wherever the Moon is above the horizon in this timeperiod, and with a clear sky, of course.

Happy Lunar Eclipse – release and let go, but stand firm on your true values!

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖  Tina


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Eclipse season November - December 2021


Here 10 days before the partial Lunar Eclipse, at Novembers Full Moon on the 19th, the Eclipse season, consisting of two eclipses, that will last at least a month, kicks in.

During eclipse season a feeling of altered reality and surrealism is not uncommon. Not that normalcy has been much prevalent for the past couple of years, but the energies will nevertheless now ramp up again.

Eclipses are extremely powerful energy portals, that at the same time pinpoints highly relevant themes and topics, both collectively and individually, with effect quite some time into the future, sometimes even years.

During an eclipse season, it sometimes feels like time is acting differently; time can speed up, stand still or be dissolved, things can thus develop or change very quickly or topics can bind events together over a very long time period, through mysterious weaves and links to previous eclipses, decades back – as well as forward.

This eclipse season consists of the aforementioned partial Lunar Eclipse and then a total Solar Eclipse on December 4th, on two different sign axis’s.

We get the 6th and last in a series of eclipses on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, (that started back in 2020), with the Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Sagittarius in December.

The theme of this series of eclipses has been and still are:

Information, news, sharing of knowledge, propaganda, truth, higher meaning, freedom of movement and law.

Gemini represents the curious openminded research of various and also often conflicting sources, while Sagittarius represents dot – connecting, the search for truth and higher meaning.


A highly relevant theme, since 2020, has thus been our perception of the world and of what is going on in it, and how these perceptions come about. How our perceptions are manipulated, shaped and steered in certain directions,  urging us to get getting better at realizing when we are subjected to propaganda and downright mind control. In other words this series of eclipses has been about freeing our minds.

Media, journalists and various opinion makers and their handling of the truth and the passing on of it to the public is a major theme.

Rarely, if ever, has the dissemination of information has such an intrusive influence on the individual's possibility and right to live their life as they choose, as these past years.

So, not strange at all, that this is a topic, we as humanity, is forced to take under consideration and learn more about, as there is and will be huge consequences from it all.

The individual's own responsibility to remain open, yet critical and not just passively swallowing everything served, but being curious enough to research further and examine various different independent and alternative sources as well, is also highlighted as an extremely relevant and important topic.

Gemini – Sagittarius is also known as the axis of movement, since both signs are constantly on the move and represents traffic, travel, short as well as long distance, locally and abroad – as well as the traffic, travel and tourist industry.

Further developments on these fronts are very likely during this eclipse season.

Both the Gemini and Sagittarius spirit has a huge need to be able to roam about freely, wherever it wishes, whether nearby, locally or all over the world, which is exactly what has been highly challenged during this eclipse series period, and might very well become (even more ) so again – and perhaps also more permanently, if people are not more insistent on the right to free movement.

Sagittarius is also the sign of law, which has likewise been a big issue in 2020-21, where we have witnessed an unheard willingness from lawmakers to bypass constitutional rights and freedoms all over the world – obviously this wont be without consequences.

When a series of eclipses on a sign axis ends, it doesn’t mean, that we are completely done with the topics, right away. For years to come, some of these eclipses will be re-triggered and both further developments as well as consequences can then happen.

In fact, the December eclipse will already be triggered in the days surrounding the New Year, late December, early January.

So all these topics mentioned above, will certainly be something we will have to deal with, the next couple of months; November, December and January.


The November eclipse on the 19th is not only the first in this season, but, as previously mentioned, also the first in a series of 7 eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, that we will be going through, from now here at the end of 2021 until the Fall of 2023.

The Taurus- Scorpio axis deals with resources.

So, economy, financial issues, personal values and belongings, ownership, common and mutual resources and how to distribute them and who gets access to what, will thus become hot topics.

Since we also have outer planet, Uranus, transiting though Taurus, until the middle of this decade – and Saturn is squaring Uranus this year and next year – there is heightened possibility for a financial crash, as well as of the introduction of a new financial system, in the period, we have these eclipses on this sign axis as well.

Exactly what kind of financial system and what kind of redistribution of resources we end up, is up in the air, but some form of redistribution will happen.

A powerful elite makes no effort to hide, that they would prefer, that no one – except, of course, themselves – will  be able to own anything in the future – but they promise, that we will be “happy” anyhow…yeah right!

Another possibility is that the resources, the very same have been hoarding, under false pretenses, will be redistributed back to those, they were stolen from.

A shift is coming and the fight for which model it will eventually be - will now be kicking truly in.

The same aspect also concerns scarcity and price increases – and the eclipse season could very well push further to that.

It’s all connected of course, so that we, they hope, will be more receptable to where this "powerful elite" wishes to lead us.

In that regard, the eclipses actually also highlights power and control as a huge topic, it concerns the management of power and how far some are willing to go, in their thirst for power and control and hoarding of resources, at the expense of others, with no qualms what so ever.

On top of that, the individual's possibilities to live their life according with their true values, will be an important topic, and whether that will even be possible in the future, depends on our actions and reactions NOW, in terms of what we are willing to put up with and what we are NOT willing to put up with.

For an important component in topic of power is also how the many, that the few wishes to assert power and control over, acts and reacts. It’s all about taking our power back!

Nature and Mother Earth will be another huge topic, that can both result in a “back to nature” wave and a rise in growing your own food.

But also that the whole climate topic will be abused to once again try to lead the people in the direction,  the aforementioned power thirsty few want us to go in.

We are living in a time, where we have moved very, very far into extremes, and it’s high time that we make use of this last exit  - because there might not be any more exits further down the line.

But as things can change and develop very fast during an eclipse season, the eclipse energy the coming month can certainly also assist in making DESIRED and positive changes.

In other words, we need to make use of these energies to turn things around - so let’s do it!

We will dig deeper into each eclipse, in upcoming updates – also in terms of their meaning on a more personal level.

For now, it’s just important to know, that things can be expected to escalate wildly from now on AND that you, as always during an eclipse season, can receive important messages and guidance on your further development and direction in life,

So, make sure to listen and watch out for various signs coming to and at you.

Freedom Truth Love ☮ & 💖 Tina