Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The years of the Great Conjunctions; Jupiter - Neptune conjunction in Pisces this Spring.


It is said that it’s in periods with several “Great Conjunctions” (between Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) in just a few years, that the world REALLY changes.

A Great Conjunction happens when two of the abovementioned heavenly bodies meet and their joint cycle, both comes to an end and starts a new one.

If that happens for several “planetary couples” in a span of few years, there will inevitably be more chaos, turbulence and change in the world, than at other times, since it will then be in many areas at the same time, that something comes to an end, perishes to never return, while other things continue in new form, while also completely new stuff is added.

The limbo period, between the old being dead and the new born hasn’t become visible yet, can be rather challenging – with several of the various limbo periods on top of each other or following each other, it will obviously be HUGELY challenging.

It’s in these transition periods, that “new world order”s come into existence and that resets take place – and various fractions (both visible and more hidden ones) will naturally fight (both obviously as well as more subtle) for the reign of the new era following – and over which direction, we will all be heading in.

In 2020 we had a total of three Great Conjunctions – and now just one year and a couple of months after the last one, we are entering the fourth; Jupiter and Neptune conjuncting in Pisces.

On top of that, in 3 out of 4 of these conjunctions, one – or as in the case of the present one; both – involved planets rule the sign, the conjunction happened/happens in – and thus have considerably more punch behind it.

Then there was the Jupiter – Saturn Conjunction back in December 2020, that also ended a several hundred year long conjunction – cycle in the Earth element and began a new several hundred year long cycle in the Air Element.

And as for the present Jupiter – Neptune conjunction, it is 166 years since the two last met in Pisces, the sign they both rule over.

So it’s both very powerful, rare and also very longterm cycles and phases ending and beginning these years. So, with that in mind, it’s not so strange, that the beginning of the 2020’s has been so chaotic and extreme as it is – and that we now for two years straight have been in a “stage of emergency”, crisis, and in war, first more subtly, but now apparently in the old fashioned more obvious way, as well.

Now as the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction really sets in, smokescreens, illusions, propaganda and deceit will reach new unheard heights (!!!) and we should all be very wary of both believing oblique statements and claims, as well as of making them ourselves – as even the most sharp sighted eyes will have a hard time seeing clearly now, before the Neptunian fog dissolves again.

At the same time, we have, as previously mentioned, also Saturn triggering a former Eclipse degree in Leo in late February and the beginning of March  - (and certainly seem to totally deliver, when it comes to those specific Eclipse topics; “End of the World” atmosphere; possible beginning of wars; the ascend or fall from grace, removal, withdrawal or death of head of states, the elite or stars; gold prices etc. ) – and previous experience tells us, that while a lot of outer drama will take place, there will be other very important things going on as well elsewhere, that we won’t learn about until later. Which emphasizes the importance of not drawing any fixed conclusions, right now.

It is thus a very confusing and unclear period, when it comes to the outer world, that we have just entered, where many things will dissolve and great sacrifices might take place.

Once the fog lifts again, a collective experience of illusions breaking, might take place, if certain things turn out to be very different, than previously perceived.

Pisces is a Water sign and with both rulers uniting here, water will become a major topic.

We have already seen examples of flooding and mudfloods in the world – and most likely it won’t be done with that.

There are extremely heightened chances of a very wet Spring, several places in the world, with heavy rainfalls, elevated water levels, flooding, mudfloods, also possible earth quakes with epi – center in water and possible tsunamis.

Drinking water could also become an issue/ important topic.

On top of that important events taking place on the sea, as well as shipping, could become more relevant.


Since the war card has now been picked, it wouldn’t be surprising either,  if we at some point hear about someone considering using bio – or chemical weapons, as Jupiter/Neptune/ Pisces is associated with both illness, medicine and chemicals…

The conjunction could also mean, that serious implications and side effects of the previous handling of the virus could really begin setting in now, in a big way, all kinds of diseases, medicine, vaccine and side effects, will be an obvious topic, as well as the hospital & medical system and Big Pharma, but of course now all these things will have to compete with a very dramatic change of scene to break through the surface -  and that is no doubt very convenient for some…

At the same time, this moving from one major and intrusive crisis to the next, will inevitably wear on a lot of people’s mental state, so mental health can also get a boost in the wrong direction – and it's unfortunately probably already not going too well in that area, after the past couple of years.

The same goes for addiction issues and various substance abuse, that this conjunction in Pisces also highlights.

All in all, the outer world will probably not be the most stable or most wonderful to behold or be in, the coming months, but as already mentioned, at the beginning of the year, that would inevitably be the case, one way or another, with the purpose of pushing us more inwards and upwards.

We had, collectively, also gone rather far out of a very cold and irreconcilable path, and it will now take a lot to thaw up frozen hearts again – and that thawing is exactly what Jupiter – Neptune represents.

To what degree it will take human tragedy and loss, remains to be seen…

The combo of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is very compassionate, idealistic, spiritual and super creative.

Charity will rise, inspiration and insights will flow  - to those that are open to it.

We will simply have no other choice, than to go within or seek upwards to the divine, to bring something out/down here, that makes the world more beautiful, loving and peaceful to be in, in the future.

Wednesdays New Moon in Pisces is conjunct Jupiter, who on the following day get so close to Neptune, that the conjunction period begins.

The New Moon thus acts as the official starting point of 2022’s Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.

The coming month, the aspect will increase more and more and become stronger.

The precise phase of the conjunction starts at the beginning of April, lasting a couple of weeks, with peak of exactitude on April 12th, where the old cycle technically ends and a new one is born.

The conjunction lasts until the end of May. 

Before that Jupiter will enter Aries on May 11th, making it an out of sign conjunction, spanning two different signs for a couple of week, and this is when we truly can begin to see the first signs of a new beginning.

In April and May, we will also have an Eclipse Season on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, concerning economy, energy sources, food supply and other basic ressources, and since the nodal axis entered these signs, we have seen how just about anything, that happens pushes those exact topics more and more to the fore.

The Jupiter – Neptune conjunction will have an epilogue in the Fall, the same will the Eclipse topics in another Eclipse Season then.

Whether we will actually see a collective idealistic, spiritual and creative renaissance, with bigger unity and compassion among people, which is the Jupiter – Neptune conjunctions highest potential, remains to be seen.

But those of us, who wish and hope for such a renaissance , now has an opportunity to make it happen in our individual lives – and also of spreading it around us.

Your inner self and the divine will be calling you now, it is time to go within to gather and pick up inspiration and guidance, heighten the frequency – and let it spread around you like rings in water.

Freedom Truth Light ☮ &💖 Tina