Friday, September 17, 2021

Full Harvest Moon right before the Fall Equinox and the peak of T-square between Mercury, Pluto & Eris all happening next week

Depending on your time zone, Septembers Full Moon, the Harvest Moon, will either take place on Monday 20th or Tuesday 21st, when the Moon reaches 28°14 Pisces, exactly opposite the Sun in Virgo, at 00.55 BST.

This is the last Full Moon of the Summer half year, that each year offers a large cleansing and release opportunity, before we enter the Winter half year. 

This year the Full Moon takes place right before the Fall Equinox on Wednesday.

Dark times are right ahead of us, in more ways than one, since challenging times are to be expected – which is why it’s extra important to rid yourself of “excess baggage”, that will only burden you, here at the doorstep to the dark Fall quarter and the Winter half year.

We're all gonna need all the energy, we can muster, so we cannot spread it thin on things of unimportance or let ourselves be drained or dragged down by situations and things, that can be avoided.

The Virgo/Pisces axis is brilliant at cleaning up, selecting, throwing out, cleansing, end, put behind you and reset before a new chapter begins – all of this is beneficial to do in the days surrounding and following the Full Moon and this applies to all areas of your life.

While the Virgo Sun is primarily focused on rational, critical analysis as well as on making work life/ student life, everyday life and various practical chores run as efficiently as possible, after the Summer break, the Moon in Pisces reminds us of the need for something that lifts us out of the everyday grind.

It implores us to not forget, that there is more to life than just what is right in front of us, that there’s something bigger out there, and that much value can be found in the unseen and intangible world.

This Full Moon advocates spirituality, mystique, magic, dreams, fantasy, escapism, creativity, art and romance.

Having open channels and being receptive, while still being grounded is the preferable balance point of the Pisces/Virgo axis.

Combined, the two sign asks us to work on making dream and reality meet,; having both a rich inner life and a effecient everyday life, inspiration amount to concrete creative display; letting spirit, soul, mind and body become one healthy whole – and also to translate compassion into literal action and practical help.

During the Full Moon in Pisces there are good chances of receiving important messages from above or within, so pay attention to your dreams, other sensations and things simply coming to you.

This Full Moon also prepares us for next year when both of Pisces’ rulers, Neptune and Jupiter, meet and conjunct in Pisces, no less.

So, this Full Moon is a good opportunity for familiarizing yourself with the prevalent energy of 2022.

On the backdrop, there’s right now a T- square between Mercury, Pluto and Eris going on, that will peak during the Full Moon and the Fall Equinox. 

Simultaneously, we are seeing uncertainty on stock markets, a huge company in big trouble, and more and more announcements of lacks of goods, empty shelves, postponements  and increase in prices. With Mercury representing trade, more is likely to happen on that front, here in the days surrounding the Full Moon.

Mercury also represent media. With Pluto & Eris involved, you can be sure, that a lot of what you will be told, will not be the whole truth or even flat out lies, since staging, manipulation and hidden motives, as well as the training of us to see through it all, belongs to this planet couple.

If you combine Virgo’s critical analysis and discernment with Pisces’ intuition and sensations you will be quite well suited for navigating and seeing through, whatever this upcoming Winter half year will offer in terms of tales, announcements and events.

Those energies and that combination will be available next week – it’s up to us to tune in to the Full Moon and make use of them.

Happy Harvest Full Moon

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖  Tina



Monday, September 6, 2021

New Moon in Virgo and September anxiety


In the latest decade a trend often seems to appear, whenever we reach September.

End times proclamation reach new highs – and some years, the internet is simply boiling and overflowing with urgent messages of something really bad coming up, that will happen during September.

A few examples:

There was Elenin, that was supposed to either hit Earth or come close enough to kill large parts of the population ten years ago.

Then the world was supposed to end at the Blood Moon in September 2015.

And a couple of years ago, when planets placements in constellations matched descriptions from The Revelation, the world was again supposed to come to an end or WW3 to begin in September.

As we all know, we are still here.

But these end times sensations and proclamations are not completely made up out of nothing.

The world as we knew it, is in many ways gone, something has forever changed – and a worldwide war can also play out in much more subtle ways, than imagined, just a few years ago…

But why September, what is it about that month?

First of all, this is the month of the Fall Equinox, where the Winter half year, the Season of darkness and death of nature begins in the Northern hemisphere. 

So, darkness and death – or the idea of it - is looming ahead of us, as the late Summer Sun is still shining its life full rays at us, when we enter September.

Secondly, in the past 100 years, some very disturbing and violent world event has begun or taken place in September. that have etched themselves into the human psyche.

One of them reaches its 20th anniversary this September, and since it’s not impossible, that dark forces will somehow “celebrate” this anniversary, in bizarre ways, high alert messages for September ‘21, is not far off, at all.

Especially not with a tight ongoing Pluto – Eris square.

Turbulence, drama, staged events, with dark, murky motives, that rarely are as officially reported, belongs to this aspect.

So, it’s still very important to not take anything at face value, since the purpose of the planet combination is to make us better at seeing through and zooming in on the true motives and who is really behind what is going on.

Which is where the upcoming New Moon in Virgo comes in handy.

As no one can do critical analysis, discern and separate the useful and important from the unimportant, as the sign Virgo.

Anyone who chooses to tune in, at the New Moon, happening when the Moon reaches the Sun 14°52  Virgo,  early Tuesday at 01.52 BST - (adjust to your local time, note some places it will still be Monday the 6th) will get access to that energy and particular talent.

Other beneficial initiatives during the New Moon in Virgo are :

- Optimizing health and healthy habits, like eating, exercise, sleeping habits and patterns

-  Cleansing and cleaning out all the unimportant, not useful, unhealthy, on all levels of your life.

- Planning, that makes your everyday life run more efficiently

- Job situation; improving existing work conditions, finding more efficient ways of doing your job, changes in how many hours you work, job search or change of jobs.

- Protection of your private life; use your critical discernment and look more into what information and data others have access to about you, and adjust according to your wishes

- Anchoring Goddess energy

- Spending time with animals, pets or getting pets.

- Harvest – go out in nature and make use of all its offerings right now, as supply for the upcoming Winter half year.

To those who doesn’t use nature’s treasure trove, another version of "bringing the harvest into the barn" could also be to go out and buy a supply of necessities or update the one you might already have.

The New Moon is connected to Uranus in Taurus – and years before the 2020 crisis, I wrote about how Uranus’ transit through Taurus, from 2018/19 - 2025/6, might very well bring about distinct financial changes as well as scarcity and lack of certain foods and other resources.

In the years 2021 – 22, where Uranus is  squared by Saturn – a planet also known for scarcity and limitations – the possibility of that scenario playing out is further heightened.

Later in the year, we will also see the beginning of a series of Eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, concerning among other things resources and the distribution of them.

So all in all, a supply of necessities is not a bad thing to have around, during the Fall and Winter of  2021-22.

Right now, Pluto & Eris are stealing the spotlight, but when Saturn goes direct, about a month from now, the Saturn – Uranus square, will really start making itself felt again and will increasingly intensify, before it’s peak in December.

The exact peak is actually on Christmas Eve, a time of year, where many people certainly wouldn't want to lack anything.

So be prepared for a bit of anything, without panicking…

Whatever September, The Fall, Winter and the Holidays will bring this year, it’s also important to consider that several mentions September 2021 as some sort of turning point, among them Carl Johan Calleman, Mayan Calendar expert, who placed the famous “cut off date” to October 28th 2011 instead of December 21st 2012, who just announced that we are reaching the bottom of the night/the dark in the 7th wave, at September 6th, just before the New Moon.

I, myself had some remarkable experiences on both the physical and the spiritual level on October 28th 2011 and the surrounding days, so I find his announcement very interesting.

Cobra has also mentioned September 18th as a possible turning point for the dark forces' influence.

 It could, however, still get extremely dark, while we are down here “at the nadir", but we will inevitably begin to climb our way up again afterwards.

The possibilities of the new era, that was born last December and is already in existence on other levels, will then also better be able to manifest and unfold on Earth as well.

But it won’t just happen on its own.

Our cooperation is needed, and it’s about our choices, reactions and whether or not we are able to connect with and anchor and hold the incoming energies from other higher dimensions.

Virgo is tradtionally a hard working sign, it's also connected to Goddess energy.

So, let’s use this New Moon to put our work in, where it really matters. 

There is so much more going on than  just the return to a semblance of everyday life. 

Use your energy where it makes a difference.

Happy New Moon

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖 Tina