Friday, April 29, 2022

One of the Great Conjunctions of 2020 reaching an important new stage concurrent with this weekends Solar Eclipse

While we are hastily approaching the Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Taurus on Saturday, that offers a huge positive manifestation possibility, (see last update), other interesting things are also going on as well, which are also partially linked to the Eclipse.

One of the Great Conjunctions of 2020 now reaches a new stage in their joint cycle. This is Jupiter and Pluto, who now enters into an exact phase of a sextile.

Out of the several Great Conjunctions, that the first half of this decade remarkably offers, it’s the cycle between these two, that have reached the furthest since their conjunction.

The sextile represents the stage, where the seeds sown and the things initiated during the conjunction now reaches a point of highly visible growth and further development, if plants are nurtured properly and doesn’t wither or are torn up by root.

The latter is certainly recommendable in some cases, as some of the things initiated during this conjunction consisted of very dark,  previously more hidden agendas suddenly coming out into the open and going very far; abuse of power, extreme measures, mandates, lawmaking, dictates and control.

Things definitely got much more extreme and sinister (Jupiter enhances and exaggerate everything it touches), but at the same time, as things came more into the open, they also became more obvious and thus easier to reveal or become aware of, ( Jupiter also sheds light on everything it touches and spurs growth and awareness) - and because of that many, many more people had their eyes opened to the deceit, the corruption, the abuse of power and the very dark and sick agendas (all represented by the dark side of Pluto) that exist in – and in many ways rule – this world.

At the same time a lot of positive seeds were sown as well.

Many likeminded and freedom loving kindred spirits found each other across the world.

There were many huge gatherings, that very clearly expressed, that they could not in any way consent to any of the above.

There  were record breaking huge world wide mass meditations, as well as smaller national and individual ditto, light rituals, manifestations and much much more.

In other words, a fuse was lit under our co-creator abilities and responsibilities.

The understanding of consent and not least of NOT consenting, as well as of the power in focusing with laser like precision on what we WOULD like to bring into this world instead – and that both things, side by side, are necessary – rose tremendously.

A sharp break in the infamous curvature, a visible comet in the sky, change/postponement/ parts dropped in total unacceptable laws and mandates, all happened right after an extra effort done during the 3 peaks of the Jupiter - Pluto conjunction, as concrete proof that it was actually working.

Now, we reach a new stage in this “planetary couple”’s cycle, coinciding with an Eclipse season, where the sign Pluto rules, Scorpio, is playing one of the leading roles.

Meaning, we can likely expect more revelation and awareness of sinister plans, likewise that it will become necessary to take a further and clear stand against things that are ethically and morally despicable, as well as other things, that each one of us, according to our own true values simply cannot consent and abide to.

When it comes to meditation and manifestation and other focus on what we wish to see and create in this world, will now reach a new and more tangible and further developed stage, as well. 

Now it’s not just new seeds we are sowing, but also already existing little plants that we need to nurture into full bloom and the bearing of fruit. And of course, there's a need for weeding as well!

The sextile is a harmonious aspect and consists of huge positive potential, but it takes an effort, if this potential is not to be squandered and left behind.

Jupiter and Pluto’s sextile enters into the exact phase today and the next 10 days forward, concurrent with Pluto standing still before a change in direction tonight – and concurrent with not only Jupiter, but also the Eclipse ruler Venus, sextiling Pluto during the Eclipse tomorrow.

This adds even more powerful, intense and transformative energy to the Eclipse weekend, which can be used for making significant and wanted change.

So now, it’s time to get right back to the spirit, during the peaks of the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction in 2020, where freedom loving souls and beings of light all around the world got together and totally rocked, on both inner and outer levels, and then take that even higher, to make sure that these changes are headed in the right direction. 

The energies are with us, if we make use of them (and don’t get distracted by expected “counter attacks”).

It all starts with tuning in Saturday between/during 21.28 – 21.41 BST (adjust to your local time zone), where it’s highly beneficial to meditate and open yourself up to guidance and then afterwards manifest and send positive intentions out into the aether, for a better, brighter future full of freedom and abundance for all – and after that, then going out doing something concrete to will and live that into existence.

How  you can best do that, is exactly what you could receive inner guidance about, during and around this Eclipse. So stay open and alert for that.

Happy Eclipse weekend

Freedom Truth Light ☮ &💖 Tina


Thursday, April 28, 2022

Partial Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Taurus Saturday offers a huge manifestation possibility


At this time of year, when the Sun is transiting the sign of Taurus, new life physically and literally manifest itself, right before our eyes, everywhere in nature.

Saturday, the Moon joins the Sun, 10°28 Taurus, and the second New Moon of April takes place, as well as a partial Solar Eclipse ( please read more about visibility and this entire Eclipse season in the update below as well).

Since the sign of Taurus concerns physical manifestation and that the New Moon phase in itself is manifestation time –the time of month, where you most beneficially can focus on what you wish to create and bring into your life – combined with the extremely powerful Eclipse energy, we will have unique manifestation possibilities this upcoming weekend.

During the time interval, when the New Moon is exact at 21.28 BST (adjust to your local time) and the Solar Eclipse reaches its peak 13 minutes later at 21.41 is highly beneficial for meditation or other forms of contemplation of how to best use this energy and then afterwards translate that into something concrete, that makes a positive difference in life.

After the peak you can beneficially work with the energy and manifestation, which could be about anything really, but of course it will be particularly favorable to work on and manifest something belonging to the domain of Taurus, such as:

- creating an oasis of peace and calm in your life

- making meditation or something similar a steady routine in your life

- working more on living your life in accordance with your true inner values

- anything that improves your financial situation and establishes a sense of security and comfort.

Clear out expenses not really needed, buy/invest in concrete and tangible values and commodities such as gold, silver, property, seeds and long-lasting supplies of all kinds.

- Sow and plant edible plants during the Mooncycle kicked off by this New Moon Eclipse, as well as beautiful flowers that uplift your soul and attract the bees as well.

- Spend more time in nature and appreciate the gifts of Mother Earth

- Ground yourself

- Nurture your body and put sensuality into focus

- Focus more on beauty and pleasure

- Be creative and/or enjoy other people’s art.


On a collective level, Eclipses in Taurus typically focus on exactly art and artists.

As well as the Earth itself, soil, farming, and other things extracted from the earth, as well as possible earthquakes and volcano outbreaks.

Lushness, fertility and abundance versus scarcity and problems with harvest and grains, food supply and supply of other basic resourses are other factors.

And not least; economy, currency, prices, wages, property, values, banks and bankers and other financial people.

Some of these topics will come even more into the fore now, and we will all have to deal with them, one way or another.

As mentioned, several times, huge changes are unavoidable in these arenas – things will NOT continue as before – but instead of just waiting to see what will happen, it’s important that we take on our co-creator abilities and responsibilities and start manifesting a new system that benefits humanity and not just a tiny elite. (As they have been planning their version of this for a long time, and are well on their way to implement it, and if that is allowed to continue, soon no one, other than them, will have or own or anything at all).

Uranus is placed close to the Sun and Moon, during this Eclipse, which only further emphasizes that change and a new future is on the horizon.

Uprising and social unrest are not unlikely if things are pushed too far in the economic sphere.

At the same time freedom and more awakening could also breakthrough in ways not previously seen.

So free and awake souls should definitely make use of this Eclipse energy to create wanted change.

Sudden turns and surprising events could also happen with Uranus’ involvement.

The Sun and Moon are also harmonically connected to Mars during this Eclipse.

Mars’ involvement indicates, that after a more introverted period, during the peak of the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction in the first part of the Spring quarter, it will now soon become time to take more action in the outer world again.

Mars is (just as Jupiter and Neptune) placed in Pisces and always works best here, when those actions are intended to benefit others as well, so the whole must be included in order to succeed, not just yourself.

While Uranus is close enough to the Sun and Moon to strongly influence the energy of the Eclipse, it is not close enough to take over the rulership of it.

This honor still goes to the ruler of Taurus; beautiful Venus. She is placed together with Jupiter in Pisces. Neptune is not far from them either. But Venus and Jupiter – also known as ”the two benefices” – actually enters into an exact conjunction during the Eclipse, which is a wonderful and very hopeful sign for the future – and really needed!

This aspect also refers to positive potentials, financially.

Why are we having raging prices, supply issues and scarcity, when there is actually abundance and plenty for all, if the manipulation, orchestration and unjustified thievery is stopped? the two planets seem to ask us Earthlings…

Venus also represents art and creativity. During the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction, (which is still active for another month), a lot has been going on, on an inner level, among that a lot of inspiration received and in this coming Moon cycle it is time to manifest that inspiration, bringing it out into concrete creative expression and to start sharing it with others.


Taurus + Venus and Jupiter combined refers to an enormous joy of life and to a future where enjoyment, pleasure, fun, exploring, exciting experiences and growth could come back into focus, but in a whole new and healthier way.

Manifestation of a future, where all of this is a natural and unconditional right to the life experience of all of us, is thus very favorable, during this Eclipse. Joy has certainly been under attack, like never before, these past few years.

This is a North Node Solar Eclipse, which is all about the future and the creation of our future – and about changes of the kind, that leads us into new territory, exactly where we are meant to move to in our continued evolution, both individually and collectively.

This eclipse will be active almost 4 years into the future.

A whole new beginning is underway, and we need to be open to new possibilities, when they present themselves, however obviously also discerning about dark distorted versions of a new future, that could present themselves as well.

Your heart and soul will know which is which – which is why it’s so important to create and take those moments of peace and quiet, that the Taurus energy represents, and truly connect to that part of yourself, so you don’t get lost.

Moments of peace and calm are essential as things around us could become quite overwhelming, since it is a very intense and strong energy influx, we are experiencing now, that has the potential to break through previous barriers and blockades.

The house in your personal chart that contains 10°28 Taurus, shows which area of life, where all of this will be especially relevant for you.

If you have important placements between 7°28 – 13°28 Taurus, they will be triggered by this Eclipse and it will be an even more personal experience, the exact involved planets/points add further information as to what this Eclipse means for you.

These placements, as well as the house, will have had a visit by Uranus recently/ in the previous years, so you are already in a process of remarkable change in those areas involved, this will however push it even further and might also involve some kind of break through or an epilogue to the previous Uranus transit, in either case, more clarity on where to go from here, could come to you during this Eclipse season.

Collectively, there will, as mentioned in the last update, likely be a lot of dark rituals planned for this Walpurgisnacht/Beltane Eclipse – but as you can hopefully see from this update, there is actually an influx of really positive energies during this Eclipse, which is why this is a manifestation opportunity, not to be missed by those of us, who wish to bring more freedom, truth, fairness, light, peace, love and beauty into this world.

With involved planet placements in Pisces (Mars, Venus and Jupiter) and Uranus all demanding that what is manifested will have to benefit humanity as a whole and not just some of us as individuals, nor a small elite, this is definitely in favor of those of us working for the Light, and where forces of darkness fall short.

So, let’s each of us do our part on Saturday from 21. 28 (BST – again adjust to your local time zone).

Happy Solar Eclipse and New Moon.

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖 Tina

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Eclipse Season is here

Today we not only enter the middle period of Spring, coinciding with the Sun’s entrance into the sign of Taurus, but also the first Eclipse Season of 2022, which starts approximately 10 days before the first Eclipse takes place.

Eclipse Seasons are often accompanied by a sense of surrealism – even more so, than what seems to have become "the norm" here in the 2020’s.

Eclipses are extremely powerful energy portals and at the same time pinpoint relevant issues and topics, we are forced to deal with, both collectively and individually, that can have effect and consequences into the future, sometimes several years down the road.

During an Eclipse Season, time seems to act differently; it can speed up, stand still, almost dissolve and things can thus develop and change very quickly and topics can weave threads together of events and meaning over a long a period of time, through mysterious links back to former Eclipses decades ago as well as into the future.

This Eclipse Season consists of two Eclipses, a partial Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Taurus on April 30th as well as a total Lunar Eclipse, a.k.a. a Blood Moon, in Scorpio on May 15-16th, depending on your timezone.

The Solar Eclipse will be visible over parts of South Africa, (who just happened to be one of the places being flooded by Jupiter – Neptunian waters, during the just passed peak of their mutual conjunction), as well as Antarctica. 

The Blood Moon will be visible wherever the Moon is over the horizon during totality. The energy, however, from both Eclipses, will be felt everywhere, whether visible or not.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is known as the axis of resources.

Economy, prices, energy sources, personal values and property, common resources and how to distribute them in the future, will now become an even more hot and relevant topic. The same goes for food supply and the supply of other basic resources and services.

So expect further escalation of that theme and problem.

Since we also have Uranus, who for several years now have heralded huge changes in these exact areas, transiting Taurus until the middle of this decade, the chances of an economical collapse as well as the introduction of a new financial system is extremely high from now on and until the end of 2023, with the added pressure of Eclipses on this axis as well.

A long time before anyone had heard of a corona crisis, a supply chain crisis or of the current war and sanctions, astrology warned us, with Uranus’ first entrance into Taurus back in 2018, that the first half of the 2020’s could very well offer a repeat performance of things such as scarcity, (real or orchestrated), empty shelves, food rationing and rationing of other basic resources as well, and the need for inventing alternatives to things lacking and methods of making things last longer – and that growing at minimum some of your food yourself as well as having a supply of long lasting food and necessities at home would be beneficial and very wise.

It's Spring now, in the Northern Hemisphere, and for those who haven’t gotten around to it yet, 2022 would be a good year to start growing at least some edible things. Even if you don’t have that much space, you can at least grow something – which could actually end up making a difference.

During this Eclipse season Scorpio’s ruler Pluto will appear to slow down, stand still and then turn retrograde the night before the first Eclipse, which only intensifies the energy further – at the same time this change of direction also means the gearing up for the 2nd part of the US’s Pluto return, taking place in the house/area of economy and values of the country.

The previous “superpower” of the world and the special status of their currency is  obviously on VERY shaky ground here in 2022, things will not remain the same in that country or for those depending on it.

Taurus represents concrete and tangible values and commodities, so the fiat/debt based financial model seems to be near its end and we have already now seen the first examples of gold-based currencies this Spring…

Uranus at the middle of Taurus combined with the Eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis (+ the Saturn – Uranus square kicking in again, when we reach the Summer), tell us that remarkable changes and a redistribution of resources is underway and inevitable.

The question remains what kind of changes and who ends up benefitting from them…

A so called powerful elite has had no qualms about the fact, that they wish to see most of the world’s population owning nothing and having no privacy what so ever, in the near future.

Another option is that resources hoarded and stolen under false pretenses, by some of the very same will be redistributed back to benefit all of us.

And of course, some third option could show itself as well.

The only thing that is absolutely certain is that things won’t go on as before – and the battle for which model and option it will end up with, now reaches a crucial point.

Uranus is close to the Sun and Moon at the Eclipse on the 30th, so if things are taken too far and too big a size of peoples available income are eaten up by inflation, a rebellion will simmer and could also break out in full force. Social unrest and uprising is definitely a possibility during this Eclipse season.

As I wrote about back in 2018, the Taurus energy is very slow and reluctant to get up of the couch and react to wrongdoing, but if it’s threatened on exactly its money and possessions, THEN it will see red and start “butting its horns” fiercely.

The opposite end of the axis; Scorpio, places power and control into the spotlight; it’s about the handling of power, of how far some are willing to go in their desire for power and control, hoarding and stealing from others – and the consequences thereof.

And then of course the whole battle for world domination in this new era.

With Scorpio involved secrets and hidden agendas could also play an important role and some could come to light and be revealed.

The axis also concerns finding the balance between willingness to face the darkness, evil and death, but at the same also keeping eyes open for the beauty and the goodness of life and remember to enjoy and appreciate it.

The period from when the Sun enters Taurus and until the midpoint of Spring, at the beginning of May, is already a season known for strange happenings and sacrifice, as some have a truly twisted and dark way of celebrating the countdown to the midpoint of Spring.

One can only imagine that having a Solar Eclipse on Walpurgisnacht calls for even bigger rituals than usual…

On a brighter note, with the Suns entrance into Taurus today, we enter a most wonderful time of year, where beauty and abundance manifest itself visibly before our eyes in nature.

The Light is in charge and still exceeding now. Outdoor life truly starts beckoning us, it is time to literally get grounded by sticking our hands into the soil planting and sowing, walking barefoot in the grass or simply just sitting down outside, enjoying the beautiful view, relaxing and letting inner peace take over.

Inner calm and peace are most welcome during a time of culminating energies, so make sure to make use of the offer the Taurus energy brings us.

Taurus’ ruler, Venus, conjuncts Jupiter, during the April 30 Eclipse, and the "two benefics" together certainly has an undeniably ring of positivity and abundance to it ( but could of course also be used to let inflation run amok..), so the energy of the Eclipse Season could definitely also be used for making wanted and desired changes in our lives.

Scorpio’s ruler Pluto can be helpful in deciding what’s important and what’s not, when it comes to cutting things to the bare bone.

The Lunar Eclipse on May 15- 16th has a predecessor in the the same spot 19 years earlier, in 2003, so there will be a thematic link to that time period, both collectively and individually.

We will go into further details of each Eclipse as they approaches, for now you should just expect things to escalate AND that as always during an Eclipse season, you can receive important messages and guidance for your future direction and development, so stay alert for that.

AND you should your mark your calendar for a powerful manifestation moment, during the Eclipse at the New Moon on April 30th at 21.28 BST (adjust to your local time) 😊

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖  Tina



Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The Great Jupiter - Neptune Conjunction in Pisces is about to peak

In this week the exact phase of the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune kicks in.

This is the 4th Great Conjunction since the beginning of 2020, but not the last, since further two will follow in the coming years.

6 Great Conjunctions in just 5 years ( 3 in 2020, 1 in 2022, 1 in 2024 and 1 in 2025) is rather massive and really rare and reflects that we are living in particular unique and crucial times, where much of the well known, good as well as bad, will come to an end, and a new phase and a new way of life will set in along the way.

Exactly what kind of new life – and whether it will be an attractive one for most of us or not, is what the current battle is about.

The dramatic and lifechanging events of the 2020’s should thus not be viewed separately, but as a whole designed in an attempt to lead humanity to a specific place, where a tiny few would like to see us, but can also, if enough of us act upon it, push us in a whole other direction, where we fulfill the potential that many of the souls incarnated right now, came here to facilitate; a better place and life than before, for all of us.


Water is a main topic with both the rulers of the Water sign Pisces meeting up in the sign now.

So far, during this conjunction, it has been Australia who primarily have had to deal with extreme rainfall and record breaking flooding. As the aspect is now nearing exactitude, we will see if other places will experience something similar as well.

It is also said, that around the world, there are now more ships stranded, than at any other time, since WW2.

In my country, Denmark, there has been a heightened focus on the (lack of) quality of drinking water, as well as a dumping scandal on the sea, there has also been a rise in drowning accidents – as well as a huge rise in people simply disappearing, disappearance in itself, whether or not water and drowning is involved, as in some of these cases, is another typical Neptunian/Piscean matter.


Even though it is hard to believe that the past two years could be topped, it is also implicit in this aspect that propaganda, smokescreens, illusions and deceit will reach new heights, and indeed it has…but at the same time something also seems to be dissolving.

Jupiter always amplifies whatever it touches. Neptune is connected to photography, pictures, film and video, that can either function as a depiction and documentation of reality, but on the other hand also be manipulated and staged. 

If all is aware of it, this staging and manipulation can be called fiction and art, sometimes great art, but if its hidden and presented as real, not only the picture material is manipulated, but human minds as well; ie. a deliberate deception.

(In a clever combination of all this, manipulation, propaganda, as well as clues and preprogramming can of course also be sneaked into the human mind, through art itself, especially on Neptune’s two main areas; film and music).

Here at the very end of a long phase since the mid 1800’s, when Neptune entered the stage, immediately followed by the last Jupiter – Neptune conjunction in Pisces – synchronously with the spreading of photography, a shift seems to be happening.

We have now seen official admittance of reuse of photos from other previous events and even of the use of stills from a video game in the “documentation of the current war”.

Some of us, are only too familiar with this practice – not at least from 2020 (where Jupiter and Neptune, by the way, were in sextile), with provable reuse of photos of lines of coffins from previous tragedies, the same hospital clip being used again and again, claiming to be from different places in the world etc., all there to rile up people’s fear and submission.

But the difference is that, in at least a few cases now, it has been admitted.

The term false flag has also gone mainstream and has now been explained to the general public.

And a spectacle between two actors from the Neptunian Hollywood, was also presented as “uncertain whether it was staged or not”, even though it was also milked and used as a distraction like always, at the same time.

But there is obviously a subtle shift going on and it will be interesting to see whether these official admissions and info on false flags, staging, propaganda, manipulation and deception, will get more people to reflect upon, whether there maybe then could be other things, that are not as presented as well and whether it is possible that others than the latest declared enemy would use such methods on their own population.

In any case deception and manipulation with picture material, still or moving – and the perception of realness in terms of what we see in the media, on tv or in a video, is something being tampered with, right now, like never before.

Even greater reveals of staging, manipulation and what technically is possible nowadays, is definitely a potential during this conjunction, as we are in a place now, where an evaluation of how far we have come in the use - and abuse - of picture media, since the 1800’s is unavoidable - and then we will have to figure out what to do with it, in the new cycle and phase, we are entering shortly.

This combination and placement often bring smokescreen, fog and deception, then revelation, bursting illusions, then clarity and insight and a reset.


Chemicals, as well as illness and medicine also belong to the Neptunian/Piscean domain, and, as predicted, it didn’t take long for bio – chemical weapons and laboratories to enter the war tale, with accusations flying from both sides.

For those with eyes also looking elsewhere, more and more worrying data about the handling of the previous “health crisis” is also coming out; the jab, the lockdowns, the mask wearing have all had serious negative implications on people’s both physical and mental health.

That the cure was worse than the illness, could very well become a giant understatement, when all one day is said and done.

Even the mainstream media in the UK have started to reflect and look more critically into the handling of “the pandemic”.


Each major aspect continues the tale from the previous one, and since we collectively didn’t use any of the presented exits along the way during the 2020 – 21 crisis, the majority, is on a mass psychological scale, now even easier led in particular directions, and thus also away from the most positive potentials and manifestations of an astrological aspect.

With this Jupiter –Neptune aspect, there would inevitably come a boost in empathy and charity, that would either naturally occur or would need a presented outlet, but somehow the last aspects division and polarity that worked so well for those in power, last year, has still managed to make its way into this as well, the same goes for the shaming and scapegoating of one particular group.

Treating people in need, such as fugitives, distinctively different because of nationality, race, religion etc. or making innocent people responsible for what their leader is said to be doing, is not AT ALL what the last sign of the Zodiac and its two rulers represent, which is understanding and feeling unity; that we all, despite differences, sometimes huge differences, are connected and part of the same whole.

But, of course, true unity would be dangerous for those in power, so we can’t have that…

Each one of us should, of course, feel for ourselves, what we truly feel the most compassion for, it’s natural that each of us burn for different causes (in that way all or at least most of it will probably be covered), if it  comes from the heart, you can’t go wrong – but there’s a huge difference in whether it’s truly coming from the heart or whether you’re just blindly going along with the rest of the group, because this is where the controlling arrow is now pointing.

Easter, where the victory of Light over darkness is celebrated, has been especially under siege for the past couple of years. 

There was the burning of the Notre Dame church followed by two years of lockdown and social restrictions.

Since several energies culminate during the Easter week, this year probably won’t go free either.

Jupiter & Neptune ends their cycle and begin a new one on April 12th.


Victims and sacrifices are another Neptunian matter and since this peak takes place at a time of the year, where it in certain circles, are high season for sacrifice, events with loss of human life cannot be excluded here in April or rather more events, since its obviously already underway…

Because it is a rare event that Jupiter and Neptune meet up on their own home turf, Pisces, this year’s sacrifice could be larger than usual, whether we are talking numbers or prominence.

Mars also activates another former Solar Eclipse in Leo, during the Easter week. While both Saturn and Mars have triggered Eclipse degrees in Leo, we have both seen the beginning of a war as well as a lot of fires, both among classic Eclipse in the Fire element topics.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces’ Water theme, has in some places also manifested in lack of water, as in drought, which the Fire element also represents.

Water and Fire is thus both in focus – so look out for possible more events or rituals involving either water or fire.

Of course, there is also the possibility of the Neptunian classic: “death by overdose”, suicide or illness stealing the headlines again.

Leo represents royalty, head of states, the elite and stars, when it comes to the latter Neptune particularly favors musician and filmmakers.

Of course, the whole bio- chemical weapon/laboratory topic could also become more prevalent than it already is.

Many will, to put it mildly, have a weary relationship to the outer world and the conditions here on Earth by now. 

As a counterpoint to that, Jupiter & Neptune invite you on an inner journey, with rich dreams and  visions, divine longing, aspiration and contact as well as guidance and creative inspiration.

Things initiated during one of the Great Conjunctions will have effect for years – sometimes many, many years – ahead, obviously making it extremely important to be conscious of exactly what seeds you are sowing and what intentions you are sending out into the ether, at this point.

So this is not a time to be completely caught up in the outer worlds darkness and absurdity, in order to be able to manifest on a strong, healthy and positive ground.

The exact phase of this aspect begins on April 7th and last until the 18th.

The days up until the exact peak on April 12th represents the very last days of the Jupiter and Neptune’s joint cycle, both the one they started back in 2009, as well as the very long phase going back to the 1850’s, when the two last met in Pisces.

On April 12th and thereafter a new phase will then make its very first beginning.

The conjunction will ebb out in late May, with an epilogue in the Fall.

Among the Great Conjunctions, those involving Jupiter will first show results and consequences.

The last Great Conjunction was when Jupiter and Saturn had their historical meeting at the Winter Solstice in December 2020.

Their joint cycle actually now reaches its first “stop” here in the first weeks of April.

Which means that the seeds, we both collectively and individually sowed back then, now will sprout and stick their heads above the ground. So preliminary results and consequences of what was initiated and manifested around December 2020 will now come into visible existence.

Late in April, Jupiter and Pluto will reach even further in their joint cycle that also began back in 2020.

So, a lot is going on this Spring.

Economy and resources play a central role in the larger ongoing shift, concerning our way of life in the future, and crucial things are about to happen in that area.

After Easter this years first Eclipse season set in, offering two Eclipses on the Taurus and Scorpio axis.

 At the end of April Pluto turns retrograde and starts gearing up for the second hit of US’s Pluto return.

Our entire economical system is at a breaking point – not least the dollars special status, which is highly unlikely to still be in place, once the Pluto return, in the area of the country’s economy, is completely over next year.

More on the Eclipse season and the Jupiter – Pluto sextile in next update, after Easter.

For now our main concern is the peak of the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction (and the Jupiter – Saturn semisextile).

The conjunction reaches exactitude on April 12th at 15.52 (BST – adjust to your local time), a beneficial time for meditation and manifestation for the new cycle being initiated then.

Use the energies wisely – and also protect your own energy, so that you are able to initiate something positive, fruitful and long lasting, that benefits both you and all of us in the future.

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖  Tina