Thursday, September 22, 2022

An astrological overview over a Fall Quarter to remember

We are now heading into the Fall quarter, as the Sun enters Libra, at the Fall Equinox on either the 22nd or 23rd, depending on your timezone.

And this is likely to become a Fall quarter to remember!

The realization that the world will NOT return to how we knew it pre – 2020, is dawning on more and more people every day.

A lot of dates and a lot of hype is circulating right now – which, by the way is not unusual for the month of September, where a rather apocalyptic vibe often arises, just before heading into the dark six Winter months of the year – but this year it’s not just coming out of thin air, as we are undoubtedly reaching a point, where big things will soon go down.

But instead of getting too hung up on a specific date, it’s probably wiser to just accept, that we have now entered a phase, where anything could happen pretty much any day, and that something big will collapse sooner or later – and that we will be in this phase of uncertainty for several months.

Hopefully you will have used the late Summer for various preparations, as time is now running out fast.

The Fall quarter is rife with astrological events signifying change and endings and is one long hot spot period of the year:

Here’s an overview:

The Saturn – Uranus square has since September 15th been under the significant one degree from exactitude - and will continue to be so until October 23rd. (The aspect will then continue to be active until the first week of January 2023, where it finally ends)

This aspect refers to: Crisis; economically, energy & supply wise.  Scarcity. Rationing. Recession. Crashes and collapse. Huge changes in current economic system. Intervention in people’s freedom, rights and social life. Use of divide and conquer methods and shaming. Censorship, surveillance. Technology and more use of AI. Digital tyranny. Uprising, protests, strikes, social unrest. Reclaiming Freedom and rights. A wave of “Back to nature”; self sufficiency and growing your own food. Something coming from/ residing in the heavens or space.

Late September:

Mars continues to trigger former Solar Eclipses on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis in late September and October.

Next activation sets in immediately and will highligts some of these things:

Trade, market, prices. News, information, knowledge. Media, journalists, writers, intelligence services. Mail, letters, e-mails, texts and other communications and correspondence. Transportation. Education. Schools, children and young people. Wind and storms.


October 2nd- 6th: The Saturn – Uranus square peaks. (It won’t reach complete exactitude, but will be most tight these days).

At the same time Pluto is slowing down, before going direct on October 8th – and will from hereon thorough the rest of the Winter half year go all the way with its transformative energy through the last degrees of Capricorn (society, state, governments, authorities, Big business, small business community and job market). This can only become an extreme and wild ride, with several things collapsing around us. (Pluto changes signs temporarily and enters Aquarius for the first time, right after the Spring Equinox ’23).

Mid October – mid November: An intense Eclipse season on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, consisting of a partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th and a total Lunar Eclipse – a Blood Moon  - in Taurus on November 8th:

This Eclipse season highlights economy, currencies, values, food supply, other basic supplies, energy sources, survival, life and death situations as well as power and sex – and the abuse of it.

Mid October: The Jupiter – Neptune conjunction from the Spring is also reactivated.

October 28th: Jupiter returns to Pisces and the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction will become an in-sign aspect again and thus more distinctly felt, with both of Pisces' rulers once again uniting once, in their own sign. The aspect will be active until late December, where it ebbs out for good.

This conjunction refers to:

A reset. Water/Flooding - Drought and consequences. Alcohol, drugs, illnesses, viruses, medicine, vaccinations, side effects, Big Pharma.  Rise in addiction, deaths and suicides. The healthcare industry, hospitals and homes for the elderly,  ill and disabled. Chemicals, bio-chemical weapons/warfare. Photography, film, video and the use of it. Confusion, smokescreens, propaganda, psy ops. Deception escalated or revealed, illusions shattering. Charity, compassion, spirituality, creativity, visions, intuition, inner knowing, divine contact.

2 half of November - December: Mars once again retriggers 3 Solar Eclipses on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis.

End November – Early January: The 3rd direct hit of USA’s Pluto return. A Pluto return with strong implications for both the country’s as well as the Western world’s status, economy and values.

December 20th: Jupiter reenters Aries and will now truly begin its new journey through the Zodiac.


Most of this concerns further developments, endings and epilogues to already ongoing energies and topics.

Because there’s a lot that we, on a collective level, haven’t dealt with particularly appropriately– a lot that we have just pushed ahead of us for years or stuck our collective head in the sand about, we will now have to face a much more turbulent period towards the end of the year and beyond, than we actually had to.

But so it is, we cannot change what has happened only use our influence on what is to come.

No matter how crazy it gets, it is highly important to hold on to the vision of a better world and a better life rising out of the ruins of the old.

It has always been written in the stars that this shift from the old well-known world to a new one would take place in these years.

And it IS possible to create a better world out of this – but there certainly is a lot of parasitic rot that will have to be completely cleaned out and not allowed in any way or disguises to enter this new world along with us. So, we do indeed have our work cut out for us this Fall – and it is up to us to do it!

As of right here and now, it’s time for celebrating the coming of Fall and of making use of the double manifestation opportunity offered to us by the Equinox at 2. 04 Friday (BST – adjust to your local timezone) being followed shortly by a New Moon on Sunday at 22.54 (again adjust to your local time)

The Fall Equinox is beneficial for setting your intentions and manifesting what you would like to see, create and bring into this world during the Fall quarter and the Winter half year.

The Libra New Moon offers a counter to the all the challenges we are facing, with giving anyone who tunes in access to a boost of harmony, balance, inner peace, an appreciation of the beauty, that in spite of all, still exist in this world - such as for instance all the magnificent colors in nature on a sunny Fall day - and the ability to create and spread good energy around us and to connect with other people.

The time after the New Moon is also well suited for initiatives of bringing more of these things into your life.

Happy Fall Equinox and Libra New Moon

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖 Tina