Friday, February 4, 2022

February - challenges and possibilities


A change of scenery seemed to have happened in several countries a few weeks ago, when Uranus - planet of freedom a.o.t  - turned direct and its aspect to the more restrictive Saturn really started to decrease. There was also a couple of previous Solar eclipses triggered by Mars, that played a role in that.

If we turn back time to the turn of the year 2019-20, where it already, with the astrological glasses on, was clear, that we were facing a complete breakdown of society, various systems, pillars, economy and our way of life – and that things would never really go back to how they were before 2020. Likewise, that any potential fraction that wished to introduce totalitarian measures, the coming year would have the most energetic back up, in a long time, to go all in. But where the clarification of what was going to cause it – or rather be the excuse – was still up in the air.

Back then, there were several options floating around: the wardrums were banging, the elements were raging in a historical manner and the announcements of a virus was starting to come through.

The first option could lead to regular war (as had been seen several times before, when Saturn and Pluto, in one of 2020’s biggest aspects, combined), or to sanctions, that could push further to economical instability and even cause a crash, as well as supply chain issues. No. 2. option could entail big nature disasters and/or move the climate agenda further along. 

But, as we now know, it was the 3. card that was drawn back then.

Fastforward to the beginning of 2022, where that card had become rather wrinkly and worn, and what do you know, the other options suddenly appears with full force again...

Change of scenery, but same story, same destination, if WE don’t bring an end to it and write a whole other story.

Here at the end of this week and the next week, Mars will trigger another previous Solar Eclipse in Cancer, from July 2019.

This could be interesting, since the Eclipse degree of 10°, also triggers the Sun in country’s “born” at the beginning of either July or January – this includes the UK, Canada and the US – and the Sun represents a country’s leader…

A reactivated eclipse in Cancer could also bring up issues concerning national security, a change in the mood of the public, history, historical happenings, water, food and food supply, care and nursing sector and housing market.

The US is already in the astrological spotlight, with their now ongoing transforming Pluto return, that will reach exactitude for the first time on February 20th.

Some things will change irrevocably over there, this year, with effect on the rest of the world as well. Since the return takes place in the country’s second house (in the Sibley chart), financial issues will obviously be a huge part of it, but not necessarily all.

While Mars regularly triggers previous still active eclipse degrees, either by conjunction or opposition, there is also another planet, known for having a special, but more rare role, when it comes to eclipses; namely Saturn.

While Mars activates and further develops the themes of the eclipse, Saturn brings them to an end, but does it with emphasis and over a longer period, where distinct things could happen, that will have effect for a long time after. Saturn also deals with delays and postponements, so some of what might happen will only truly reveal its significance later.

The last time Saturn triggered a still active eclipse degree, was back in October 2019, where Brexit was postponed, (but then took place a few months later) – and not least, where a virus simulation, known as Event 201 took place, simultaneously with an international military event in…Wuhan…

When it comes to these events, also a few months had to pass, before the significance of that became more clear…

Here later in February, Saturn will once again trigger an eclipse degree, and this month, especially the second part of the month, is thus a period, that discerning eyes should look out for.

It’s also not just any eclipse degree, that Saturn will oppose.

It’s a Solar Eclipse, that took place on August 11th 2018, in the same degree as - and links back to - the infamous “Nostradamous Grandcross Eclipse” 19 years earlier in August 1999 – probably the most known and talked about eclipse in centuries, at 18° Leo.

“End of the World” – mood and atmosphere has thus come to be associated with this particular eclipse degree – or the end of the world, as we previously knew it - and that certainly has come into play, in the years since the 2018 eclipse, while it has still been active and triggered underway – and might very well become relevant again very soon.

Solar Eclipses in Leo highlights head of states, royalty, stars, head of churches, the elite; their ascend or arrival to the top/power or their fall from grace, removal, abdication or death.

From the public there might be projections that have to be withdrawn, as some they previously looked up to, will turn out to be not particular admirable, when it comes to it – or will no longer be available.

Eclipses in the Fire element also pinpoints heat, drought, fires and gold – and sometimes the beginning of wars…

The 2018 eclipse was about to ebb out anyway, but Saturn’s involvement will emphasize it with longer lasting effect and meaning. So, it will go out in a memorable way.

Finally, Jupiter also sextiles Uranus in the other half of February.

Their joint cycle began 12 years ago.

2010 was in several ways, the starting point for new potential for collective rise in consciousness and awakening on a higher level, than possible before. 

Uranus,” The Awakener”, entered Aries and thus began a whole new round in its journey through the Zodiac – and with that always comes the potential for doing it on a higher level than previously.

Then there was the long lasting, turbulent, dramatic and once again awakening Uranus -Pluto square, that really went up a notch with Uranus entering Aries.

And then there was also a Jupiter – Uranus conjunction, at the very beginning of Aries, in the highly potent  0° that year, that also started a new cycle of remarkable new possibilities for growth, especially when it came to consciousness and awakening.

It’s this cycle, that still has another 2 years left in it, that now reaches one of the last stops, where further development can happen.

At the incoming sextile the themes of the cycle, has the potential for breaking through and becoming a more natural part of everyone’s everyday life, with an effort and cooperation from those who wish it.

Jupiter and Uranus are also the two most freedom loving planets and together and harmonically combined they bring great potential for anyone wanting freedom – TRUE freedom, and not the kind of pseudo freedom, with claims of lifting of restrictions, but then not completely anyway, and by the way we just picked up another card from the hat, that some countries now are being served, while others are still heavily confined.

But broader awakening, freedom and freeing comes within reach soon and could be translated into something that will affect all our everyday lives.

So, it’s extremely important to reach out for these available energies and put them to work. Sextiles doesn’t just happen, they need us to work with the energy and then helps us by giving us a push in the right direction.

When we enter March, the big collective aspect of the year, the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction in their own sign, Pisces, will begin.

But here and now, it’s February and it’s time to be vigilant and use the energies wisely.

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖  Tina