Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Blue Moon Sunday on a backdrop of highly dramatic energies.

Just hours before the Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo on Sunday, the Moon reaches the very end of Aquarius, opposite the Sun, giving us another Full Moon on the Leo/Aquarius axis,  a  socalled Blue Moon.

The message of this axis is thus hammered through another time, to make sure we get it and take it serious.

This message is about the importance of following our hearts and daring to choose own own true paths, no matter the reaction of our surroundings. As well as about letting individualism go hand in hand with the strengthening of community and everyone's rights and freedom.

The urge for freedom will be particular high around this Full Moon, since it’s conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius.

On the backdrop of this Full Moon, highly dramatic and turbulent energies are unfolding.

They began manifesting last week, when Mars triggered two previous Solar Eclipses, and the square between Pluto and Eris really set in, before it’s peak at the end of August.

By the way, Eris was discovered and a couple of years later named, in the post 9.11 years, while the War on Terror was at it highest, so that Afghanistan was chosen as the stage – or perhaps rather one of the stages, as the show is far from over yet,... - is probably not a coincidence…

Read last weeks update: “HOT late Summer” to see, why it would be wise for you, to not take everything reported at face value.

One of the purposes of Eris – and especially when combined with Pluto! – is to teach us more about,  and make us better at seeing through fully or partially staged and manipulated events, with motives that are not always, the most obvious either.

The ruler of Aquarius and the upcoming Full Moon; Uranus, who is certainly not above creating drama either, is at an almost standstill right now, before turning retrograde two days before the Full Moon, and is thus more noticeable as well. During the days surrounding the Full Moon, Uranus will also be triggered and activated by Mars, adding further fuel to the fire.

So, there’s a lot of planetary action going on and further dramatic developments on various fronts is to be expected in the near future.

The whole Sun in Virgo period, starting Sunday as well,  will be highly turbulent energetically, as the Pluto – Eris square will reach exactitude and remain supertight the whole period and beyond.

So, even though the season of Virgo is typically mostly concerned with returning to our ordinary everyday lives after the Summer break: going back to work or studies and (re)introducing healthier habits and routines, after a more "loose" Summer, the nearest future will in many ways be anything but ordinary.

It is and will be a challenging time here on the earthly realm, which is why Sunday’s Full Moon conjunct Jupiter is well suited for releasing anxiety and tension and for connecting with higher more benign incoming energies, that can guide, uplift, inspire and bring hope.

The Full Moon is exact at 13.02 BST (adjust to your local time). 

After Sunset, if the sky is clear, you will be able to enjoy the sight of the Full Moon close to Jupiter all night. 

(Saturn will be present as well,  further to the right, the Moon will pass under Saturn Friday night and in between Saturn and Jupiter on Saturday night).

Happy Blue Full Moon in Aquarius.

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖 Tina

Monday, August 9, 2021

HOT Late Summer

The classic Eclipse trigger, Mars, has the latest months transited through signs, containing sensitive degrees, where former still active Solar Eclipses took place.

This week Mars will trigger the last couple, in this round.

This is two previous Solar Eclipses on the Virgo/Pisces axis.

Respectively, one at 8°12 Pisces, from February 2017 and one 9°21 Virgo, which is the oldest still active Solar Eclipse, that took place back in September 2016.

Eclipses in Virgo typically brings some of the following into focus:

Harvest, crops, earth, soil, food supply. Diet and health. Animals, animal rights. Private life – protection of or invasion and lack of... Jobs and labor market. Everyday life. Women’s rights and condition. Feminine/Goddess energy.

While Eclipses in Pisces focus on:

The medicine industry, viruses, vaccines, drugs, alcohol. Side effects, dependency, addiction. Escapism. Hospitals & other institutions for the ill, handicapped, week and/or addicts. Prisons. Water, oceans, rain, flooding, lack of water, quality of water. Charity. Spirituality. The end of an era – end time scenarios playing out.

I’m sure you will notice that a couple of these topics, are already what the whole world is currently centered around – and has been for more than a year and a half now…With this weeks activation further developments on that front could happen.


Towards the end of August, the energies will reach no less than a boiling point, as Pluto and the very slow-moving, Eris butt heads again, from a stressful angle, which they will do again in October, as well. The aspect will be constantly activated in the period in between and is already gearing up now.

Which means, that the nearest future could be rather turbulent, since it’s two very extreme energies colliding.

A time, that will also be crucial for how the future will unfold.

This means, that we are entering a period, where there’s heightened possibilities for:

Staged events or statements, with the purpose of creating further division, strife, chaos and destabilization of society or to further the control and power grab – or perhaps more likely doing both at the same time...

So, expect further:

Manipulation, deceit, dark agendas on overdrive, adding gasoline to fire, new control measures and demonstration of power from official side, while the fight for freedom, justice, truth and Light on the other hand can reach new heights as well. Both sides will be prone to go to the extremes, if not careful, as the energies activated, as mentioned, are extreme.

Outsiders, who either feel or actually are being treated as secondhand citizens, could potentially play an important role and might steal the spotlight or even take over the reins from others who perceive themselves as better, more “honorable” and part of the “good society”.

These outsiders could, however, also be infiltrated and used to further the agenda of hidden insiders.

Yes, the waters will be murky, indeed and it will take acute discernment to decide who’s actually behind things, and who’s really doing what and why.

So don’t take anything at immediate face value – and that goes for both messages and statements you might fear or something that you would really like to hear.

Transformation and big change will be within reach, however. A breakthrough is possible.

The square between the two planets from the outer parts of our Solar systems, peaked 3 times last year, and along with the distinct conjunctions between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, was part of the reason why we will never forget 2020.

Now, when it comes to Pluto and Eris, we are about to get another go - and important and decisive battles on various fronts, will most likely be fought during the next 7-8 weeks.

Hopefully refueled by the incoming energies and the Light codes received during and around the Leo New Moon and the peak of the Lions Gate and important seeds now sown for a better and brighter future, it is now time to ready ourselves for an energetic HOT late Summer and early Fall.

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖 Tina

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

New Moon in Leo at the peak of Lions Gate opens extraordinary Light portal on Sunday 8.8. Join Mass Meditation for best use of the energy influx.


The clearest fix star in the sky, Sirius, returns to the morning sky, just before Sunrise each year, during Leo’s period from late July – August, after having been invisible, since the beginning of Taurus’ period in late April- early May.

At the same time Leo’s ruler; the Sun - that peaks in daylight at the Summer Solstice in June, but in strength and heat during its stay in Leo - is in its stongest phase of the year.

Together, our primary Luminary in its strongest form + our clearest fix star returning to the sky, each year brings us a special influx of Light on an energetic level.

Sirius’ return to the morning sky doesn’t happen at the same time everywhere, it depends on where you are on Earth, some places it happens in July, at the beginning of the Sun in Leo period, while other places it happens later in August towards the end of Leo’ s period.

But right around the middle of that period, and of course also numerically strengthened by the double 8’s., August 8, has become the common day, where the opening of the Lions Gate and with it the available portal of Light is celebrated around the world.

This year, we furthermore also have a New Moon on August 8th, adding further Light, power and potential.

The New Moon in Leo is always a beneficial time of year to refuel with the Light and surplus available, when our two Luminaries meet and conjoin in the sign – which is also the next to last New Moon, before the dark Winter half year begins in September, at the Equoinox.

This year, the refueling of incoming Light  is especially important, since an extremely dark and harsh Winter is on the planning board, if we don’t turn things around very soon.

The New Moon in Leo is beneficial for:

Lifting the spirit and brightening your days

Connecting with the Light, letting it shine through you and then generously spread it around you

Anchoring the stronger than usual incoming Light on Earth

Follow your heart.

Letting your heart’s desire set the agenda

Using your imagination and your creativity; playing, having fun, enjoying life.

Taking care of your inner child and the children in your life.

Taking charge and control of your own life.

The New Moon on Sunday also fires up under Uranus, adding further fuel to the urge for freedom and ongoing rebellion.

Generally, the Leo energy is not of the kind that let others dictate them what to do and what not to do, either.

With the Sun as its ruler, Leo is in very good contact with its own “inner regent” and thus always prefer to set the parameters for its life itself.

That energy and attitude will be available for anyone tuning in during the New Moon.

On the heels of the New Moon and the peak of the Lions Gate comes the usually biggest and best meteor shower of the year, when the Perseids peak around August 12th. The Perseids spring from the constellation of Perseus placed right beneath the easily recognizable Cassiopeia – also known as God’s throne – shaped like a W.

After some rather underwhelming years, even on clear, dark nights, the meteor shower seemed to be gaining strength again last year, so let’s hope for a fantastic sight this year, along with the opportunity to wish upon a star.

So, as you can see, the coming days is filled with magic and momentum in the air and in the sky, as well as in terms of incoming energy of Light from elsewhere.  Our job is to receive, anchor, manifest and co-create - and use it wisely, to change things for the better.

The New Moon is exact at 14.50 (BST – adjust to your local time), which is beneficial moment for meditation, taking it all in, anchoring and then manifesting.

Later in the evening, there’s also a mass meditation, arranged by researcher and truther Mark Devlin, who also curated a 6.6. and a 7.7. meditation in June and July. The 8.8. meditation starts at 8.p.m (BST – once again adjust to your local time), making it 8.8.8.

It’s a freestyle meditation, with no guiding, where participants are encouraged to visualize freedom, truth coming out, justice, positivity, joy and happiness and how you would like things to turn out on the other side of all of this mess we’re in.

Everyone starts at the same time and ends it whenever we individually find it appropriate.

With the New Moon in Leo and the peak of the Lions Gate the same day, there’s obviously a huge momentum for creating something really positive, bright and beautiful together.

Let’s do it!

Happy Leo New Moon & Lions Gate Day on Sunday.

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖 Tina