Monday, April 8, 2024



No doubt spurred (unconsciously) by the wild and sometimes fanatic energy of the simultaneously tightening Jupiter – Uranus conjunction, (see latest update), the hype about today’s Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, (Tropical), has reached unbelievable levels, coming from both official, mainstream and various alternative sources.

However, as previously stated, Eclipses have far wider energetic reach than just one day or in one particular country in the Eclipse path.

Eclipses do take place every year, but they are also very powerful energy portals, especially total Eclipses, and they can also spill into equally powerful events. 

However not necessarily just on the Eclipse day itself or at all, nor just in the Eclipse path.

We have already, as expected and predicted, seen events occur during this entire Eclipse Season, lasting from mid March - mid April, just as related events can occur after it as well, due to the later activation.

Mars, who not only rules Aries and thus this particualar Solar eclipse, is also the classic general Eclipse trigger and will already retrigger both this Springs Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse, in May (in the days surrounding May 7th and May 25th – allow 3- 5 days on each side of those dates, as time windows to look out for).

Later Mars triggers are sometimes much more eventful than the time around the Eclipse itself.

Last year’s Solar Eclipse in Aries was retriggered by Mars starting on October 7th and we all know what happened in the Middle East that day and the period following.

The last time we had an Eclipse on April 8th and thus in the same Zodiac degree as this, was 19 years ago in 2005 – and during the days that Eclipse was retriggered by Mars in July, “The London 7.7. attack” took place.

Note that London was not in the Eclipse path – events and effects of an Eclipse are simply not exclusive to those directly in the Eclipse path.

But they do always carry the symbolism and domains of the Zodiac signs involved with it.

The partner of the 2024 April 8th Eclipse was the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra, that took place on March 25th.

Libra is with its diplomatic skills the BRIDGEBULDER of the Zodiac.

Even though the day of that Eclipse did bring a new resolution for a truce (Libra = diplomacy, peace negotiations and truces) a shortly following total bridge collapse was perhaps not the most reassuring symbolism.

Now, as the Aries Eclipse is only hours away, let’s take look at the Aries symbolism, that has already been in play several times during this Eclipse Season and will be also be retriggered, several times the coming years.

The Eclipse degree of todays Solar Eclipse, 19°24  Aries, will be sensitive and open for re- activation the next three years until a Saturn transit “ends it” in Spring 2027.

Collectively, Eclipses in Fire sign Aries are known for:

Heated temperaments, conflict, aggressive acts, violence, attacks, blood spilling.


Military, defence, weapons, ammunition.


Rivalry, competions, sports.


Courage. Heroic acts.

Devine masculine energy.




New initiatives.

New beginnings

Iron & Steel

Fire, heat, drought, fever


With Eclipse ruler Mars placed in Pisces, the Water element is however also accentuated:

Water, drinking water, rain, lakes, oceans, events at sea.

The now very tight Jupiter – Uranus conjunction – peaking on April 21st – in Earth sign Taurus also emphasizes the Earth element and can both literally and figuratively make the Earth shake in various ways as well.

The previous Eclipse was in the Air sign Libra, (wind, storms, hurricanes), so we actually have all the elements “competing for attention” this Spring.

Today's Solar Eclipse is conjunct Chiron.

So there is potential for healing, learning important lessons and gaining wisdom, if something painful is faced now or in the near future.

Potential new pain and the need for future healing could however also arise, if the energies and our tempers run amok.

Just as an acceptance that there might be things that can never truly be healed again, could become relevant and necessary collectively.


On a more personal level a North Node Solar Eclipse in Aries is future oriented, concerned with new beginnings and growth opportunities.

Some of those might require a certain courage to embrace, though.

As previously mentioned, there was an Eclipse the exact same date and place in the Zodiac, 19 years ago, in April 2005, so links, echoes, revisits, further developments or similar topics from back then could become relevant in your life again or somehow point you in a new direction.

This Solar Eclipse is furthermore beneficial for:

Claiming your power and your Light

Choosing your battles, but being brave enough to take on those that really matter

Standing up for yourself and what’s important to you.

Taking action, being courageous, overcoming fear.

To lead/ being first in line as a shining example, that others can choose to follow or not.

Initiating new projects.


People identifying as Light warriors might feel especially called by this Eclipse, as a new important battle phase might be at hand.

Other Light workers might be called to hold the Light, stay calm, focus, center and hold on to a vision of what the future most optimally should bring. 

Anyone adept at or working with healing or education, of the kind that truly passes on wisdom, could also be called, due to Chiron’s involvement.

Those particular skills might be needed and/or come in high demand in the near future.

A total Solar Eclipse is the most powerful Eclipse & New Moon that exists, so inevitably also offers very powerful manifestation and co – creation possibilities.

The Eclipse is peaking at 19.17 (BST – adjust to your local time) and the New Moon is exact 4 minutes later at 19.21 – that time frame and the rest of the evening as well as again from tomorrow Tuesday from 12. 30 and onwards is beneficial for all kinds of energy work with the Eclipse New Moon energies.

(The time period from 03.38 – 12.23 BST Tuesday is however NOT well suited for manifestation or starting up new important initiatives or projects. If you want them to come to fruition, wait untill after 12.23)

Happy Total Solar Eclipse & New Moon in Aries – use the explosive energies wisely and with a higher, life improving intent – and please think much bigger than just this one day or one particular place or country in the world 🌑 🔥🙏


Freedom Truth Light & Tina