Thursday, June 16, 2022

The return of the challenging Saturn - Uranus square offers us a chance to turn things around once and for all


In between this week’s Super Full Moon and the Summer Solstice next week, the Saturn – Uranus square is now making a comeback and will be with us for the rest of the year.

The challenging square will intensify during the Summer, reaching its peak in September, (not reaching full exactitude, but with an orb of less than one degree, it will be as close as it can be, without being totally exact, so still VERY powerful).

The first long phase of this aspect, including 3 exact peaks, took place from December 2020 – February 2022.

14 rather tough, irreconcilable and emotionally cold months, mostly consisting of social restrictions, lockdowns, “voluntary coercion”, mandates, the introduction of a certain passport, division, shaming, bullying, conflict, separation, extreme censorship, surveillance, food - energy and supply chain issues/crisis, scarcity, price hikes, inflation, various crashes.

Protests, uprising, strikes and social unrest also belongs to this aspect.

The same does technology – pitfalls and benefits, use and abuse.

And anything residing in the sky, heavens and/or space.

We now get one last chance to deal with these energies, all those issues and the things initiated during their first tenure differently, than we did during those past 14 months or… we could go further down the path we were collectively on….which will certainly not end well for most of humanity…

In many places, people have, in just a few years, gotten used to a pattern where the Summer is more or less “free” – where we get some sort of break from things, before they begin ramping up again, during Fall, (when traditional flu season kicks in...).

This could very well change this year, both because it from a cruel psychological warfare standpoint would be a clever move to first establish that pattern and then smash and shatter it along with peoples hopes and expectations, to make us even more despairing and leaving us with a feeling of not being safe or certain at any time at all - but also because these things are obviously timed to energies and planet placements, and this year it just so happens to be during the late Summer, that they peak.  (Last peak was during the Holidays in December), and it is during the Summer 2022, starting now, that they wind up.

Just take a look around you, it’s already pretty obvious, that various agendas are heating and speeding up again…

On top of that, the 2nd peak of USA’s Pluto return, with huge implications, both economical and otherwise, for not only that country, but the rest of world as well, will also reach exactitude in July.

So, hotspot time coming up this Summer, no doubt!

Whether it will be one thing or another, that will be rolled out in an attempt to further limit our individual desired way of life or a hideous blend of all of it at once, (such as “illnesses”, social restrictions, bans on travel and movement, lockdowns, extreme censorship and surveillance, more totally self-destructive sanctions, escalation of war, bigger crashes, blackouts - internet, anything online and electricity are especially highlighted by Saturn & Uranus – even higher price hikes, more scarcity, less amount of money available for each of us, economical crash), we will see.  All of it is probable during this aspect…


But as always, our consent or lack of it is crucial to the outcome.

Uranus’ placement in Taurus has all along hinted that people at large would first have to experience some serious blows to their personal finances, feeling threatened on their properties and their access to basic resources, before they would reach the point where they have had enough, but THEN…

We shall see if that point is reached during this Summer, late Summer or Fall.

The energy of the Bull is certainly slow in getting up off the couch, but when it finally does, it doesn’t stop until its done – completely done!

So, with the return of this square, there’s actually also a huge opportunity for putting all these sick agendas to rest, once and for all.

And instead start implementing the highest potential use of the planet placements involved in this square.

Instead of restrictions on freedom, rights and social life, we could work with the Saturn in Aquarius energy to manifest freedom, equal rights and community, especially among kindred spirits.

Instead of letting AI take over our lives, bodies and eventually our souls, and in effect end humanity as we know it, we could have beneficial new technology, raising the quality of human life, including free energy as well as disclosure of what truly is and isn’t out there, besides us.

With Uranus in Taurus we could experience a new found alignment with nature and Mother earth and all of its creatures, including growing more of our own food or getting it locally, as well as a more fair and honest economical system, benefitting the whole and not just a few corrupt ones. In other words abundance for all, instead of engineered scarcity, for most of humanity, to benefit a tiny elite.

An interesting and crucial Summer quarter is definitely upon us.

As the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere is quickly approaching remember to celebrate the Light, align with it and soak up as much of it as possible, both on and inner and outer physical level, to reload your batteries, because you’re probably gonna need all the energy you can muster, during this Summer quarter.

But please remember, that while this might be a challenging Summer, this is also our chance to turn things around.

Happy Summer Solstice 🌞

Freedom Truth Light ☮ &💖  Tina