Thursday, August 11, 2022

Full Moon will act as a powerful trigger


The Full Moon in Aquarius about to take place, only hours from now, will act as a potent trigger, as the Moon, opposite the Sun in Leo, will be part of tension filled Grand Cross involving some of the planets, aspects and placements influencing us the most here in 2022 and thus will begin the next chapter of the saga.

It’s to be expected that lines will be drawn even harder now and that decisive battles (metaphorically or literally) will have to be fought in the near future and that in the end something or someone’s gotta give…

The Full Moon really pushes the ongoing Saturn – Uranus square themes to the fore and they will only escalate from now on towards and during the peak of the square in mid September and October.


So, chances are very likely that we, here in the late Summer and early Fall will revisit, be introduced to or will have to deal with things such as:

Further attempts to diminish people’s freedom, rights and social life, whether we are talking restrictions, lockdowns, mandates, (re)introduction of former or new divisive initiatives, splitting people in different teams/tiers, escalation of shaming, hetz, strife and other divide and conquer methods.

Also escalation of supply chain issues, even crazier price hikes, inflation, crisis, recession, rationing, reduction, potential crash followed by major changes in the current economic system.

Protests, uprising, more people refusing to pay, strikes and possible social unrest because of all of the above.

AI’s attempt of a takeover, digital tyranny, censorship, surveillance, the merging of mankind and technology versus nature and the organic human being.

A wave of Back to nature, abundance for all, self suffiency, growing (more of) your own food and organization in smaller communities.

Various breakdowns and crashes – especially of anything online. Hacking and hackers.

Freedom; restriction of or manifestation of – a choice has to be made.

Different timelines splitting completely now.

Possible focus on/issues concerning something seen in or residing/coming from heaven or space.


The Grand Cross will take place in the fixed signs, Leo (the Sun), Aquarius (Saturn &the Moon), Taurus (Uranus & the North Node) and Scorpio (the South Node).

These four signs all offers us some good advice for the challenges ahead, provided we are striving for their highest expression.


Leo and the Sun represents elevated energy, that knows itself and its divine origin, meaning there are things that will be simply to degrading and low frequent to even be considered.

Leo is also deeply in touch with it’s co-creative abilities, which can be used to create something high frequent instead.

Aquarius stands up for freedom and equal rights for all, no matter what and also pushes awakening and a possible rebellion against suppressing forces, if they go too far.

Saturn here can be used for manifestion of freedom and community.

The Moon can be used for creating a shift in the general public mood and attitude.

Scorpio are NOT afraid of looking uncomfortable and sinister information and truth right in the eye, and by doing so transforming the darkness to light.

The South Node here tells us that there are dark things from the past and present that needs to be faced and transformed, before we can truly move on.

Taurus has a deep connection to nature and the human body as it is naturally created and thus wouldn’t dream of destroying it by letting AI and twisted technology take over or invade either.

Uranus and the North Node here tells us that the way forward is to resist and rebel against such a takeover and instead letting ourselves and humanity naturally evolve through our inbuilt divine potential for evolution.


The Lunar Node axix’ involvement also points towards the Fall Eclipse Season on the Taurus/Scorpio axis – and if that isn’t enough, Mars also triggers the intense Blood Moon Eclipse on that axis from May, right now during this Full Moon and the days surrounding it.

Eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis and the retriggering of them typically brings into focus:

Earth itself, farming, possible earthquakes or volcano eruptions, water, the ocean, water supply, rain, flooding or lack of water.

Also; economy, currencies, prices, salaries, possessions, values, banking, food supply and supply of other basic resources and energy sources. Possible redistribution of common resources.

Positively a lush nature in bloom, bringing abundance, a great harvest and more than enough for all, negatively bad harvest, scarcity, rationing, recession and crisis.

Sometimes matters of life and death.

Things from the underworld, underground coming up to the surface, into the light.

Reveals coming out, typically including abuse of power and/or sexuality.

So from this Full Moon on and the rest of the Summer quarter and Fall the energies will be pretty wild, and many things will have to land and be resolved.

We simply have to use these energies differently and more wisely, than we collectively have done up untill now.

This is our chance for a turn around – perhaps our last.

All beings on Earth that have a soul are here now for a reason and has a special role to play, which the involvement of the Nodes also hints at – so use this Full Moon to release and let go of anything standing in the way of you fulfilling your true life purpose and the assignments you came here to do.


Not only will the Full Moon grace our night sky the next nights, but it also coincides with the peak of the often spectacular meteor shower, the Perseids.

Happy Full Moon - release and let go and wish upon a star and the Moon and manifest a world and a life full of;

Freedom Truth Light &