Tuesday, December 28, 2021



A new calendar year takes its beginning, while we’re still at an energetic peak, with the Saturn – Uranus square, Jupiter’s change of sign on the 29th and the retriggering of December's total Solar Eclipse in the days surrounding the New Year.

The Saturn – Uranus square has been the primary aspect of 2021 and has mostly manifested in strife, splitting, shaming, separation, coldness and distancing. As well as censorship, restrictions, rebellion, severe rise in prices, scarcity, various kinds of crashes, as well as “signs in the sky”…

After this 3rd exact phase ends on January 1st, the aspect will still be tight during January and will then decrease in intensity and in March ebb completely out - for a while.

With Jupiter returning to Pisces. (it peeked into the sign back in May - July this past year), we start gearing up to the next big aspect; a Jupiter – Neptune conjunction in Pisces, in the Spring, from March – May, peaking in April. 

It’s another major aspect to look out for, since both planets are rulers of Pisces and thus at home and have more punch behind them.

So, what does this aspect, and the prelude beginning now,  with just having both rulers in the sign, bring with it?

Let’s deal with the more challenging and sinister parts first, but hang in there, because luckily, there’s also great positive potential with this conjunction 😊

A lot of what we have been threatened with, the past two years, could actually happen now; a huge spike in diseases, hospitals and healthcare pressured to the maximum or even beyond their breaking point and also a potential rise in deaths…

The reason – or rather reasons – might cloak itself in Neptunian fog and smokescreens, since it will be a mix of various things, that has been allowed to build up.

Asides from ”variants”, there is the accumulation of all other diseases and treatments, that has been down prioritized, postponed or completely ignored the last couple of years, there is consequences of C handling and restrictions, such as covered airways over a long period,  excess use of sanitizers, less exercise, isolation, loneliness,  huge increase in various addiction issues, people who psychologically won’t be able to handle more of this and simply give up and choose the only way out, they can perceive…Then according to plan  f i v e   g will also be turned up in '22 - and finally unknown long term side effects of the V might start showing themselves. In 2022 we reach past the first year since the roll out began, and we will just have to sincerely hope that “the science” was as fantastic and the medicine industry so pure intentioned, as so many have put their faith in, because otherwise it won’t be pretty…

Jupiter’s presence in Pisces actually do put extra focus on Big Pharma – and some kind of morality check is not out of the question, since that’s one of the things Jupiter does.

Pisces AND Jupiter – Neptune also places extra focus on not only healthcare and hospitals, but also care and nursing homes, various other institutions, as well as prisons.

Mandates and other unethical shenanigans, the past two years, have certainly done a lot to create a lack of personnel in these places, around the world, but this is also about a much longer process, that way predates 2020, going all the way back to the end of the 00’s.

Jupiter – Neptune’s cycle lasts about 13 years, and this one, that will be ending in Spring 2022, started back in 2009.

(Sidenote: 2009 was also the year of the swine flu and scandal concerning the roll out of a V, that was however rather quickly stopped and dropped, back then…hmmm)

Simultaneously with 22’s Jupiter – Neptune aspect, we also have Pluto transiting through the last part of Capricorn, meaning we are getting near the last part of its process of breaking down and cleaning out all the none functioning parts of state, government, authorities and various societal pillars and systems – and this process could become quite extreme, near the end of it.

Pluto have been in Capricorn since 2007-2008, and some of the decisions made back then and since then, when it comes to cutbacks, management style and work conditions, will also have had a huge influence on why the abovementioned areas, represented by Pisces, is now near a breaking point.

In many other areas, it will also be a recurring theme, that previous outer well known anchors might break (further) down (Pluto) or dissolve completely (Neptune) in 2022.

USA, the “superpower” so far, will reach its first Pluto return in 2022 (with the first hit happening in late January – March), and will at best have to reinvent itself or at worst break completely down/split up.

This will of course also send ripples throughout the rest of the world as well.

It is only the second time, since the discovery of Neptune, that the two rulers of Pisces meet in the sign. The first was actually shortly thereafter, in the mid 1800’s. A time period, that there interestingly enough has been quite a lot of “Neptunian” mystique and fascination about in the past couple of years. Did something happen back then, that has been forgotten? Was there massive flooding, mudfloods, massive numbers of deaths and a highly developed civilization lost, that has since been forgotten/hidden from us ?

We recognize the theme from tales of Atlantis and Lemuria. As well as the Biblical deluge, that, by the way is, repeated in all other religions and cultures as well.

The recurring theme is that either higher powers intervene because of massive moral decay or that dark forces intervene, taking over, twisting and abusing something highly developed and harmonic. And in both cases it’s done with water and flooding.

Not a lot of creative license is actually needed to create a tale of the present times’ corruption and moral decay, to the point where higher powers might feel forced to intervene somehow.

Whether there will be another deluge or not – there IS actually heightened possibility for heavy rainfalls, flooding or even tsunamis, with Neptune, the ruler of the ocean, in its own Water sign, Pisces, reinforced and strengthened by Jupiter, also at home here and with extra power behind it.

Or it could be other distinct events, that has its root in or on Water, that will affect us. Water in all its shapes and forms will definitely become a theme. Which shipping might also become.

Another recurring theme in the abovementioned tales is the survivors, that start over and anew.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, which is where we end a cycle and reset, before beginning a new one.

Since it’s so rare that both Pisces’ rulers meet in the sign, there could very well be a bigger reset, concurrent with the 2022 conjunction.

Just because certain someones have hijacked the term “the great reset”, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be their version or agenda that will come to fruition. There can be many kinds of resets – also some with a vastly more positive outcome for us all. But that’s what the whole ongoing battle is about.

An important thing to keep in mind, is that Pisces’ resets often involve a dip in the “Waters of oblivion,” before a new beginning takes place. It can thus be important to pay extra attention to back up of all kinds of documentation about what has been going on, and what you have experienced yourself, because it might be important for posterity  - and because there will likely be a lot of future mystique surrounding what actually took place at the beginning of the 2020’s and how on earth it could happen. Future denial about a lot of things is also very possible. So irrefutable documentation is important!


That the reset of 2022 will also concern economy, energy sources, resources and the distribution and possible redistribution of them, is witnessed by the Eclipse season on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, that ALSO takes place in Spring.

Whether we are talking a redistribution that benefits the many or just the very few, once again depends on who wins this subtle war we are in.

But there’s no doubt that Spring 2022 is a big and decisive energetic peak.

Simultaneously with the Jupiter – Neptune aspect, Jupiter and Saturn will reach the first important point in their mutual cycle, after The Great Conjunction between the two in December last year, that kickstarted no less than a several hundred year long new era, in the Air element.

While official voices used that conjunction to exclaim a syringe as the great hope and ONLY light in the darkness, there were also a lot of spiritual minded and freedom loving people around the world, that used the Great Conjunction to send out a lot of very different, positive intentions into the ether, in the manifestation of a new, free golden era.

With the semisextile between Jupiter and Saturn in the Spring, we will begin to see visible results of all the seeds sown back in December 2020, around the Wintersolstice, that we can then further develop.

Which also brings us to the positive potential of the Jupiter – Neptune aspect, another Great conjunction:

A spiritual and creative renaissance.

This is a SUPER creative combination and placement, that really fertilizes the imagination and where inspiration will just flow. Already creative people – and you can obviously be creative in a lot of different ways – will of course especially be able to make beneficial use of this. But it can also awaken something in people that doesn’t usually consider themselves particularly creative, that make them want to start diving into doing something more creative.

Some of the greater artistic manifestations that could come out of this, will be something that truly speaks to and uplifts the soul and spirit and evokes a larger sense of unity.

There will be a heightened urge to bring something more beautiful, soulful and loving into this world. To manifest dream like states and paradisical energies on Earth.

Jupiter – Neptune represents a much softer and caring energy, than what we have lived with for the past year. The combination is highly idealistic, compassionate and have a strong sense of unity and is conscious of the fact that we all, despite our differences, are connected, on some unseen level.

Likewise spirituality, the inner life, to listen to and follow your intiuition and inner voice, as well as possible “higher guidance” will be something that will preoccupy a lot more people.

Jupiter – Neptune also refers to an inner moral compass, that intuitively and clearly senses what is wrong and what is right, and then acts upon it.

So, after a couple years, with constant outside dictating voices, that have tried to micro manage lives in the smallest detail, it will during 2022 become time to listen more to yourself.

There are different roads to taking your intuition, your inner voice and your inner moral compass more seriously.

It could be a confirmation of something you sensed, that might have seemed quite unlikely at the time or went complete against the stream, but then turned out to be right or it could be some alarm bells or other sensations, that you ignored, and then later learn, that you really shouldn’t have done that. Listening to your inner voice might also be completely foreign to you, but because of outer deceit, you will feel a need to start turning inwards and train your “intuitive muscle”.

It is thus likely that some not so nice things, will be a factor in kickstarting a broader spiritual awakening. Such as bursting illusions, reveal of monumental deception,  something or someone you relied on turning out not to be what you thought, at all. As well as the sad possibility of a lot of souls leaving this world and/or a lot of outer anchors simply dissolving.

In one way or another, a feeling might very well occur, during 2022, that there is no other way to turn than inwards and/ or upwards towards higher powers, because outer earthly previous fixpoints will have visibly and undeniably failed.

Alternatively, a “wave” of cosmic energy could also “flood” us and heighten the collective consciousness and level of spirituality. Mystical and magical happenings, cannot be excluded with this combination.

If you are already spiritually minded, this is obviously a fantastic opportunity to further develop yourself and your consciousness, reaching new peaks and clearer contact with higher dimensions.

In May Jupiter enters Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac – and depending on what has gone just before, there can either be an overwhelming sense of a brand new beginning, exciting new possibilities, flourishing optimism, spirit and gait or there could be a lot of anger – even rage, that could possibly become violent. Of course, both could also happen at the same time, in different segments of the public.

And then we will basically see repeat performances and epilogues for the rest of 2022.

Saturn and Uranus will square each other again from the Summer and will come quite close in orb, without being exact in late Summer/early Fall. The aspect will then slowly decrease, but still be active for the rest of the year, and then be completely over. 

Jupiter will return to Pisces in Fall and also come near Neptune again, but the conjunction won’t be exact again either, since it’s a one time hit in the Spring. 

We also get another Eclipse season in Fall, with the same Taurus/Scorpio topics as in Spring. And then Jupiter returns to Aries again in December.

So, Spring is definitely the most powerful peak of the year, but also when there is biggest momentum for change and new developments, which certainly is needed!

It is advisable already now, in the prelude period, beginning with the new year, to start thinking about how you can make the best use of the energies of the Spring and then simply start doing it. It is already an opportune time to start to listen more to yourself and let many outer voices fade out. Likewise to show more compassion. 

It’s also beneficial to really activate your imagination and creativity and use that to pave the way for you ending up among those, that will experience optimism and a strong sense of a new exciting beginning in the Spring.

Happy New Year

Freedom Love Truth Light ☮ and 💖 Tina