Saturday, December 30, 2023


The new calendar year begins with Pluto at the very last degree of Capricorn about to enter Aquarius for the second time on January 21st, (staying there until September. The third and final ingress happens in November – and then it will be Pluto in Aquarius for the next 20 years).

So right from the start of the year, we are pretty much at that stage, where anything can happen – and that goes for ALL of 2024; that we will constantly be in such a tension filled stage of transition.


At the same time basically all the major astrological happenings of the new year also refer to a huge potential for expansion of consciousness in 2024.

The segment already interested in anything considered alternative, evolution of consciousness, awakening, spiritual growth, freedom, freethinking and truth will thus get the opportunity to break through some previous confinements – and in many ways be able to express themselves and create more freely.

More people could also become more interested in these areas.

However, events or new information could also actively force all of us – or most – to expand our consciousness and previous perceptions of “ how things are working in this world” (and beyond).

When Jupiter & Uranus meet in Spring, at another Great Conjunction, they end a cycle that started back in 2010. 

That particular cycle was especially powerful, since it first began 0° Aries, the maximum potent first degree of the Zodiac, signaling an entirely new beginning and the potential to take things to a higher level.

“Things” in this context was; awakening, expansion and raising of consciousness, an urge for freedom and truth-seeking.

At first much of this energy was centered around “December 2012” – or deliberately pointed in that direction - but of course it wasn’t about a date in a specific year, but a much longer process that did bring the opportunity for (further) awakening, for those who were receptive to it.

An incredible amount of knowledge and deep insights previously mostly restricted to smaller occult circles has since then, if not been spread out as common knowledge among the general population, then certainly become more widely circulated, available and understandable for those who choose to dig deeper.

On top of that, of course, there will also have been many individual spiritual experiences and self-discovered insights.

The new cycle beginning in 2024 takes place in Taurus, so now all these insights will have to be grounded and converted into something tangible and practical here on Earth.

 It won’t be enough to just be able to see through and understand things – nor having open channels to higher dimensions  -  it will have to be directly reflected in values, way of life and one’s entire existence and actions in the physical world and in our relationship with nature.

Likewise, the energy influx, coming in 2024, will also have to be anchored and assisted in growing roots.

By know, it’s well known that there is a huge resistance to the raising of consciousness of humanity – for the simple reason that we will of course be much harder – if not impossible – to control and would also stop allowing various parasites to suck and feed on our energy.

A subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) war has long been waged against us to keep us in constant fear mode, dumbed down and as low frequent as possible. This of course won’t lessen in 2024, with the strong incoming more high frequent energies and possibilities, which is why, the new year will probably bring a lot of distracting:


As mentioned last year, the change in zeitgeist that Pluto changing signs symbolizes - ( the other two zeitgeist movers Neptune & Uranus will follow as well next year – making it the ENTIRE zeitgeist that will change in the mid 20's) - can often be shocking to many people, who can end up feeling quite lost for several years after. Typically, many will unfortunately also find themselves in some trouble or bind.

Because of Pluto ending its stay in Capricorn in 2024, this shift will be especially challenging for those with a high level of trust in authorities, as well as for those who have wielded their power in, let’s say, not particularly lovely or just ways.

Likewise, many previous well known societal structures and institutions could end up breaking more or less down – the dysfunction level has already been reached many of these places, around the world.

Jobs and work life – and people’s general identification with their job title and status – could also undergo a transformation.

Then there’s the new incoming energy.

Aquarius represents anything residing in heaven or in space. Including of course our central star, the Sun, who synchronistically with Pluto’s transition to Aquarius this past year, began acting more and more wild in its outbreaks, which has continued ever since. Aureus Borealis in previous unusual places have almost become the norm now.

Will we in 2024 reach the kind of Solar storm outbreak that could damage various technological gear on and around the Earth?

Well, who knows, but it IS remarkable that Aquarius also represents that kind of technology, and a Pluto visit can bring with it a lot of weird stuff, also in the direction of things breaking down.

In any case, it’s certainly not very smart to rely entirely on digital solutions or to get rid of cash now!

Internet and social media are also under the domain of Aquarius and will probably not remain in its current form in the many years ahead, with Pluto transiting the sign. Some of these changes could potentially already take place in 2024.

More censorship, breakdowns, crashes, hacking or hackers playing a more central role in events, as well as alternatives to current social media could become relevant, in various ways.

Right now, the internet is buzzing about the possibility of an upcoming large cyber-attack – that could actually also be a page taken straight out of the “Pluto in Aquarius script”…

Right before Pluto left Aquarius again in 2023, the first "official disclosure" came in the form of a whistleblower revealing to the American congress that several governments around the world had recovered crafts and non-terrestrial bodies, over the years.

That timing was of course not a coincidence and a sign to the attentive: “to be continued” when Pluto returns to Aquarius again.

Anything is basically possible on that front, whether it’s the long heralded fake alien invasion or concrete contact with extra-terrestrial intelligent beings or information, that expands and changes the definition of Earth and humanity’s role in what we call the Universe, true or untrue.

Another wild event, which is of the more inevitable kind concerns:


When Pluto made its first foray into Aquarius in Spring 2023, several banks, exactly according to script, started crashing, going under or being swallowed by bigger banks.

When things didn’t look too well – despite various official claims, which by now have taken spin and gaslighting to absolute absurd heights – when Pluto made a standstill and changed direction in Fall, the lucrative war machine was simply put into further gear.

Jupiter goes direct on New Years Eve Day and will be moving forward through Taurus, the sign of economy, the following 5 months.

This placement can bring growth and abundance in real commodities and tangible, useful values. But are known for NOT looking kindly on financial speculation that are not based on reality or something tangible – in other words most of what the world economy as well as the stock market are build around…

On its way through Taurus, Jupiter, will, as mentioned above, catch up to Uranus. Uranus in Taurus has long forewarned of a huge crash or other economic changes of the really significant and lifechanging kind, and will now be further strengthened, emphasized and activated by Jupiter. With Pluto – also representing economy and common resources - reaching the point of no return the same year, there is no doubt that something major will go down in 2024 concerning finance and economy.

A total transformation of the entire financial system could very well be on the horizon (many pieces have already fallen into place in the background, this past year.)

At minimum, at least some things will NOT go on as previously - at all.



Despite the fact, that we live in a bizarre world where war can act as a momentarily rescuer of failing economies, we will also have more Eclipses in Spring and Fall on the Aries/Libra axis.

(Including another total Great American Eclipse in April – the partner to the 2017 Eclipse).

So, more war or threat of war as well as heightened demands of ceasefire, peace negotiations and diplomatic solutions will be very relevant topics in 2024 as well.

There are many types of war, as previously mentioned, also the more silent, subtle psychological war on consciousness – and the 2020’s have so far been a nonstop extravaganza on that front.

Along the way it also turned into the kind of war that most understand and perceive as war.

How will it end up?

Well, that depends on how desperate the current beings in power become as well as on the level of consciousness of humanity and what we allow these beings to initiate and follow through on.

It’s rarely the decisionmakers who literally go into the battlefield and fight, so others will have to be willing to follow orders and act on them.

Those could be influenced, depending on how huge a public demand for peace, negotiations and diplomacy there is, instead of a cry for more war, fighting and bloodshedding.

In order for it to be truly effective, it won’t do to just demand it for a specific nation, people or one flag, but for ALL people suffering under decisions made and cruel actions done over their heads.

If we stop playing into their divide and conquer methods and splitting games, we could actually give peace and harmony a  decent chance.

These Eclipses also refer to new alliances being made as well as old ones breaking up and dissolving.

A lot is already ongoing on that front and will no doubt develop further in 2024 and ahead.

If we take a quick peak into 2025 (-26), Saturn & Neptune will meet at the last Great Conjunction, this time around. The last time they met the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union since dissolved, and a new world order was born.

We are at a similar place these years, except for the fact that we actually have much more distinct astrological activity going on at the same time, than back then.

(We have six Great Conjunctions among the major planets, which is an unusual high amount – and all the three outer planets changing signs within a few years).

 It’s in periods like this, that the world and many people’s way of life changes irrevocably.  Where major transformation occurs.

Asides from regular war between nations/alliances, there is also heightened possibilities around the world for:



The Aquarian energy will now come BARGING in – and Aquarius is, among other things, the sign of uprising, protests and revolution.

At the same timer Jupiter will strengthen the ruler Uranus, in Spring – (the last time these two met, there were constantly protests for various reasons around the world) and then enter into a trine with Pluto in Aquarius and empower that position even more, with free flowing energy,

So generally the urge for protest and uprising, will be MUCH larger and constantly sizzle - so it will NOT be welcome if intrusive decisions are simply forced on people.  The type of leadership style ( in the more dictatorial/ authoritarian vain) we have seen in previous years will simply not be accepted in the same way, any longer.

In some places in the world, it will probably also get even wilder than that and could potentially turn into a regular revolution and the removing of someone in power, by force…



Because so many new planetary cycles were started in 2020, we will regularly return to that year, when the planets reach a new phase in their mutual cycle – and of course we DO also have that infamous elephant in the room, that unbelievably enough, has not been dealt with, yet.

In the Summer Jupiter and Saturn will enter into a square and will remain so the entire following year.

The square phase is a crisis point, where whatever was initiated during the conjunction – in their case around December 2020(!) - inevitably will come up to the surface and will have to be dealt with.

This will be the most distinct phase, we, until now, have had since then – and it’s also rather long.

So, something or someone from back then will probably be held accountable for at least something.



Neptune will reach the last degree of its own sign, Pisces, in the Spring and then turn retrograde.

Neptune is another outer planet that have gone into extremes of what the sign represents before an energy shift in 2025.

Victim mentality, being easily hurt and offended by just about anything, as well as dreams of various saviors coming to our rescue, taking care of everything for us, while we simply have to remain passive, trusting and hopeful, has thus soon been taken as far as it can.

But only just about.  It can still – for some – become even more extreme in 2024, since Jupiter momentarily also strengthens Neptune while in the 29th degree.

But from 2025 and onwards the zeitgeist will completely change,  then it will be the individual that to a large degree will have to save themselves.

Just as it will become clearer that higher powers, spiritual guides and helpers also need to see some action on your part before they can step in and do anything for you.

So, it’s very wise, already this year, to start preparing for that energy shift and clear out various illusions.

Otherwise, the bursting of those illusions can become very painful in the near future.

Saturn’s continued stay in Pisces is already trying to warn people about this, providing a reality check and an invitation to mature more now, spiritually.


Further focus on issues concerning medicine, drugs, abuse of various substances, Big Pharma, diseases, hospitals, healing, nursing and caretaking as well as water, heavy rainfalls, flooding and significant events on sea could also occur with Neptune in the last degrees of Pisces.

An Eclipse in Pisces in late Summer/Early Fall will also underline the same Neptunian themes.



Jupiter enters Gemini in late May and will stay there for the rest of the year, which is another invitation to expand your mind and your knowledge.

There could be a lot to talk about during 2024, perhaps because of many shocking and tumultuous events or a huge amount of new information to absorb.

New ways of communication could also arise as well as new ways of sharing information and knowledge.

New inventions and progress are also a part of the Jupiter – Uranus Conjunction having taken place just previously to Jupiter entering Gemini.

Alternately, more old school communication forms could also be revived, IF the internet or various technological and electrical devices go down or become unstable. Letters and mail for instance could in that case receive a renaissance.

Jupiter in Gemini also refer to two completely different paths, going in opposite directions, concerning future development, growth and consciousness level.


As evident from all the above, we will in 2024 constantly dance on a tightrope between something close to total destruction and on other hand exciting new possibilities, evolution and higher consciousness.

So, choose very CONSCIOUSLY the energies you wish to align with and the path that is right for you, going forward and then be insistent and stubborn, yet also flexible when that is called for, when it comes to focus.

Because that will be needed in order to even see and be able to grab the opportunities that no doubt will arise along the away, amidst all the craziness and all the stuff that will break down, crash and make a LOT of noise in doing so.

But you can simply not allow yourself to be way led or too distracted by it.

This is a time to build a better future for yourself and others – a lot of the past will truly be gone, these coming years, and if you spend too much time hanging on to the past, others will create your future for you – and that might not be beneficial, to say the least.

So, take on your co-creator role as never before and dare more.

One thing is certain, 2024 certainly won’t be boring!

I wish you a happy New Year 😊🎉✨🎆🌟

Freedom Truth Light & Tina