Monday, July 26, 2021

Jupiter returns to freedom loving Aquarius


The last couple of days has, as expected, been eventful, as we have had not only a Full Moon activating last years Great Jupiter - Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius, that kickstarted a whole new era, but also two re-triggered previous Solar Eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis (see more in update below)

Aquarian themes has thus been on the forefront:

Another global server breakdown, that resulted in several inaccessible websites worldwide, Friday.

A fireball/meteor in the Norwegian sky during the weekend.

A giant wave of protests around the globe, so huge, that even the mainstream media couldn’t  ignore it any longer.

The Aquarian energy now receives a further push from Wednesday and onwards, when Jupiter returns to Aquarius for the rest of the year.

Jupiter enhances and enlarges everything it touches.

So, the fight for freedom, free thinking and free speech, protest movements, resistance, uprising, social unrest, alternatives, as well as anything residing in the sky, the heavens and space receive even further focus and an enormous boost from Jupiter, the rest of 2021.

Jupiter has a spiritual link to – and is wellplaced in -  Aquarius and can thus express itself well here.

Jupiter traditionally rules and corresponds with Sagittarius. Sagittarius and Aquarius are the two most freedomloving and truth searching signs of the Zodiac.

So, the urge for freedom and truth will only rise and rise now.

And as the cry for freedom is sounding louder than ever around the globe, it will be harder to silence it again. Even more extreme measures would have to be implemented to do so, but could also end up seriously backfiring.

So, the nearest future is certain to be very interesting, indeed.

While Jupiter has transited the early degrees of Pisces, we got a preview of 2022 themes and topics.

Among them:

The continuation of the virus/vaccine saga.

Water issues;  when the planet reached back to the powerful 0° of the Water sign, record breaking flooding took place in Europe, while other places in the world are in lack of water, suffering from severe drought.

A larger sense of unity was and is the potential of this placement, in contrast to the dividing Saturn – Uranus square.

This time around, it seemed that in many places of the world, it was a football championship, that created that feeling of unity amongst the public, even though some of us – me included – couldn’t care less about it, the momentary joy and unity it brought others was a nice escape, I'm sure.

As I wrote, when Jupiter entered Pisces, it would be interesting, to see if more artists would now join the protest movement, given Jupiters back and forth between Aquairus and Pisces.

A few did seem to become more openmouthed.

Some started to complain that their artform was not prioritized as high as other things in the reopening of society and asked why, since they had been so supportive of the restrictive initiatives all the way - and with that answered their own question.

Harsh lessons, when it comes to consent and compliance are part of the zeitgeist of the early 2020’s...

Clapton, on the other hand, has been especially open about his deep regret of having the jab, as well as his fears of being ostricized by family and friends, for speaking up against governmental tyranny.

He along with a couple of other artists have also recently announced that they refuse to perform at shows and venues, where only one part of the public is welcome.

More of that, please!

On another front,  former pop princess Britney Spears, for the first time opened her mouth and revealed her horrific slavelike existence to the public.

More on what’s hiding behind the glitzy, glamourous faΓ§ade of the entertainment industry is sure to come, when Jupiter returns to Pisces and conjuncts Neptune, in 2022.

But during the next couple of months, Jupiter will now focus on Aquarian themes.

Aside, from the heavy activation of Aquarian energy, we also have a former Eclipse in Leo activated this week – another sign concerned with the entertainment industry.

As well as head of states, royalty and “the elite”.

Head of states have already been removed in Tunesia just now, and it will be interesting to see what  else the rest of this week has to offer, in terms of Leo Eclipse themes...

From Wednesday and until August 5th, Jupiter will be in the 29° of Aquarius. 

The 29° is a wildcard degree, where pretty much anything – also rather bizarre and schocking things - could happen. Jupiter is also further activated by Mars in Leo, at the end of this week.

So, there’s no doubt a gigantic energetic momentum for change, taking place right now, let’s use it wisely!

Freedom Truth Light Peace and Love Tina



Thursday, July 22, 2021

Momentum: Powerful activation of the Leo - Aquarius axis the coming weeks. Another chance to anchor and manifest the incoming energies of the new era, that began at the Great Conjunction in December 2020


The next couple of weeks offers a potent activation of the Leo – Aquarius axis.

The Sun, as always this time of year, has just entered its own sign Leo and the peak of Summer, when the Sun has the most strength, is upon us, (in the Northern hemisphere).

On Saturday the Moon will oppose the Sun from Aquarius, and the first Full Moon on the Aquarius - Leo axis takes place – yes, we will have two of them this year, the second being a socalled Blue Moon in August.

Furthermore, Mars will trigger two previous still active Solar Eclipses in both Leo and Aquarius at the same time.

Jupiter also reenters Aquarius on the 28th and immediately opposes Mars at the end of Leo.

Finally the square between Aquarius’ two rulers Saturn and Uranus, the primary aspect of 2021, is also still active and highly relevant.

Recently while Mars & Venus formed a T-square with Saturn & Uranus, rebellion seemed to receive new wings to fly on, around the world, of course provoked by new absolutely outrageous  initiatives, that could easily become the reality for all of us, this Fall and Winter, if we don’t put a stop to it now.

Now further energies - including protest energies – are added to the mix.

Some of the great potential, the new incoming energies offered, at the Great conjunction in Aquarius, at last years Winter Solstice, has had enormous problems breaking through the siege of the darkness and manifesting on a physical level. 

But now they get another push from both Jupiter, two Full Moons and the reactivation of a previous Solar Eclipse, all in Aquarius.  A momentum and a new chance could be another way to phrase it.

The Full Moon Saturday morning at 1°26 Aquarius, ( taking place at 3.37 BST – adjust to your local time) is actually right next to the degree, where the Great Conjunction between Jupiter & Saturn happened, at the very beginning of the sign, and is thus re-triggering it.

So, the days surrounding the Full Moon is very beneficial for releasing anything blocking the full anchoring and manifestation of the new incoming energies, belonging to the new era and age.

While the Leo Sun primarily focuses on the individual and the Self; expressing itself; staging itself, and on taking on a central, leading or elevated position, the Moon in Aquarius reminds us that there are others here as well;  that we have to also consider the whole, the group and the community, making sure it doesn’t just become one giant ego – and power trip.

Aquarius considers everyone equal and is willing to fight for freedom and equal rights for all – however, often from the position of an outsider. 

So, the common trait between the two opposite signs is that neither of them are really part of the “average masses” – and would certainly not like to be perceived that way either!

Leo adds warmth of heart to Aquarius’ more cool distance. Each representing the peak of Summer heat and the cold of Winter, respectively.

Leo also encourages you to follow your heart, but at the same time love to sunbathe in the admiration from others and can fall prey to acting the way that brings the most applause and thus actually be way led from their heart’s true path.

The Full Moon in Aquarius encourages you to care less about what others think, to go your own way and continue to follow your heart, also when you don't get a standing ovation, from your surroundings. This is both important, when it comes to something that you know is the right thing for you on a personal level, but also when it’s something that you know/sense will benefit the greater community, where you have to step up and take action.

With two Full Moons here, this message is apparently of extra importance during the Summer of 2021.

From the 23rd – 30th of July, Mars will be activating two previous Solar Eclipses.

One is a partial Eclipse from February 2018,  that took place 27 °08 Aquarius – and it will be the last time Mars, (the classic Eclipse trigger), activates this Solar Eclipse, as it’s influence will ebb out, when 2021 turns into 2022.

The other is a Total Solar Eclipse, also known as “The Great American Eclipse” form August 2017, 28°53 Leo.

Reactivated Eclipses in Aquarius, bring some of the following things into focus:

Freethinkers, system critics, freedom fighters, resistance movements, unions, strikes, uprising, protests, social unrest, big changes, technology, the internet, hackers, the Air element, wind, storms, sky, heaven, space, airplanes, spacecrafts, E.T.’s, UFO’s.

While reactivated Eclipses in Leo bring some of the following into the spotlight:

Head of states, royalty, stars, the elite - their ascend to the top or fall from grace, removal, abdication, withdrawal or death...The entertainment industry.  The Fire element; heat, drought, fires. The Sun itself. Gold and gold prices.

The days before and after the period of 23rd – 30th of July, could also be sensitive to Mars’ touch and activation.

Like we saw, earlier this month, when another previous Solar Eclipse in Leo got activated and the president of Haiti was assassinated, right before Mars had actually reached the Eclipse degree.

Not only Eclipses, but also their later triggering is extremely powerful and very important ingredients in “the script”, that this world follows.

And here we go again - and this time it appears, that the line is drawn up between the elite and head of states on one side and freethinking freedomfighters on the other.

Will a decisive battle take place now?

Jupiter will certainly come in and add support and strengthen the latter side, from the 28th and onwards, the rest of the year.

In between the two Full Moons in Aquarius, there’s also a New Moon in Leo, that just happens to fall on the magical 8.8 day, of August 8th, where the opening of  the Lions Gate is generally celebrated.

Our two Luminaries entwined on that day will surely open an extraordinary portal of Light, this year.

So, with this powerful influx of Light, as well as incoming energies of the more rebellious kind and the retriggering of the Great Conjunction, the coming weeks, could be the momentum we have been waiting for, to turn things around, before Fall and the Winter half year sets in and a new planned dark chapter is written. 

We certainly need it!

So, let’s grab the opportunity and use the energies wisely.

Freedom, Truth, Light, Peace & Love Tina


Welcome to the Astrology Freedom Truth Light ☮ & πŸ’– Blog

Welcome to the Astrology Freedom Truth Light  ☮ & πŸ’– Blog

I have just posted some of my past astrological analysis and writing, 
that is still highly relevant to the current world situation, for you to sample.

You can find more of that on my website at: 

On this blog, we will now be looking to the future

πŸ’— Tina


The 2nd exact phase of the Saturn - Uranus square in June ( Repost from May 2021)


On June 1st, the second exact phase of the Saturn- Uranus square begins.

This 2nd direct hit last for almost 4 weeks, till June 26th, peaking in exactitude on June 14th and is thus overlapping with the current Eclipse season.

This is 2021’s primary collective aspect, that mainly concerns the split and separation, that society and the people have experienced since 2020, which has only escalated since the first direct hit in February, this year. 

The aspect has been tight all throughout spring, but now enters another decisive phase.

The separation starts from above  - the top of the pyramid if you will - with various separating initiatives, actions and statements and then drip downwards and out in almost every situation and relationship, we find ourselves in.

Both sides are pushed and manipulated from both official AND unofficial sources to see “the other” side as not only standing in the way of their preferred way of life, but also dangerous to their health and possibly even survival – and both sides are nudged to become more and more indifferent to what happens to the other side, as “they have made that choice themselves, and they could just have chosen otherwise, like me”.

This de-sensitizing, if successful, will obviously be very handy, if the agenda is allowed to roll further down the line, to the point where really unfortunate things start happening to parts of the population…

Neither Saturn nor Uranus are known for their empathy, but rather for a certain coldness and distance.

During the planet pair’s second meeting, Saturn is, however, retrograde, offering us an opportunity to go back and review and reevaluate whether this truly is the path, we as a society and individuals, wish to walk further along on.

The possibility of things suddenly being turned upside down, with a switch between who will then be “in or out of the cold”, is not entirely unlikely, but that  would still mean, that the dark forces got what they wanted - leaving us, generally speaking, equally far.

Fear,– and each side fears different things, that is being played heavily on right now, from different angles. mainstream and socalled alternative – Splitting, Divide and Conquer is all old well-tried methods, but only efficient, if we fall for it, play along and let them work!


As a counterpoint, we have Jupiter in Pisces right now, inviting us to be more compassionate, understanding and united - even if from afar – (in other words, this is not necesarily about socializing, but more about how and IF you react when fellow humans are being wronged or are otherwise in need.)  This will also become a major theme next year.


The problem is, that next year, it might be too late…


So, we need a change in direction right now, if it’s to be at all!


This change in direction could very well be manifested during this 2nd direct hit of the Saturn- Uranus square, if we want it.


Uranus is placed in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius, both Saturn and Uranus rules Aquarius.


Some of the other topics that the 2nd direct hit of their square will accentuate are:


Freedom versus restrictions, especially in social life.


Technology and the use of it, pitfalls and advantages.


The internet, social media – free speech versus censorship.


The sky, heavenly bodies, space, UFO’s, E.T,’s, disclosure


Freethinking and alternative solutions


Financial changes, interventions, crisis or introduction of new financial system.






Self -sufficiency in cultivation, scarcity of food, invention of alternatives to things lacking.


Climate agendas.




Combined with the current Eclipse season and its topics, the coming weeks will be rather heavy and wild energetically – and most likely also in terms of events.


So, buckle up, keep your head cool and your heart warm.


Freedom Truth Light Peace & Love



First published in May 2021


Jupiter in Pisces ( Repost from May 2021)

On the 13th/14th of May, depending on your time zone, we have the only change of signs, by a major planet, this year, when Jupiter leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces.

For several years now, we’ve had Jupiter transiting a certain sign for about a year. But here in 2021, a phase, where Jupiter moves back and forth between signs, begins.


Jupiter has raced through the sign of Aquarius since December. Here in mid May – the end of July, Jupiter will visit the early degrees of the sign of Pisces and then returns to Aquarius for the rest of the year, finally entering Pisces at the end of December and will then transits through the whole sign in 2022, alternating with a stay in Aries as well.


Jupiter strengthens and enhances everything it touches. As the old ruler of Pisces, it will be even more able to do so here, for both good and bad…


We will now get a taste of some of the topics awaiting us in 2022, where Jupiter next year also conjuncts Neptune, meaning both rulers of Pisces will be entwined IN Pisces – it doesn’t get more “fishy” than that.


And let’s get the more tedious part out the way up front – yes; Pisces & Neptune are the sign and the planet representing viruses and vaccines.


I doubt most will enjoy more of that saga, but it seems that we will have to, in one way or another.


Side effects of the latter also belongs to the Piscean/Neptunian domain and will likely become a huge issue, especially next year.


The medicine industry will definitely come more into focus.


On a positive note, Jupiter could bring a huge morality check to Big Pharma, concerning their ethics – or lack of them – as well as their actions and agendas. THAT could be interesting….


Jupiter here, can both shed light on and reveal deceit as well as strengthen deceit...


Otherwise, Jupiter in Pisces is a super creative combination and places its spotlight on art and artist, especially those in music and film.


It will be interesting to see whether more artists will now join the protest movement. Jupiter transiting both Aquarius and Pisces this year could certainly bring more focus on protest singers and other artists.


In earlier times, it was kind of a given that artists were in the frontline of protests. But with a few exceptions, that has hardly been the case this time around.


So now, it’s rather a case of jumping on a wagon already moving. But some might feel motivated to do so now.


Here in my country established musicians have just learned the hard way, that their deafening silence and frankly embarrassing submission didn’t really save their summer festival gigs anyway…


And in the film industry The Oscars reached and all time low in viewing numbers, in spite of the public supposedly being practically starved of entertainment experiences. But too many are now aware of what these award shows etc. are really all about and are apparently done with them.


So, artists and their artforms, as well as their self celebrations, will have to reinvent themselves if they are to have any relevancy in the future.


Jupiter in Pisces could very well be used for that reinvention, for those artists who are up to the challenge,


The few artists who have already dared to go against the stream might experience more exposure or even some kind of luck falling into their lap.


The criteria for successful art during Jupiter (and Neptune) in Pisces will be something that speaks to the heart, uplifts the soul and can take the listener/viewer out of this world.


The urge for escapism will in general become huge.


And of course, it will be extremely important to take the route of the more constructive forms of escapism and not be tempted to let yourself be completely swallowed by something, that creates a lasting addiction or even worse…


A heightened focus on addiction issues – some of them probably created and strengthened by the 2020’s crisis, is very likely.


We have to be more aware of what kind of world and society we are creating, so it’s not necessary to constantly numb ourselves to be able to be in it.


The urge for escaping a harsh, hard, heavy and depressing world, can for some unfortunately become so pressing that they choose the ultimate way out.


A rise in suicides could very well become a tragic outcome of Jupiter in Pisces, if we don’t make some serious changes VERY soon, because the alluring siren call from seemingly more paradisiac, bright and gentle worlds could then become too tempting to resist for a lot of sensitive people, of all ages.


A change in direction is much needed – or this will become a huge problem, especially next year.


Constructively used, this placement could also help to bring more beauty and justice into world, increasing the will to be, stay and live here.


It’s a very idealistic and spiritual placement.


All creative and spiritual endeavors will thus receive a boost from it – and any activity that brings you more in contact with your inner world, other worlds or a higher power is beneficial.


The longing for a saviour will be enormous – and possibly someone or something appearing to be a saviour of a kind could present itself. But be aware of not letting yourself be blinded by illusions – and lull yourself into the fantasy, that someone else will be doing all the saving for you.


Be aware of anything that pacifies you and remove your own responsibility and action taking, since that is most likely to be something deceitful.


Outside help – even from higher powers – are not out of the question, at all, but if true, it will also require something from you.


Pacifying is a classic Pisces – trap.


You might also be asked to sacrifice something – but make sure to discern whether this is a sacrifice that you really want to make.


This is in many ways a rather sneaky and paradoxical placement, full of smoke and mirrors, but also potential deep spiritual truths, and it will take alertness and a strong intuition to navigate though it.


This year has been full of separation and estrangement, synchronously with the Saturn- Uranus square, that we are far from done with yet.


However, in the best scenario, Jupiter in Pisces the next months and next year could soften some of the harshness and separation and bring a sense of unity among mankind back.


We are all connected – even if we have chosen very different paths and highly disagree– and that feeling of unity, can, if we want it, become more prevalent now and again in 2022.


Unity, charity and compassion are some of the highest potentials for this placement.


If you have important placements between 0 – 2° Pisces in your personal chart, they will receive a visit from Jupiter the next couple of months, referring to growth opportunities and in some cases maybe even luck.


The same goes for the area of life, symbolized by the house containing 0 - 2° Pisces.


Let’s use this placement to bring more creativity, empathy, compassion, soul and spirit back into this world again.


Freedom Truth Light Peace and Love Tina

Originally published in May 2021 at & Facebook

Counter Culture - Stellium in Aquarius & the Saturn - Uranus square (Repost from February 2021)


At this moment in time, we have the Sun and 4 planets (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) placed in the sign of Aquarius, waiting for the Moon to join them as well, next week, making it at total of 6 classic heavenly bodies assembled in the sign.


This stellium invites us to rise above our preprogramming to identify with one or the other side, like for instance blue or red – and likewise above our ego and emotional attachment to our side/team, as well the need to be right in our perception of what is going on.

And then just try to view things from up there and see if that angle might reveal some connections and patterns, we couldn't grasp earlier.


If the invitation and offer to a more openminded holistic helicopter view is declined – the paths will divide completely from here on after. 

There won’t be any larger community of humanity, in this new era, but rather several smaller communities and networks among likeminded, which there’s obviously nothing wrong with at all, except that it might very well turn out in such a manner, that people don’t have anything to do at all with “those in the other networks/those on the other side” – and that families and friends will be divided and torn apart because of it.


The two rulers of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus, are squaring each other, and from Saturday enters the first exact phase of that square.


This aspect speaks of (even) further division. The split between the old and the new world, the split between different paths and directions, and the division between people of different opinions and perceptions.


And now we also have initiatives from up high, dividing people into A and B teams, (oh, WHAT a surprise that ANOTHER “conspiracy theory” turned into reality) and decides who gets to do what, in a couple of months.


The last time we had a large group of placements in Aquarius, was in 1962 (back then it was 7 planets) – and the years that followed, was like the present time, another pivotal period in the very long transition into the age of Aquarius.


In the 1960’s a counter culture arose as we all know, and even though, it was far from all that ended up participating in it, it is what that decade is primarily remembered for, even today.


Some form of counter culture will inevitable also rise now, since things have gotten so grotesque and far out, that even people who previously haven’t seen them selves as particularly contrary or revolutionary might feel urged to become so.


A counter culture consisting on those of us, of ALL ages, who refuse to submit ourselves to madness – and don’t fall for the obvious pressure and “voluntary” coercion.


There also happens to be a lot of creative people among those, so the pressure of being excluded from future cultural events might not be as threatening, as those in power plan on it to be.


Because we could just make our own alternative events – which we already have done (and legally so!) here in Copenhagen, Denmark several times in the past months.


If a couple of thousands people, can get together and only in a few days donate, have a stage and a large screen erected, as well as portable toilets and stalls with free warm drinks. 

If a crowd with an age span from children to a couple in their 90’s and mostly everything in between, can enjoy musicians and comedians perform, in between protest speeches, in the middle of the Scandinavian Winter, the threat of being left out of established cultural events is certainly less frightening ( now that the v- passport, that of course was planned all along, has been formally introduced). 

Because imagine what we then can get together and arrange in the summer and with longer planning time…


Will there be huge international artist – perhaps not – but never say never, some might find it cool, someday, especially since the resistance against the jab is much bigger in some countries, so it might also become a financial necessity for them one day – and then there’s also the question of what kind of audience it’s most enjoyable and fun to perform for.


Should this counter culture become too big, however – we should of course expect infiltration, engineering as well as attempts to pacify.


Once again as an echo from the sixties.


Next year, there’s even an aspect coming up that could be used  for something similar as back then, as in passing out free drugs to hook and pacify. So those who might feel tempted by the offer of new “consciousness altering methods or drugs”, should probably be extra aware of that pitfall...


We are now entering a phase, where we have to start creating something new and different, that will be some of what the 20’s will be remembered for, in decades to come.


One last trip in that helicopter to see if we all can find some common ground, is available now - but otherwise it’s time to move on from here.


The exact phase of the Saturn – Uranus square lasts from February 6th until the beginning of March, peaking at February 17th and during that month we will all get a clearer picture of our future direction and with whom.


Freedom Truth Light Peace & Love Tina

First published in February 2021 at & Facebook

Year 2021 (Repost from December 2020)


The great conjunction peaking at the Winter Solstice is still active and the very first upstart phase of the new era is ongoing until the end of February. The new incoming energies need time to anchor fully…


Both Jupiter and Saturn started their square to Uranus in December. Jupiter and Uranus’ square reaches exactitude in mid January and ebbs out in February.


In combination with the Great conjunction, Jupiter and Uranus has a lot to do with level of consciousness and awakening… With the peak in January we are reaching a distinct point in their mutual cycle and the possibility for a collective leap in consciousness will have to be met and find place within the first months of the year, if it’s to be, this time around.


Individually, the opportunity will always be there, of course.


Bizarre and shocking events is more than possible with this planet combination. Jupiter enlarges and strengthens Uranus; The Awakener; who often brings insights in a dramatic fashion, like a flash of lightning.


A humorous and entertaining touch could also be involved, that those with a more quirky sense of humor might appreciate.


Jupiter expands the horizons and with its stay in Aquarius and aspect to Uranus, we might reach new heights when it comes to consciousness, but perhaps also literally both gain access and/or contact with both higher dimensions, as well as other planets, galaxies and universes.


Brilliant ideas might come to those who are already predisposed to thinking outside the box, in the beginning of the year.


New exciting and quite wild possibilities will also reveal themselves to those who dare to grab them and run with them.


If a collective consciousness leap doesn’t happen in January/February, that brings everyone aboard, we will split up in different tracks and paths, very different, for different people.


The other and longer lasting primary aspect of 2021: a Saturn – Uranus square – with 3 direct hits in February, June and December and an epilogue in 2022 – concerns this split.


With a common collective experience this is about the split between the old world and the new one, about the different degrees of attachment to the time before the old world “went beserk”. About coming to terms with something irrevocably being over, where it’s just dawned on some people, whereas others have been aware and more than ready for that, for a long time.


We cannot go back, but we can bring some things from the old world with us, in new form, so the split might also be about different opinions on what exactly we’re to bring us, what to leave behind and how the new era should take shape, benefitting the whole and all of us.


If we are going in different directions, this aspect concerns the split between the new possibilities, the new era brings, those we are served and those some chose to create. The division between people, including family members, lovers and spouses, co-workers and friends choosing different paths. A split and division between freedom and security, freedom and restrictions, between belief in authority and free thinking and system critique. Possibly the split between those who will gain access to certain benefits and those who won’t. The split between technology/AI, transhumanism and nature, the organic and humanity.


All important subjects that we will have to deal with and make choices on, in 2021.


With Jupiter & Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, technology will, as previously mentioned, be a huge theme, we need to relate to, and we will have to decide whether we are the ones in control of technology or whether technology should be allowed to control us – and to what degree we wish to merge with it or not.


Uranus has transited Taurus for a couple of years now, and the themes and subject of that transit will be further activated, when first Jupiter and then Saturn, from their new home in Aquarius, that Uranus also happens to rule over, triggers the planet.


Both Aquarius and Uranus represent alternatives.

So many new alternatives will be presented/invented during 2021. Some will be served as an offer, some will be searched out or created from scratch, because some will feel super inspired to do so, others because they cannot picture themselves, in the “new normal” of society in general.

 Quite a few new experiments will happen and initiatives that earlier would have seemed utopian can actually become reality now.

 This also concerns initiatives from high above, when it comes to financial issues and systems, belonging to Taurus’ domain – for instance debt jubilees and/or basic income.

 Everything, however, depends on what terms it will happen on.

 In one option, we are talking resources that have been provable wrongfully grabbed at the expense of others, in the past era, now being redistributed, to the benefit of everyone – who each get to freely administer their part, no strings what so ever attached – this option would obviously bring more freedom with it, since access to money and resources – and how many hours of the day has been spent earning and accessing them – has been an enormous controlling factor, in life, in the era of materialism, that we have just left behind us, at the Great Conjunction at the Winter Solstice.

The other option is something similar, but under terms, that in reality enslaves even further and steal even more time and energy from people – and only those who accept these terms gets access to “the benefits”.

 So, an apparently similar new financial strategy can both free and enslave – depending on who’s behind it and on what terms – which, we obviously need to be acutely discerning about, before gladly accepting such a potential “gift”.

 If it’s the last option, we will also see another division; between those who say yes and those who say no thank you to such terms.

 A previously predicted return to more self sufficiency and home cultivation of food supply, while Uranus passes through Taurus in the years 2018/19- 26, will with Saturn’s triggering of Uranus become even more relevant, but can also spring from two different reasons.


It can spring from a real growing respect for nature and the soil we cultivate on and extract from, a shift in values, where we, in this new era, chooses to act differently and bring us more in harmony with nature and Mother Earth.

However, it can also spring from necessity, caused by scarcity, real or orchestrated...

 Or it could become particularly relevant for those, who have declined offers, where access to certain kinds of food is part of the benefits.

 One thing is sure, nature, distribution of resources and food supply will be important topics in 2021.

If some of us are shut out, because we decline offers, where the price is too high, we actually don’t have to worry that much about it, because with the new prevailing energies, there is far more tailwind and room for creating alternatives instead…2021 is in many ways WITH the alternative and freethinking people – and alternative ways of life and methods will abound.


So, what it really comes down to is whether this is to be a shared experience for all, where we mutually create an alternative to the old world or whether an alternative is served, that not all of us can accept and thus decide to create our own.


No matter what, alternative solutions and initiatives will be abundant – and those who are already able to think in those terms will have a clear advantage in this new era.


Networks among likeminded will also be crucial and play a much larger role from here on forward.


So, what is essential to understand now, is that we under no circumstances, can return to a pre- 2020 state, but that new options and opportunities will present themselves and we must have the courage to grab them and make something out of them.


The eclipse series in Gemini/Sagittarius continues in 2021, so we will still have to deal with and learn more about our perception of reality, truth, news, exchange of information, propaganda and mind control, as well as the law and the consequences of bypassing important constitutional principles, at the years two eclipse seasons in May- June & November – December. In the last season, we also have one single eclipse that introduces new eclipse themes, among them distribution of resources, with an eclipse on the Taurus/Scorpio axis.


Jupiter races through Aquarius in the first 4-5 months of the year and will also get to spend some time in Pisces, which Jupiter co-rules, before returning to Aquarius again. This is the only larger planet sign shift in 2021.


Jupiter the planet of hope, optimism, growth and expanding of the horizon feels a LOT better at home in both of these signs - and these qualities thus have way more opportunity to come through to us and uplift us during 2021, than in the past heavy and sinister year, where Jupiter was in strange territory and weakened.


See you in 2021, where a new alternative world will be created and the Light will break more and more through, for those who dare to go against the current and accept it and anchor it.


Happy new year :-) 


First published at & Facebook in December 2020

The Great Jupiter - Saturn conjunction (Repost from September 2020)


From this day and the next months forward, all 5 of 2020s big aspects will be active at the same time, since the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction is also gearing up now, further intensifying the energies.


A big part of the reason 2020 is as remarkable and crazy as it is, is the 3 conjunctions of the year.

A conjunction is when two (or more) planets meet, end their mutual cycle and start a new one.

 In 2020 we have 4 big cycles ending and beginning at once.

We have a 12 year long, a 20 year long, a 34 year long – and most spectacularly an approximately 240 year long one.


The Jupiter – Saturn conjunction is responsible for both the 20 year cycle and the 240 year cycle.


As Jupiter and Saturn always meet in 20 year interims, we are at the end of a cycle that began around the new millennium.


But this Jupiter – Saturn meeting is SO much bigger than that – since the planets are also making a sign oriented elemental shift from Earth to Air - from the physical level, “the era of materialism” to the mental level; the world of ideas and ideals.


The special thing about this planet pair’s cycle is that they conjoin in the same element, (each element consists of 3 signs), for several hundred years.


We have been in a transition phase since the beginning of the 1980’s, when we had the first conjunction in an Air sign, however we weren’t quite finished with the Earth element yet, since a last Jupiter – Saturn conjunction took place in Earth at the new Millenium.


But by the end of 2020, we say our final goodbyes to the Earth era and hello and welcome to the era of Air.


Jupiter and Saturn together are known to preside over time periods and eras, as well as societal ideals.

The planet pair symbolizes a regent, a leader of state, a structure of society, a regime, a superpower, an ideology, a belief system, that either has to give up the reigns, resign, abdicate, are removed, dies, is over, come to an end, and then after a period of chaos, someone or something new takes over.


When we are talking a cycle, lasting longer than the human age span, in the very last phase, in a year where we also have a powerful Saturn – Pluto conjunction, it’s no wonder that so much is breaking down right now. 

Nor that it feels like the end of the world, because in many ways it IS; the end of the world as we know it. That part of it was and is inevitable – and during this Fall season we will see even more decay.


The longing back to the time before…is understandable, but needs to be let go off, since that boat has sailed a long time ago.


What’s extremely important now, is to focus on what kind of new era we wish, chose and allow to kickstart, at the end of the year, in other words, what the new world, society and our lives will look like going forward.

If it is to be a place that is worth living in, we all need to get on board and make use of our co-creating abilities NOW.

 As there are dark forces, that have planned ahead and have had their version of this shift planned for a long time, and the kind of world they wish for, while obviously beneficial to them, are absolutely not beneficial to the rest of us!


The Air element centers around our social life and our ideals.


The December conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn takes place in the air sign Aquarius.

 Aquarius is the sign of freedom, free thinking, equal rights, community and networking across place of affiliation, based on being kindred spirits above all. It’s also the sign of technology.

And it’s quite obvious that these exact areas are either under heavy attack or are being abused right now.

Dark forces are trying very hard to steal our freedom and rights, there are either strong censorship - or ridicule of – critical voices, able to think outside the box, division is created and community is undermined, our social life are controlled and steered into “social distancing and bubbles” – and in the end towards a “social life”, primarily taking place digitally, physically separated and always surveilled.

Technology is used against us, to hurt us, enslave us, dumb us down, instead of helping us, healing us and freeing up time to do more important or more enjoyable things in life.

 In distant times, it was said that a regent/leader would either die or retire, when Jupiter and Saturn met, and then a new big regent/leader would follow.

 Under the influence of Aquarius, there is huge potential for humanity reaching a level of contact with their own inner regent, to the point, where there is no longer need for higher earthly leaders or at least not to the extent it has previously been.

 In other words, the new regent in the new era could very well be each one of us.

Combined with the theme of the Saturn – Pluto conjunction, that each of us has to take on our inner authority, the message becomes very clear; it’s time to take our power back, fully, use it constructively, benefitting both ourselves, our individual freedom and rights, as well as the whole of the community.


Our realization of that potential is the biggest fear of the dark forces, since we are then no longer controllable or willing to play our roles as slaves in the fascistic regime they have planned.

This is why they are now going all in, hoping to repress, distort and destroy the huge potential, this new era brings us.

So, it’s crucial to not fall for their tricks and fear mongering and to not participate in any submission rituals of any kind.

The Jupiter – Saturn aspect peaks on December 21st, at the Winter Solstice, the day of the “Return of the Light”.

This is a beautiful symbol of the potential, for the Light to truly return to Earth, earthlings and our lives, at the beginning of the new great era, but in order for that to happen, we have to courageously and fearlessly pave the way, from now on.

The aspect will ebb out at the end of February 2021.

Another thing, that sets this conjunction apart from the other conjunctions of the year, is the added bonus, that both planets are visible to the naked eye.

 Jupiter and Saturn have been visible on the evening and early night sky, near each other, all Summer, and will now get closer and closer on the evening sky, during Fall, before almost melting together in the early evening at the Winter Solstice.

Often conjunctions appear visibly to be just two planets very close to each other in the sky, but this one is also significant, since it will actually appear as two planets are becoming one, on December 21st, which is very rare. We are once again talking centuries, since that last happened.

So, this a very special event in our lifetime and a Great conjunction, indeed.

You can easily spot the two planets, after Sunset in southern direction, Jupiter is the big bright “star”, Saturn the smaller one, to the left of Jupiter.

And while you are enjoying the beautiful sight of them nearing each other, all through Fall, remember to send out your intentions and manifest what kind of free, golden and fantastic, new era you wish to see start in December 😊

 First published at and in Danish on facebook  in September 2020.



The Truth is out there - Saturn enters Aquarius & the exact phase of the Jupiter - Pluto conjunction (Repost from March 2020).


Since March 10th 2020, Saturn has resided in the last degree of the sign Capricorn. The 29th degree of a sign can be quite a wildcard, where a lot of strange things can happen and on top of that, Saturn has extra punch here, at the end of its own sign.


A lot of strange things certainly has happened, when it comes to restrictions and borders (!), while the planet of precisely restrictions, borders and limits, is placed at the BORDER between Capricorn & Aquarius.


On March 22nd Saturn enters Aquarius and will stay there for a couple of months, but we’re not done with the Saturn in Capricorn themes yet, as it will return there in the Summer, before finally entering and transiting through Aquarius from December until Spring 2023.


Understandable fear of illness, death and loss of loved ones, now make many accept and even condone control mechanisms and limitations on freedom and rights they would NEVER otherwise have stood for…of course also from the perception, that this is a necessary evil, in a temporary crisis situation, that will pass again.


But with the current energies and planet placements, there’s a real danger that some of these measures will turn out to be not so temporary at all…Saturn is a planet, concerned with things of a longer duration, and this was initiated in a cardinal sign, where new eras begin, followed by a stay in Aquarius, one of the fixed and maintaining signs.


So it’s extremely important during this time, where people are rallying enthusiastically around their various leaders, that it’s still ok and allowed to also ask critical questions concerning the extent of these extreme measures now taken, such as whether this v I r u s truly is the cause or rather an excuse for these measures?

Astrologically, a lot is unfortunately pointing to the last option…


A longing to return to a world and our everyday life as we knew it, will be huge for many and only grow as more days of this passes by.


But this has happened during a Saturn & Pluto and a Jupiter & Pluto conjunction – and as anyone, who have ever experienced having Pluto conjunct one of their personal planets or points in their chart know, life never returns to the same again…At some point, of course, some new way of life will take shape, but something will have changed irrevocably and will never be the same again.


So, despite how hard it might be, it’s actually a complete waste of time and energy only focusing on being able to return to the old normal, because that ship has sailed…

Instead your energy can beneficially be focused on how you, now that you know that things HAVE to change, wish the new world and your new life to look like, on the other side of this – otherwise the decision will be made for you, and you probably won’t end up liking that result, once the worst shock over current events has subsided.


I have written of an inevitable breakdown of society and economic crisis/collapse for quite some time now – and also of how there in the ruins of the fallen would be a huge potential for building a new more fair, just and more equal shared world – just as I have written about how the end result depends on what we are willing to put up with.

A simplistic breakdown of Saturn in Aquarius could either be: long lasting restrictions on freedoms, rights and community OR manifestation of freedom, equal rights and community.

Therein lie our choice – and while the last option is challenged big time right now, it’s still doable, if we are able to think outside the box.




Anything residing in the sky, in heaven and in space fall under the domain of Aquarius.


With Saturn here space exploration, space technology, visible manifestation of intelligent life in space and/or unknown heavenly bodies might very well become a relevant theme.


The last time Saturn transited Aquarius was in the early 90’s.

I, myself had an exciting UFO experience, when Saturn was 0° Aquarius the last time. Others here in the local area also experienced mysterious thing in the sky in the following months.

This was also the years when the iconic show, “The X files” was created and hit the tv-screens for the first time.

Here an entire Saturn round later, perhaps we have reached the point, where it will dawn on the majority, that the X files “mythology” of a secret syndicate, across national borders, controlling and running the world and events, of aliens and other mysterious beings existence and influence on our lives, was not just science fiction…Who knows, we shall see…


However, ”The X files” also contained plots on fake aliens and staged events – which is wise to remember, if we suddenly see magical things happen in the sky or hear official announcements of something out there, that it could both be real or staged – or be half truths (which of course is also highly relevant concerning current events on the ground!)


A project of insanity is already ongoing, where a rich guy is now shooting an extreme amount of satellite’s up into orbit, and despite international protests, has no intention of stopping…Not only will space be filled with junk, but the visibility of the starry night sky will forever be changed and tarnished if this madness isn’t stopped now. That anyone is allowed to do something so destructive and intrusive as this, simply because they can afford it, is a mystery. But hey, that’s apparently the world we live in.

And it’s not the only thing initiated now, under the guise of “faster internet connections”…Back on earth, f i v e  g roll out is also speeding ahead, with no concern for what the frequencies that will now come into use will do to insects, animal life, nature and human health.


Right now, the world is at a standstill never seen before, presumably to protect the weak against a disease, but at the same time the authorities are willing to let f i v e  g roll out without being anywhere near to having researched what this actually does to living beings…Where is the protection and caution here? Something doesn’t add up…


Or perhaps it more than adds up… as it is rumored that while the rest of the country is shut down and people are sent home from work, the erection of masts continues.


How strange, that this is a job belonging in the critical function category?!? How could that be, it makes you wonder - but as mentioned in the latest update, from March 11th, there is certainly a LOT to go hmmm about right now in the world…

 It is not exaggerated at all to say that the future of humanity is at stake here in 2020.

Mankind is not perfect. It can be strong, beautiful and creative, but also weak and full of mistakes. 

A distorted use of the Aquarian energy could give some an urge to tweak, perfect and optimize the human so much, that ooops, suddenly it wasn’t human anymore…and that scenario could very well play out these next years, when Saturn resides in Aquarius, if we don’t make it stop, by saying; we do NOT consent!


As I wrote about Saturn in Aquarius, in my 2020 update, just before the New Year:


“technology becomes a major theme and a topic we will all have to face and take responsibility for.

 What is possible technologically at this place in time, will become more visible and tangible and we will have to take responsibility for what we do with the possibilities as well as the pitfalls and dangers that comes with it.”

 What we will have to decide on in 2020 is whether we use technology or whether technology should take over and use us.

 There can be new technology that improves life and free us to do other more important and/or more enjoyable things, and then there’s the kind of technology that limits us, surveil us, dumb us down, make us expendable, make us ill and in the end turn us into machines…”




Asides from Saturn’s change of signs (which is most noticeable, while Saturn is at 29° Capricorn and 0° Aquarius, from March 10th – April 6th), we also have the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

This combination speaks of extreme laws and intrusions and interventions in people’s everyday life and rights, financial turbulence and changes, job, labor market and business transformation, escalation of misdirection and dark agendas, but also higher visibility and spotlight on them and higher possibility for seeing through and revealing them, and thus huge potential for the truth to come out.

 After this conjunction began in February ,things and events have escalated wildly, both nationally and globally, as Jupiter expand and strengthens an already extreme and transforming planet; Pluto – and obviously it won’t be less extreme when we from March 27th – April 15th enters the precise phase, the 1st hit, reaching exactitude on April 5th.

After mid-April, the conjunction will still be powerful, as it already is and has been for a while (and then the 2nd direct hit follows in second half of June/beginning of July).

 So, hoping that this is short temporary situation, that will be over right before Easter and then back to normal, is utopia, sorry…but it just is.


Returning to the “The X files”, one of the members of “the Syndicate” once confided in Scully on their maneuvering and string pulling behind the stage and ended with the words “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”

 If the future are to have any chance of going in the right direction, it’s extremely important, that we, that those who pull the strings try to control and manipulate, also take on our co-creator abilities and put them to use and start inventing and creating NOW.


Take good care of yourself, your loved ones, your fellow human beings AND of your & our freedom and rights!


 First published in March 2020 at & Facebook 


Looking back on the Winter half year 2019/20 - Things that make you go hmmm (Repost from March 2020)

Spring Equinox and the Summer half year is now only 9 days ahead of us.

That the Winter quarter would be unforgettable was a given, with the remarkable aspects taking place, but exactly how dark, bizarre and unforgettable it turned out to be – wow!

Let’s take an astrological look back on a Winter, that, (here in my part of the world, at least), wasn’t Winter at all, when it came to the weather, but on the other hand was filled with events and lots of “things that make you go…hmmm” – and then some!

First however, let’s rewind time 15 months back.

In December 2018, I wrote the following on the upcoming Saturn – Pluto conjunction, whose influence started at the beginning of 2019, peaked in the beginning of 2020 and will last for the rest of the year.


“This combination doesn’t have a good rep.

 Among other things because it was active both during the beginning of the 1st and 2nd World War, (that also happened right after a Uranus – Pluto square and Uranus having left Aries for Taurus, in the 1930s), as well as 9.11 and the beginning of the endless “War on Terror”…


…It’s important to be aware of the many similarities with time periods, where really violent world events have taken place, and on the fact that this energy CAN be (ab)used this way, if those who push the buttons, wants to and are allowed to do so.


If anyone in position of power should wish to introduce a total police/military state, then this combination in Saturn’s own sign, Capricorn, could also be (ab)used to take further steps in that direction or for that matter, going all the way…


Extreme measures of censorship, surveillance and social behavior regulation, and a very tiny individual latitude, can easily be the result, if we’re not careful…


… even the most orthodox person might be very unpleasantly surprised of the world they “suddenly” find themselves in, at the beginning of the next decade”




Then we fast-forward to late summer 2019, at the doorstep of the Winter half year, that is now nearing its end.


“October 2019” kept popping up in my head; and then finally, I had a vision of the words “October 2019 has been written and planned for a very, very long time” written in large letters on a cupboard. I also used those words as headline for one of my Lunation astro facebook updates at the time.


Astrologically, the planets also emphasized that October would be a heavy and remarkable month, with potential for distinct and far reaching events. Saturn and Pluto were then both going direct and beginning to close in on each other and their common meeting place in January.


At the same time Saturn, for several weeks, triggered and ended a former still active Solar Eclipse, and since this Solar Eclipse was in its own sign, Capricorn, Saturn also had extra power behind it.


October came and went and offered more Brexit drama and another postponement, but we were all kind of used to that, by that point... the prelude to the later American impeachment trial also began – but drama and chaos in American politics was not exactly unusual then either…

Finally, there were rumors and warnings in the alternative underground of a possible planned, but averted, “simultaneous attack” on several European countries at the very end of the month.


But other than that, true to the spirit of Saturn; (the planet corresponds with delays, postponements and results and things that doesn’t show up until later), we had to reach quite far into January 2020, before it became clear, that October 2019 actually had been much more eventful and relevant to future, than what first seemed to be the case.


Because it turned out, that in October, an “event” took place on the American east coast, with a huge simulation for relevant personal, concerning the spread of a c o r o n a virus, first from animals to people, in a local area and then an entire country and then, because of international travelers to the entire globe.


During the exercise the participants took various measures, such a strong censorship against critical voices, huge interventions into people’s everyday life and rights and finally implemented “something like martial law,” in an attempt to control the spread of the virus, but the outcome was – unfortunately - still that millions of people died and a complete crash of the world economy…hmmm


The hosts of this event were a threesome consisting of those, that now daily update us with how many ill, cured and dead there are worldwide, and a certain fond, who just happens to have a patent on this virus and is now “working on a cure” as well as a so called worldwide economical forum…hmmm


Mysteriously enough, on the very same day in October, as this simulation took place, a military event, with participants from all over the world, took place in exactly THAT Chinese city, that would later become known worldwide. as the place where the “real outbreak” started…hmmm


A city, where many of the inhabitants, by the way, are said to suffer from respiratory problems, because of heavy pollution and where there also just happens to be a bio-lab, right next to the food market, pointed out as the origin of the outbreak.


By the way, curiously, enough the very same biolab, that is part of an old crime novel, written by a well-known author, with a plot of a virus - a biological weapon - escaping that lab …. Hmmm


In December during the predictive “Holy nights”, I dreamt of curfews and divided zones, as well as a huge crash.


When it came to the latter, a breakdown of society and an economical crash had been “written in the stars” for a long time, so that was easily understandable for me, but what was several doctors doing in the “crash dream?” Hmmm…At first, I didn’t understand, but it was soon to become clear in the new year…


The v i r u s outbreak was reported to WHO on December 31st, EXACTLY the same day as the Saturn - Pluto conjunction reached the critical one degree apart stage, kicking off the exact phase of the conjunction….hmmm


During this exact phase, there was, apart from the worlds increasing knowledge of the outbreak, also historical forest fires as well as other nature disasters, the war drums were banging; the killing of a general, the shooting down of a plane, British royals leaving court, as well as the American impeachment circus, but while all of that apparently fizzled out again…the virus saga didn’t…


After Saturn and Pluto had started a new cycle in January, a Jupiter – Neptune aspect also set in (both planets rule Pisces – and Jupiter now strengthened and expanded Neptune’s power in Pisces)


Both heavy rainfalls, flooding and spreading of the virus (which all belong under Neptune’s/Pisces’ domain) followed…and things started to become truly “fishy”…


At the same time Jupiter got close to Pluto, which opened up possibilities of extreme escalation of dark agendas, but also more transparency of the very same.


The knowledge of the events of October now began to spread among people seeking their news from alternative outlets.


Then on the last day of January, an anonymous "financial insider", who claimed to have acquaintances in huge health organizations, warned other investors on a message board, that the virus would cause the stock market and the world economy to crash in March. According to the insider, this was well known by high profile investors, that as discreetly as possible had already started selling out, a while ago…hmmm


But MOST incredible of all, was the fact, that the same insider, also just happened to mention, that the first western country, where international health authorities planned to “try out” implementing drastic measures and methods a la China would be…Italy…HMMM!!!


I think that’s worth repeating one more time: end of January!


Meaning 3 weeks BEFORE the outbreak escalated wildly, during a weekend, in Northern Italy ( while Mars was triggering and activating a previous Solar Eclipse in Capricorn) and 5 weeks before the entire country was under lockdown and quarantine!!!


What was it again, that text on that cupboard said?


Oh yes; ”written and planned for a very, very long time”…hmmm


Here in Denmark, the first C o r o n a case and the first people quarantined just coincidentally happened to be media personalities, who could then report from their homes and inform the public on what it’s like to be quarantined at home…You could even follow patient zero being mouth swabbed BEFORE the diagnosis was given…hmmm…well I guess you could call that public service.


Speaking of established media, none of them has curiously enough dived into or informed of the strange coincidence between the abovementioned simulation and a real outbreak of the same illness and scenario, just weeks apart…Not even considering the entire simulation was filmed and is publicly available…hmmm


As I wrote about back in December, when Jupiter entered Capricorn, this Winter has had a total overweight of feminine placements, when it comes to the big new-classical planets, and the danger of that imbalance would be, that it could easily be abused and distorted. By playing on “feminine qualities and virtues” and guilt, people could easily be led astray and react in ways not very constructive.


On top of that imbalance, we last week also had a reactivation of a former Solar Eclipse in Cancer, the sign of care, protection and motherly energy.


I would be one of the first to say, that we have to look after and care for the weakest and the vulnerable in society…and I have, as a matter of fact, spent thousands upon thousands of hours of my life quite literally doing just that...But that also means, that I KNOW firsthand how very low standards politicians and leaders, from both sides of the spectrum, have had no anguish what so ever offering many of them, for the last many years now, which is why I found it just SLIGHTLY hard to reconcile the sudden willingness to go to unheard measures “for their sake ”, “to protect them”… Yeah right, hmmm…


You can certainly say that this Winter half year has given us a lot to “wonder about.”


Spring and the Summer half year are just in front of us, and there’s still plenty of planetary and energetic activity going on.


And with the advent of Spring, I think it’s high time for the Truth and the Light to break through 

<3 Tina

 First published on & Facebook in March 2020