Wednesday, December 28, 2022



Another challenging calendar year is about to end and a brand-new awaits us. 

For the first time since the 00’s we will get a year without major, long lasting aspects. 

Instead, we get to experience some significant sign changes, though.


The area probably occupying most people’s mind right now; economy, inflation, prices and huge bills will continue to be a prominent topic in 2023.

Pluto will spend 9,5 months of the year in the very last degrees of Capricorn, meaning we could see more scarcity, lacks, decrease in living standards and poverty, before it turns around. 

Likewise, unemployment could rise significantly. 

Some societal pillars could also end up breaking completely down.

We will also continue to have a few Eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, which also highlights changes in economy, energy sources, food supply, other basic resources and our living standards.

Jupiter enters Taurus in May, which could potentially bring economic growth and abundance. 

BUT the criteria for that, will be an economy based on concrete, solid, durable, usable values. Not something our current economic system can live up to, which is why we are in trouble. 

Which we also were the last time Jupiter transited Taurus, in 2011, when the debt crisis, took over from the financial crisis. Back then we saw countries on the brink of bankruptcy, stock markets crashing and panic – and as we all know the worlds debt has only risen by insane measures since then…

But like I said, there IS room for growth and expansion, since Jupiter is the planet representing exactly that, but it will have to involve a sound restructuring. Maybe we will get that - or we will have to create it ourselves.

A major boom in growing our own food – self supplying from nature’s abundance – starting in Spring 2023 is also likely – and very wise – with Jupiter in Taurus. 

It could very well be that it is not only because it’s fun and healthy but also necessary, at least as a supplement.


A couple of days after the Spring Equinox in March, Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time, it will stay in the sign a couple of months, then return to Capricorn in June and stay there until January 2024.

2023 is thus a transition period.

It’s usually quite a shock to most when Pluto changes signs. Pluto has a very strong grip on the masses, since it’s one of the primary representatives of the zeitgeist of any given time and at the same time rules mass psychology. 

Towards the last part of a transit through a sign, like now, in Capricorn (where Pluto has resided since 2008), Pluto collectively takes us COMPLETELY out in the extremes of what that sign represents, before we “suddenly” hit a wall and a significant and transformative energy shift takes place and a new counter trend sets in, here in the form of the Aquarius energy.

Many will have identified so completely with the way of life or the narrative of the previous period and won’t be able to just shake it off, when the energy and the zeitgeist suddenly shifts and can become quite lost for some time.

Some will probably also feel misguided and even deceived - since Pluto often takes us through some very dark corners on its way – and as a result could end up in deep trouble, which will take time and energy to untangle from.

 As an individual you can make things a bit easier for yourself, by already starting now to prepare mentally for a giant shift coming up, now that you have been made aware of it. 

If you have a high belief and trust in authorities, this shift could be particularly challenging for you. There are some ties and beliefs you will undoubtedly have to let go of – and the sooner the better, for your own sake and well being. So don’t cling on, just for the sake of clinging on.

There will of course, also be some future way showers, that are already “lined up” and impatiently ready to sprint into the new times and energy.

I’m guessing that quite a few of you reading this, will be in that category. Astrology is after all an Aquarian discipline 😊

At any given time, there will always be those going against the current, that have other values than the masses and the prevailing zeitgeist. Those who doesn’t just blindly follow the pendulum swing of Pluto out in the absolute extremes, (which will usually increasingly set in during the last 10 degrees of a sign; latest happening from 2018 – 2023). Some will on top of that also have a natural connection to the following sign, here Aquarius, and its qualities and perhaps already live parts of their lives from those values – and will thus have the experience to be act as true, sound representatives and positive role models and way showers.  

(This doesn’t in anyway just refer to people born with the Sun in Aquarius but goes for all who have other important placements in the sign as well or in the corresponding 11th house or have significant connections between the ruler Uranus and their personal planets – so for that matter it could just as well be a Capricorn).

The strong influx of new energy coming in, concurrent with Pluto changing signs in 2023 & ’24, will consist of awakening, freedom, truth, freethinking, rebellion, uprising, perhaps even revolution. Equal rights for all, but equality with room for differences and originality. A more flat structure, without top management. Community based on like minds and interests. Alternative methods and ways of life. Apart from that, there will also be focus on anything residing in the heavens or in space, as well as on technology and free energy.

It is, however, important to remember, that it is only 2,5 month of 2023 that Pluto will actually be in Aquarius. 

So, it probably won’t all just take off in 2023, since we are not finished with dealing with the Pluto in Capricorn transit. But some important steps can be taken, that wasn’t possible before. 

For those eagerly awaiting this shift, you can use the temporary influx of Aquarian energy to get your self filled up and ready to completely roll in 2024 and it can also bring a push to things you might already be doing or are planning on doing, that are Aquarian in nature.

It can also become easier to get an overview of things, since another temporary energy can bring some distance and clarity to the current issues and mess.

Finally, and importantly, the energy influx can be used as strength and backup for holding on to freedom and truth, no matter what.

Because this transition phase will inevitably cause anxiety among a certain crowd and their desperation might become bigger than it already has been – and thus potentially also more dangerous…

Because when we get to the end of Pluto’s stay in Capricorn it will become irrefutably clear how low classic Capricorn representatives such as state, government, authorities, big business and “the top of society” truly was willing to sink – and their grip on power will wane. 

That’s what the Plutonian energy does; it clarifies and exposes the darkness, the corruption, the abuse of power and the no longer sustainable, in order for us to be able to clean it out or remove our energy from it. Then Pluto introduces a counter measure, this time in the form of the Aquarius energy, that as previously mentioned represent freedom for humanity and a flat structure, where all are equal, but different.

For power-hungry beings, who would like to stay in control, keep on top managing, skimming the cream, sucking of other people’s energy, this is of course no less than a nightmare.

Which is why some among them might feel tempted to quickly install a system to try to prevent us from ever reaching that point. 

Since the ”rules” of this world are that everything has to happen within the framework of the at any given time prevailing energies, it would be quite obvious to use a twisted version of Aquarius’ relation to technology, the internet and anything digital – and in that way try to implement a tyrannical digital surveillance system, taking the last part of freedom from people, BEFORE the new energy has rushed so much in, that a large part of humanity will break free from the chains and won’t ever be caught again – meaning, it will have to be implemented during 2023.

If all else fails “ a threat from outer space” could of course also be an obvious distraction, with Pluto in Aquarius 😉

Even though freedom cannot be kept down forever, during Pluto’s 20 year long transit through Aquarius, we REALLY DON’T need any more problems, we have to untangle ourselves from afterwards, after all the mess that we collectively have been caught up in, the past few years.

So, let’s not, shall we, just ride along with something, that might sound convenient here and now, but instead stop and think things and implications through. 

Be particularly wary of anything presented as the ONLY solution, without any alternative options. There will ALWAYS be alternatives under the influence of pure Aquarius energy.

Whether we are talking digital programable currencies as the only payment option, digital ID’s as the only way of identifying yourself. Social credit scores as the only way to distribute resources etc.

And of course, be extremely wary of letting unknown technology enter your body.

Whatever might come of technological wonders or monsters, the coming years, there will always have to be a free choice whether anyone wants to make use of it or not – just as there should always be room for alternative options.

If we in 2023 manages to hold on to a true free choice and alternative options, things cannot go completely wrong.


Saturn also changes signs in March, when it leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces.

This put a focus on the entire spiritual world – and what here can either sustain or will break under Saturn’s testing reality check. 

Anything not holding water, anything that doesn’t have real substance behind it, does not stand good chances the coming years. 

A test and a clean up in various spiritual figures, influencers, “gurus” and “saviours” and their messages will happen. 

The same goes for various artists, by the way. 

Disillusion among followers might occur, but will in that case be a healthy and necessary process in order to determine who and what deserves your energy and attention going forward.

A new saviour of some kind could also manifest.  Whether a self-proclaimed Messiah or something, a system or other, that is presented as something that will save us all from the situation we’re in.

You can be sure, that if all is just to be let up to this other/others - or again is presented as the only solution - it is NOT for our benefit. 

The Saturnian energy always demands that we take responsibility for ourselves and make an effort. So, in case of outer help or salvation of any kind, something will definitely be required of you too, if there’s actually something to it or this could literally mean, that we will have to save ourselves.

Just like Aquarius represents alternatives, Pisces represents multiple options. 

Even though there might be the only right solution for you, it doesn’t mean that it applies for all else too. Keep all of this in mind next year.

If we transfer what happened during Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, (2020 – '23), the sign of freedom and community, to Pisces, there could in a worst case scenario also be introduced some restrictions on practicing or communicating about spirituality. 

Or (further) attempts to cut off people from their soul and spirit and contact with a higher power. 

So, if you consider yourself a spiritual being, be absolutely clear on not allowing anything or anyone to come between you, your inner life and your connection to a higher divine source or dictate what you can or cannot believe in or practice.



Saturn in Pisces also brings further focus on health care, elder care, psychiatry, social institutions etc.

 Saturn here can unfortunately mean more cuts or limited operation, as well as a debate on how many and who it is realistic to help, in the given circumstances, after everything has been brought down.

Apart from that, and most importantly, responsibility could also be placed for actions the last years in both health care and the medicine industry.

Saturn will remain in Pisces until  2026.


Asides from the aforementioned Eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, we also begin a series of Eclipses on the Aries/Libra axis in 2023, with a Solar Eclipse in each sign.

This axis highlights aggression, military operations and war versus diplomacy, peace negotiations, truce and justice.  Peace seem to be more prevailing during the Fall, where the Libra Eclipse will take place.

The individual’s will and desires and the consideration for others is also an important theme of this axis.

We also have Jupiter racing through Aries in the first months of the year, until May, which could also further highlight aggression and warfare.

It can however also offer individuals power of action, a zest of spirit, courage, flourishing optimism and an eye for exciting new possibilities.

The individual will generally be harder to suppress than previously, during this transit.



Humanity has been through a lot in the past years and in many ways also seem traumatized and under maximum pressure. 

There’s clearly a need for healing – and we will get an opportunity for that in 2023.

Even though there’s no major long-lasting aspects, there are still some important collective aspects and they all appear within a few months of the year from late February/March till June/July, which is interestingly also within the same timeframe as all of the above mentioned sign changes. 

So, a lot of activity is concentrated in the Spring Quarter and about a month/some weeks before and after.

Jupiter will conjunct Chiron in Aries.

Here the opportunity for healing arises as well as important lessons that can be learned, that in the future can become wisdom and provide higher meaning.

There is a price for this healing and learning though; that we are willing to face something difficult and painful and start dealing with it.

We get a strong hint of what at least some of this painful stuff could be, when Saturn and Pluto simultaneously, for the first time since their Great Conjunction in 2020 will connect again in their mutual cycle, creating a semisextile.

This intense and heavy aspect was used to write world history with draconian measures all over the world; lockdowns, restrictions, mandates, bans and extreme meddling in people’s lives and possibilities to travel, socialize and earn a living.

If we don’t rip up that sprouting seed, sown back then, here in 2023, it will become a recurring thing. While a virus was blamed the past years, it can be all kinds of other reasons and excuses in the future. But the measures could be repeated. Or we could conclude in 2023, that this simply went too far and was nothing less than abuse and assault on humanity and we then promise each other to never do something so drastic again.

But even though we potentially stop the methods from recurring use, we will still have to deal with the consequences of what WAS initiated during that conjunction. 

Repercussions, damages and trauma will pop up again and again years and decades from now. Irreversible damage has been done in some cases. Others will need serious measures to counteract.

So, yes healing is definitely needed and in a best-case scenario we might even discover some new – or old - healing methods for those who have been harmed physically as well as mentally.

Following that a huge focus on justice will come up during Spring.

Jupiter will also conjunct Eris in Aries.

Some of those who have felt excluded, stepped on or otherwise treated unfairly can now receive some kind of redress or attention.

But some (not necessarily the same) could also become very, VERY angry and vengeful during Spring.

This could potentially run completely off track and amock and become very violent and destructive.

Hopefully we can find a more civilized manner of receiving justice for the aggrieved. 

But unfortunately, lynching is not completely out of the question with this extremely hot-headed combination in Aries.

Another 2020 conjunction, between Jupiter & Pluto also reaches a crisis point, in the form of a square, in their cycle around the same time. 

This ALSO highlights justice – and also involves a throwback to 2020’s extreme lawmaking (and lawbreaking, when it came to constitutional rights) – the lawmakers who were responsible back then as well as those who implemented it.

This aspect also highlights economy, resources and distribution, by the way.

Finally, the last aspect is ANOTHER of the Great 2020 Conjunctions, this one between Jupiter & Saturn, who met in Aquarius at the end of that year and who will now make a harmonious sextile to each other.

Back then, we got a rather clear example of the fact, that some DO truly fear the potential for humanity when it comes to the free-flowing undiluted Aquarian energy.

This otherwise hopeful aspect was obviously sabotaged and abused. A syringe was presented as a scientific miracle and the ONLY hope in the dark  - ( there was that “only solution – thing” again….) – and then we were all locked down and separated from each other for FAR longer, than the first time (where we didn’t have a so called “super weapon”…) – giving the Aquarius conjunctions promise of freedom, community, true hope and light extremely difficult circumstances to shine through.

However, during all the three 2020 Conjunctions, asides from the official things initiated, there were other far more important seeds sown, other kinds of hope and visions for a brighter future, which were manifested and sent out into the ether back then.

This was especially true for the Jupiter – Saturn Conjunction at the Winter Solstice that year: A literal Return of the Light on Earth, “The Age of Aquarius”, hope, freedom, truth, community, light, love – agape. 

All of that was envisioned and poured out there and didn’t just disappear into nowhere, despite the obstacles. 

It has gestated in hiding and will in 2023 reach a new harmonic point, where it can take on a more visible and concrete form, that can be used constructively, by those who wishes to do so.

This will happen at the same time as Pluto is dancing back and forth between Aquarius and Capricorn – which tells us that the true Aquarius energy and spirit cannot be kept down forever.

What we need to do now is to strengthen the highest qualities of that sign and not allow anymore dark and twisted versions to be initiated, not allowing anymore distraction or sabotage blocking the true potential.

And then there will be a lot to clean up after the latest Pluto in Capricorn years – and 2023 looks to be a year when that clean up phase can start in earnest.

All freedom loving spirits, all alternative people, all spiritual people, all free thinkers, all intuitive empaths; those of you who have acted from a pure, honest heart and mind and have substance behind you and your claims – you’re the ones who will now get the opportunity to lead the way and set a good example. Time to get ready!

Happy New Year 🥰

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💗 Tina



Thursday, September 22, 2022

An astrological overview over a Fall Quarter to remember

We are now heading into the Fall quarter, as the Sun enters Libra, at the Fall Equinox on either the 22nd or 23rd, depending on your timezone.

And this is likely to become a Fall quarter to remember!

The realization that the world will NOT return to how we knew it pre – 2020, is dawning on more and more people every day.

A lot of dates and a lot of hype is circulating right now – which, by the way is not unusual for the month of September, where a rather apocalyptic vibe often arises, just before heading into the dark six Winter months of the year – but this year it’s not just coming out of thin air, as we are undoubtedly reaching a point, where big things will soon go down.

But instead of getting too hung up on a specific date, it’s probably wiser to just accept, that we have now entered a phase, where anything could happen pretty much any day, and that something big will collapse sooner or later – and that we will be in this phase of uncertainty for several months.

Hopefully you will have used the late Summer for various preparations, as time is now running out fast.

The Fall quarter is rife with astrological events signifying change and endings and is one long hot spot period of the year:

Here’s an overview:

The Saturn – Uranus square has since September 15th been under the significant one degree from exactitude - and will continue to be so until October 23rd. (The aspect will then continue to be active until the first week of January 2023, where it finally ends)

This aspect refers to: Crisis; economically, energy & supply wise.  Scarcity. Rationing. Recession. Crashes and collapse. Huge changes in current economic system. Intervention in people’s freedom, rights and social life. Use of divide and conquer methods and shaming. Censorship, surveillance. Technology and more use of AI. Digital tyranny. Uprising, protests, strikes, social unrest. Reclaiming Freedom and rights. A wave of “Back to nature”; self sufficiency and growing your own food. Something coming from/ residing in the heavens or space.

Late September:

Mars continues to trigger former Solar Eclipses on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis in late September and October.

Next activation sets in immediately and will highligts some of these things:

Trade, market, prices. News, information, knowledge. Media, journalists, writers, intelligence services. Mail, letters, e-mails, texts and other communications and correspondence. Transportation. Education. Schools, children and young people. Wind and storms.


October 2nd- 6th: The Saturn – Uranus square peaks. (It won’t reach complete exactitude, but will be most tight these days).

At the same time Pluto is slowing down, before going direct on October 8th – and will from hereon thorough the rest of the Winter half year go all the way with its transformative energy through the last degrees of Capricorn (society, state, governments, authorities, Big business, small business community and job market). This can only become an extreme and wild ride, with several things collapsing around us. (Pluto changes signs temporarily and enters Aquarius for the first time, right after the Spring Equinox ’23).

Mid October – mid November: An intense Eclipse season on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, consisting of a partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th and a total Lunar Eclipse – a Blood Moon  - in Taurus on November 8th:

This Eclipse season highlights economy, currencies, values, food supply, other basic supplies, energy sources, survival, life and death situations as well as power and sex – and the abuse of it.

Mid October: The Jupiter – Neptune conjunction from the Spring is also reactivated.

October 28th: Jupiter returns to Pisces and the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction will become an in-sign aspect again and thus more distinctly felt, with both of Pisces' rulers once again uniting once, in their own sign. The aspect will be active until late December, where it ebbs out for good.

This conjunction refers to:

A reset. Water/Flooding - Drought and consequences. Alcohol, drugs, illnesses, viruses, medicine, vaccinations, side effects, Big Pharma.  Rise in addiction, deaths and suicides. The healthcare industry, hospitals and homes for the elderly,  ill and disabled. Chemicals, bio-chemical weapons/warfare. Photography, film, video and the use of it. Confusion, smokescreens, propaganda, psy ops. Deception escalated or revealed, illusions shattering. Charity, compassion, spirituality, creativity, visions, intuition, inner knowing, divine contact.

2 half of November - December: Mars once again retriggers 3 Solar Eclipses on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis.

End November – Early January: The 3rd direct hit of USA’s Pluto return. A Pluto return with strong implications for both the country’s as well as the Western world’s status, economy and values.

December 20th: Jupiter reenters Aries and will now truly begin its new journey through the Zodiac.


Most of this concerns further developments, endings and epilogues to already ongoing energies and topics.

Because there’s a lot that we, on a collective level, haven’t dealt with particularly appropriately– a lot that we have just pushed ahead of us for years or stuck our collective head in the sand about, we will now have to face a much more turbulent period towards the end of the year and beyond, than we actually had to.

But so it is, we cannot change what has happened only use our influence on what is to come.

No matter how crazy it gets, it is highly important to hold on to the vision of a better world and a better life rising out of the ruins of the old.

It has always been written in the stars that this shift from the old well-known world to a new one would take place in these years.

And it IS possible to create a better world out of this – but there certainly is a lot of parasitic rot that will have to be completely cleaned out and not allowed in any way or disguises to enter this new world along with us. So, we do indeed have our work cut out for us this Fall – and it is up to us to do it!

As of right here and now, it’s time for celebrating the coming of Fall and of making use of the double manifestation opportunity offered to us by the Equinox at 2. 04 Friday (BST – adjust to your local timezone) being followed shortly by a New Moon on Sunday at 22.54 (again adjust to your local time)

The Fall Equinox is beneficial for setting your intentions and manifesting what you would like to see, create and bring into this world during the Fall quarter and the Winter half year.

The Libra New Moon offers a counter to the all the challenges we are facing, with giving anyone who tunes in access to a boost of harmony, balance, inner peace, an appreciation of the beauty, that in spite of all, still exist in this world - such as for instance all the magnificent colors in nature on a sunny Fall day - and the ability to create and spread good energy around us and to connect with other people.

The time after the New Moon is also well suited for initiatives of bringing more of these things into your life.

Happy Fall Equinox and Libra New Moon

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖 Tina



Thursday, August 11, 2022

Full Moon will act as a powerful trigger


The Full Moon in Aquarius about to take place, only hours from now, will act as a potent trigger, as the Moon, opposite the Sun in Leo, will be part of tension filled Grand Cross involving some of the planets, aspects and placements influencing us the most here in 2022 and thus will begin the next chapter of the saga.

It’s to be expected that lines will be drawn even harder now and that decisive battles (metaphorically or literally) will have to be fought in the near future and that in the end something or someone’s gotta give…

The Full Moon really pushes the ongoing Saturn – Uranus square themes to the fore and they will only escalate from now on towards and during the peak of the square in mid September and October.


So, chances are very likely that we, here in the late Summer and early Fall will revisit, be introduced to or will have to deal with things such as:

Further attempts to diminish people’s freedom, rights and social life, whether we are talking restrictions, lockdowns, mandates, (re)introduction of former or new divisive initiatives, splitting people in different teams/tiers, escalation of shaming, hetz, strife and other divide and conquer methods.

Also escalation of supply chain issues, even crazier price hikes, inflation, crisis, recession, rationing, reduction, potential crash followed by major changes in the current economic system.

Protests, uprising, more people refusing to pay, strikes and possible social unrest because of all of the above.

AI’s attempt of a takeover, digital tyranny, censorship, surveillance, the merging of mankind and technology versus nature and the organic human being.

A wave of Back to nature, abundance for all, self suffiency, growing (more of) your own food and organization in smaller communities.

Various breakdowns and crashes – especially of anything online. Hacking and hackers.

Freedom; restriction of or manifestation of – a choice has to be made.

Different timelines splitting completely now.

Possible focus on/issues concerning something seen in or residing/coming from heaven or space.


The Grand Cross will take place in the fixed signs, Leo (the Sun), Aquarius (Saturn &the Moon), Taurus (Uranus & the North Node) and Scorpio (the South Node).

These four signs all offers us some good advice for the challenges ahead, provided we are striving for their highest expression.


Leo and the Sun represents elevated energy, that knows itself and its divine origin, meaning there are things that will be simply to degrading and low frequent to even be considered.

Leo is also deeply in touch with it’s co-creative abilities, which can be used to create something high frequent instead.

Aquarius stands up for freedom and equal rights for all, no matter what and also pushes awakening and a possible rebellion against suppressing forces, if they go too far.

Saturn here can be used for manifestion of freedom and community.

The Moon can be used for creating a shift in the general public mood and attitude.

Scorpio are NOT afraid of looking uncomfortable and sinister information and truth right in the eye, and by doing so transforming the darkness to light.

The South Node here tells us that there are dark things from the past and present that needs to be faced and transformed, before we can truly move on.

Taurus has a deep connection to nature and the human body as it is naturally created and thus wouldn’t dream of destroying it by letting AI and twisted technology take over or invade either.

Uranus and the North Node here tells us that the way forward is to resist and rebel against such a takeover and instead letting ourselves and humanity naturally evolve through our inbuilt divine potential for evolution.


The Lunar Node axix’ involvement also points towards the Fall Eclipse Season on the Taurus/Scorpio axis – and if that isn’t enough, Mars also triggers the intense Blood Moon Eclipse on that axis from May, right now during this Full Moon and the days surrounding it.

Eclipses on the Taurus/Scorpio axis and the retriggering of them typically brings into focus:

Earth itself, farming, possible earthquakes or volcano eruptions, water, the ocean, water supply, rain, flooding or lack of water.

Also; economy, currencies, prices, salaries, possessions, values, banking, food supply and supply of other basic resources and energy sources. Possible redistribution of common resources.

Positively a lush nature in bloom, bringing abundance, a great harvest and more than enough for all, negatively bad harvest, scarcity, rationing, recession and crisis.

Sometimes matters of life and death.

Things from the underworld, underground coming up to the surface, into the light.

Reveals coming out, typically including abuse of power and/or sexuality.

So from this Full Moon on and the rest of the Summer quarter and Fall the energies will be pretty wild, and many things will have to land and be resolved.

We simply have to use these energies differently and more wisely, than we collectively have done up untill now.

This is our chance for a turn around – perhaps our last.

All beings on Earth that have a soul are here now for a reason and has a special role to play, which the involvement of the Nodes also hints at – so use this Full Moon to release and let go of anything standing in the way of you fulfilling your true life purpose and the assignments you came here to do.


Not only will the Full Moon grace our night sky the next nights, but it also coincides with the peak of the often spectacular meteor shower, the Perseids.

Happy Full Moon - release and let go and wish upon a star and the Moon and manifest a world and a life full of;

Freedom Truth Light &


Sunday, July 31, 2022

Energies about to reach boiling point


As we are now heading towards the middle of the Summer quarter, we have a lot of incoming light from the heaven above us; the Sun is now peaking in strength during it’s transit during its own sign Leo, Sirius is returning to the morning sky (Lions Gate) and the majestic Perseid meteor shower is gracing us as well.

Aligning ourselves with all this Light can give us strength and help us stand firm in our own light and give us the courage to always follow our hearts, no matter what.

All of this will be much needed as challenges are clearly waiting ahead.

As July turns into August, we have the primary astrological indications of huge changes concerning economy, values and access to things such as food, other basic supplies and energy sources – all central  to our way of life  - uniting and enforcing each other.

Uranus, who has transited Taurus since 2018/19 (- and already then heralded these changes coming up  and also warned us, that the energy of this transit could be twisted and abused by dark power hungry forces, for the gain of a small percentage and to the disadvantage for all the rest of us, if we don`t keep them in check – and likewise that a rebellion and uprising caused by these exact things could be on the way) – and the Lunar Nodes (and the concurrent Eclipse seasons, taking place on the Taurus – Scorpio axis from 2021 – 2023) now meet in an explosive conjunction between Uranus, the North Node and Mars in Taurus.

Mars adds activating and confronting energy – which is why it’s to be expected that further developments will happen in these areas now. Mars furthermore refers to escalation in conflict and war, which in turn could affect the other areas as well.

The North Node refers to where we from a NATURAL – not artificial or manipulated - standpoint are meant to go from here –  what we from a soul level truly are here to learn and do, both collectively and individually.

Uranus often brings shocking events with it, as well as changes, rebellion, uprising, a cry for freedom and awakening.

So, as you can tell, there’s both possibilities for explosive, violent events as well as highly positive potential on a consciousness level wrapped up in this conjunction.

At the same time the Saturn – Uranus square is also gearing more up now.

Asides from pushing further to all of the above, as well as to recession, rationing and reduction, the aspect will during August reach the same orb as back in November – early December 2021, where various restrictive, invasive, divisive and controlling measures were reintroduced and escalated.

Further attempts on (re)introduction of some kinds of restrictions and limitations on our lives is thus not unlikely at all in the near future.

But this is also our chance to tackle these energies way differently, than during the other times, so that this theme doesn’t become a regular repeat performance or even a permanent measure for the rest of our days!

So, it is highly important to download and align with all the incoming Light and the elevated Leo energy present now and use it to stand strong in your own light and might and therein find the strength to reject anything happening feeling wrong, false, unnecessary, repressing or degrading.

Know who and what you are – and say clearly no to what you don’t want to subject yourself and your loved ones to and then use your co-creator skills to create what you DO want.

Freedom Truth Light & Tina

Thursday, June 16, 2022

The return of the challenging Saturn - Uranus square offers us a chance to turn things around once and for all


In between this week’s Super Full Moon and the Summer Solstice next week, the Saturn – Uranus square is now making a comeback and will be with us for the rest of the year.

The challenging square will intensify during the Summer, reaching its peak in September, (not reaching full exactitude, but with an orb of less than one degree, it will be as close as it can be, without being totally exact, so still VERY powerful).

The first long phase of this aspect, including 3 exact peaks, took place from December 2020 – February 2022.

14 rather tough, irreconcilable and emotionally cold months, mostly consisting of social restrictions, lockdowns, “voluntary coercion”, mandates, the introduction of a certain passport, division, shaming, bullying, conflict, separation, extreme censorship, surveillance, food - energy and supply chain issues/crisis, scarcity, price hikes, inflation, various crashes.

Protests, uprising, strikes and social unrest also belongs to this aspect.

The same does technology – pitfalls and benefits, use and abuse.

And anything residing in the sky, heavens and/or space.

We now get one last chance to deal with these energies, all those issues and the things initiated during their first tenure differently, than we did during those past 14 months or… we could go further down the path we were collectively on….which will certainly not end well for most of humanity…

In many places, people have, in just a few years, gotten used to a pattern where the Summer is more or less “free” – where we get some sort of break from things, before they begin ramping up again, during Fall, (when traditional flu season kicks in...).

This could very well change this year, both because it from a cruel psychological warfare standpoint would be a clever move to first establish that pattern and then smash and shatter it along with peoples hopes and expectations, to make us even more despairing and leaving us with a feeling of not being safe or certain at any time at all - but also because these things are obviously timed to energies and planet placements, and this year it just so happens to be during the late Summer, that they peak.  (Last peak was during the Holidays in December), and it is during the Summer 2022, starting now, that they wind up.

Just take a look around you, it’s already pretty obvious, that various agendas are heating and speeding up again…

On top of that, the 2nd peak of USA’s Pluto return, with huge implications, both economical and otherwise, for not only that country, but the rest of world as well, will also reach exactitude in July.

So, hotspot time coming up this Summer, no doubt!

Whether it will be one thing or another, that will be rolled out in an attempt to further limit our individual desired way of life or a hideous blend of all of it at once, (such as “illnesses”, social restrictions, bans on travel and movement, lockdowns, extreme censorship and surveillance, more totally self-destructive sanctions, escalation of war, bigger crashes, blackouts - internet, anything online and electricity are especially highlighted by Saturn & Uranus – even higher price hikes, more scarcity, less amount of money available for each of us, economical crash), we will see.  All of it is probable during this aspect…


But as always, our consent or lack of it is crucial to the outcome.

Uranus’ placement in Taurus has all along hinted that people at large would first have to experience some serious blows to their personal finances, feeling threatened on their properties and their access to basic resources, before they would reach the point where they have had enough, but THEN…

We shall see if that point is reached during this Summer, late Summer or Fall.

The energy of the Bull is certainly slow in getting up off the couch, but when it finally does, it doesn’t stop until its done – completely done!

So, with the return of this square, there’s actually also a huge opportunity for putting all these sick agendas to rest, once and for all.

And instead start implementing the highest potential use of the planet placements involved in this square.

Instead of restrictions on freedom, rights and social life, we could work with the Saturn in Aquarius energy to manifest freedom, equal rights and community, especially among kindred spirits.

Instead of letting AI take over our lives, bodies and eventually our souls, and in effect end humanity as we know it, we could have beneficial new technology, raising the quality of human life, including free energy as well as disclosure of what truly is and isn’t out there, besides us.

With Uranus in Taurus we could experience a new found alignment with nature and Mother earth and all of its creatures, including growing more of our own food or getting it locally, as well as a more fair and honest economical system, benefitting the whole and not just a few corrupt ones. In other words abundance for all, instead of engineered scarcity, for most of humanity, to benefit a tiny elite.

An interesting and crucial Summer quarter is definitely upon us.

As the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere is quickly approaching remember to celebrate the Light, align with it and soak up as much of it as possible, both on and inner and outer physical level, to reload your batteries, because you’re probably gonna need all the energy you can muster, during this Summer quarter.

But please remember, that while this might be a challenging Summer, this is also our chance to turn things around.

Happy Summer Solstice 🌞

Freedom Truth Light ☮ &💖  Tina



Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Powerful energy shift


On May 11th Jupiter entered Aries.

Jupiter changes signs at minimum once a year, (sometimes a couple of times, if it’s going back and forth between two signs), so Jupiter entering a new sign is among the more frequent occurrences, when it comes to “the bigger planets.”

This particular sign ingress, however, is a bit more special, since Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, meaning that Jupiter has now begun a brand-new 12 year long trip throughout the Zodiac.

In the past 12 years Jupiter’s growth oriented energy has thus passed through all the signs, as well as all of your individual placements in your personal chart.

In a couple of days, Jupiter will also leave the embrace of Neptune, ruler of the previous sign Pisces, and their conjunction will take a break until Fall, making its new placement in Aries even more evident.

The past Jupiter cycle through the Zodiac began with Jupiter joining Uranus at 0°Aries back in 2010 – because of this particular combination, these past 12 years have offered huge opportunities for awakening, growth and expansion of consciousness.

No matter the previous state of consciousness, that each of us were in back then, there has been many opportunities for expanding our horizons tremendously, perceiving things differently and thus realizing much more about what’s really going on in this world.

Whether these things truly happened or not for everyone is another matter, but the opportunities and the invitation were definitely there, like never before.


With Jupiter starting a brand new cycle, another new beginning is now dawning. Exactly what kind of new beginning is still open, however…

Jupiter in Aries points in two different directions; one towards even more strife, aggression, escalation of conflict, battle and war...

On a personal level, there could also be plenty to become angry about and red hot furious over.

Impulsive acts, that might later be regretted is also highly likely – so generally, it’s wise to count to 100 or a 1000 before initiating action.

Another direction is more concerned with sensing a blooming optimism, eyeing and exploring new exciting growth opportunities, feeling a newfound gait and finding the courage to initiate something pioneering, that you feel could better the situation.

Each one of us will have to make an individual and conscious decision about which direction and path we will primarily attach ourselves to, so we don’t get completely lost in the first option.

Choosing your battles, but then also being brave enough to take on the battles, that really matter, will be more relevant than ever.

This is a VERY fiery combination, that demands a vigilant firekeeper, to make sure that the flames are burning in a constructive manner, so they don’t just rage and destructively burn everything to the ground, completely out of control.

This will become especially evident, within the next few days and weeks, as Mars, the ruler of Aries will also enter its home turf Aries, within the next 24 hours, and will then close in on Jupiter, before reaching an exact conjunction on May 29th, right before the New Moon on the 30th. Their conjunction will be active until mid June.

This combination will make things EXTREMELY explosive, as the Aries energy will then come barging undiluted through in a highly exaggerated and out of control manner.

This will most likely also reflect on outer world events…


The Jupiter - Neptune conjunction ebbing out, and the new Aries focus is not the only things pointing to a very distinct energy shift.

During June we will also see the return of the challenging Saturn – Uranus square, that influenced us deeply the entire year of 2021.

It was not exactly an aspect, that we collectively managed to get to manifest in the most beautiful way, it was mainly used on division, splitting, shaming and contempt dripping from high official statements further down and out onto almost every and any other interaction.

There were combined MANY months of lockdown, social restrictions and human social life steered into a digital and artificial world, extreme censorship and surveillance, the beginning of the food and supply chain and energy crisis, lacks, scarcity, price hikes and inflation.

People are obviously easier to control and for sale if basic resources are withheld from them, but if things are taken to far, it could also backfire and explode in uprising and social unrest.

The softening of energies during the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction and the influx of light and more compassionate and soulful energies, will now be replaced by harsher and more in your face energies once again.

However, one can hope, that because we have had this break and influx of different energies, that came from a place of oneness, that we won’t collectively as easily fall into the same trap of divide and conquer tactics, nor compromise our true values and higher principles.

Anyone who took Jupiter and Neptune up on their invitation to spend more time within yourself, away from the outer world, will be better positioned now.

Because the more you are in contact with your true inner self and identify with your soul, you will obviously not even contemplate selling it!

And the offer to sell your soul could very well be on the horizon…

A choice between a natural, organic lifestyle and a natural evolution of your soul versus a world overtaken by dark agendas and artificial intelligence, that seeks to ruin the human body and trap your soul, will certainly become more pressing…

But we will now get another chance to both collectively and individually tackle these energies in a different way – or the inhuman, tyrannical dark agenda could just run even further along…

Social credit scores and digital food rationing passes are already underway in a few countries now, so it’s not hard to see how this aspect could be further abused by dark powers, if enough allow it and simply accept it.

On the other hand, this aspect could also be used to stop this crazy agenda, once and for all!

The aspect will heat up during the Summer and reaches the magical less than one degree apart stage, (without reaching complete exactitude), in September, thereafter the aspect begins to wane, but will still be in effect until the beginning of 2023.

The 2nd direct hit of US’ Pluto return has also just begun, it takes place in the area of the economy of the country and will thus affect the world economy and all of us as well. The second hit is exact in July and lasts until the end of August.

(The 3rd round sets in in November and lasts until the end of January 2023, peaking between Christmas and New Years.  An Epilogue will then take place in late Summer/Fall of 2023.)

Huge changes will obviously be taking place in the outer world, for the rest of this year and beyond and the battle is on, in terms of in which direction things will go…

One that benefits humanity as a whole or one that only benefits a tiny “elite”…

Jupiter will return to Pisces in Fall and enter into conjunction with Neptune again, without reaching exactitude.

So it won’t be until December that Jupiter truly starts a new cycle throughout the Zodiac, with no going back.

But we are getting a very fiery intro and preview now and the next few months, where we can lay  important groundwork for how we want that new beginning dawning to actually turn out.

The same goes for The Jupiter – Neptune and Saturn – Uranus aspects, where we for the rest of this year,  will be going back and forth between them and their energies. 

The difference now is, that we have tried them before, and thus potentially could also use them more constructively – but as always it is up to us.

While Jupiter (and Mars) in Aries urges us to be smart firekeepers and to look out for exciting new possibilities, the Saturn – Uranus square needs us to keep our heads cool and our hearts warm.

While the Jupiter-  Neptune conjunction is now about to take a break, we can still bring the experience of oneness with us and not give into manipulated division – and most importantly NEVER compromise our soul!

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖 and Tina


Saturday, May 14, 2022

Intense Blood Moon in Scorpio May 16th (some places 15th).

Depending on your time zone, a total Lunar Eclipse, also known as a Blood Moon, will take place during the Full Moon 25 °18 Scorpio, either Sunday or early Monday morning.

Totality and its red Blood Moon phase will be visible, wherever the Moon is still above the horizon, at 5.11 BST (adjust to your local time).

The energy will be present everywhere, though, and a total Lunar Eclipse is the most powerful Full Moon there is.

The placement in Scorpio, as well as the involved planets, which we will come to, certainly doesn’t make this one any less intense!

With the Taurus Sun having the honor of the lovely Spring time of year, with all the beauty and lushness physically manifesting before us, it is not so strange that Taurus has its main concern centered in the physical, material level.

Taurus knows how to enjoy earthly life, but often also spends an enormous amount of energy trying to hold on to all the good stuff, it has accumulated from what this earthly plane has to offer – and would generally like to maintain the status quo…

To which the Scorpio Moon only has one thing to say: “Enjoy it - while it lasts!” 

With its natural link to Fall, decay and death, Scorpio is extremely aware that nothing lasts forever, everything changes, everything ends and is then  later reborn in new form.  Basically, making it a waste of energy trying to hold on to something in the same form forever.

With a series of Eclipses here, this exact theme is made even more relevant and poignant for all of us, and could be rewritten to something like:

“Hope you enjoyed, while it lasted, cuz those times are over now,  a new era is underway”.

If you haven’t come to terms with the fact that, life as we knew it pre 2020 won’t return, then it’s probably about time…

Our way of life, our economy and money, which plays a central role in whether we are able to live our lives as we would like to or not, as well as our working life and our perception of life in general is all under transformation these years.

Our personal resources, our abilities, talents and gift will in the future have to be put to use, in a whole new way, but before we get there, there are things we have to change and things we have to let go off.

The Scorpio Moon would like for us to be passionate about our everything we do, letting it come from a deep and true place within us, both when we are talking about work and various other activities, but also really everything else in life.

But that isn’t exactly the kind of job situation, labor market or financial system or world, that most of us are living in right now, is it...

The Full Moon represents release time – a total Lunar Eclipse represents a remarkable release opportunity –  so you are now invited to begin a phase of letting go and releasing all that is (no longer) true and real in your life;  material possessions with no sentimental value, bodily and physical interactions without soul, relationships, that have passed their sell date and/or drains you, values that are not truly your own, work and other activities that you are not passionate about etc.

This is a South Node Eclipse, so while many things are already done and over, there are also things from the past, that still needs to be dealt with, that has to be brought from darkness into light and be processed, before we can truly put it behind us and move towards our future destination.

Eclipse rulers Mars and Pluto are both harmonically connected to the Sun and the Moon, during the Eclipse, making the Scorpio energy come through with great emotional intensity.

Saturn, however makes a challenging T-square to the Sun and the Moon, so there will also be blocks and resistance to overcome. Responsibility to placed and taken. Karma and debt to be payed. There will be deep inner shadow work to be done, both individually and collectively, before we can move on.

With both Saturn and Plutos involvement, the energy during this eclipse, will be extremely heavy, intense and dark, but also really effective and transformative.

Neptune will try to soften the energies a bit, from a beneficial angle to the Sun and the Moon, but the sensitivity that it brings with it, could also mean that the heavier energies will just be felt more deeply.

So expect very strong energy influx – and of those kinds of energies, that might not be for everyone…

Energetic protection is definitely wise – but at the same time, this is also an extraordinary opportunity, for those who dare to face the darkness within and without to dig much deeper than usual and to really clean up and clear the way ahead.

Collectively, Eclipses in Scorpio typically focus on things such as:

The underground world. Going undercover. Detective work, crime and mystery solving, research and reveals.

Sexuality, sex scandals, sex abuse.

Power and abuse of power.

Common resources, debt, taxes, inheritance.

Death, undertakers, obducents, hospice workers, graves and grave diggers, crematoriums and mortuaries. Murders.

Sewer system, Underground tunnels.

Energysources. Nuclear energy and weapons. Oil. Water.

Bringing things from the darkness into the light. Transmutation of the dark.


On a personal level, Eclipses here focus on shadow work, the aforementioned passion and realness, as well as mutual/common resources, give and take, sexual relationships, soul connections, your relationship with death and beloved deceased ones.

The Eclipse will be in effect the next half year, until the next Eclipse season in the Fall.

The houses in your personal chart, that contain 25° 18  Scorpio/Taurus will be the life areas, where the Eclipse topics especially will play out in your life and where there will be changes and/or things to be released/let go off/ put behind you.

 If you have important placements between 22°18 - 28°18 Scorpio/Taurus, they will be triggered and add further information to how precisely you will be affected.

There was an Eclipse in the exact same spot 19 years ago, in May 2003, so there could be echoes from that time showing in your life now;  similar themes and topics, that will occur, but that you will now meet from a more mature and different vantage point in life.

Collectively, there could be links to 2003 events as well.

Jupiter has just a few days ago started a new roundtrip throughout the Zodiac, when it entered the first sign, Aries, pointing to new adventures and growth opportunities.

The Solar Eclipse on April 30th was also future oriented.

But this Eclipse tells of a necessary showdown with the past, before we can truly move on.

Eclipse ruler Pluto is also retrograde and pointing backwards.

The same is Mercury right now, which refers to things and information that needs to be revisited, revalued, researched and gone over at least once more.

So, we are in the middle of this stream of energies, pointing us both forward and backwords, and there’s obviously great both inner and outer work to be done, before we can truly move on and go forwards.

This Scorpio Blood Moon invites us to get to it.

The Eclipse starts 2.32 on Monday (BST - adjust to your local time, some places it will still be Sunday). 

A partial Eclipse begins at 3.27. 

Totality peaks at 5.11. (visible, whereever the Moon is still over the horizon)

The Full Moon is exact at 5.14. 

The Eclipse will be over again at 7.50.

Happy Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse – use the intense energies wisely.

Freedom  Truth Light ☮ & 💖 Tina



Friday, April 29, 2022

One of the Great Conjunctions of 2020 reaching an important new stage concurrent with this weekends Solar Eclipse

While we are hastily approaching the Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Taurus on Saturday, that offers a huge positive manifestation possibility, (see last update), other interesting things are also going on as well, which are also partially linked to the Eclipse.

One of the Great Conjunctions of 2020 now reaches a new stage in their joint cycle. This is Jupiter and Pluto, who now enters into an exact phase of a sextile.

Out of the several Great Conjunctions, that the first half of this decade remarkably offers, it’s the cycle between these two, that have reached the furthest since their conjunction.

The sextile represents the stage, where the seeds sown and the things initiated during the conjunction now reaches a point of highly visible growth and further development, if plants are nurtured properly and doesn’t wither or are torn up by root.

The latter is certainly recommendable in some cases, as some of the things initiated during this conjunction consisted of very dark,  previously more hidden agendas suddenly coming out into the open and going very far; abuse of power, extreme measures, mandates, lawmaking, dictates and control.

Things definitely got much more extreme and sinister (Jupiter enhances and exaggerate everything it touches), but at the same time, as things came more into the open, they also became more obvious and thus easier to reveal or become aware of, ( Jupiter also sheds light on everything it touches and spurs growth and awareness) - and because of that many, many more people had their eyes opened to the deceit, the corruption, the abuse of power and the very dark and sick agendas (all represented by the dark side of Pluto) that exist in – and in many ways rule – this world.

At the same time a lot of positive seeds were sown as well.

Many likeminded and freedom loving kindred spirits found each other across the world.

There were many huge gatherings, that very clearly expressed, that they could not in any way consent to any of the above.

There  were record breaking huge world wide mass meditations, as well as smaller national and individual ditto, light rituals, manifestations and much much more.

In other words, a fuse was lit under our co-creator abilities and responsibilities.

The understanding of consent and not least of NOT consenting, as well as of the power in focusing with laser like precision on what we WOULD like to bring into this world instead – and that both things, side by side, are necessary – rose tremendously.

A sharp break in the infamous curvature, a visible comet in the sky, change/postponement/ parts dropped in total unacceptable laws and mandates, all happened right after an extra effort done during the 3 peaks of the Jupiter - Pluto conjunction, as concrete proof that it was actually working.

Now, we reach a new stage in this “planetary couple”’s cycle, coinciding with an Eclipse season, where the sign Pluto rules, Scorpio, is playing one of the leading roles.

Meaning, we can likely expect more revelation and awareness of sinister plans, likewise that it will become necessary to take a further and clear stand against things that are ethically and morally despicable, as well as other things, that each one of us, according to our own true values simply cannot consent and abide to.

When it comes to meditation and manifestation and other focus on what we wish to see and create in this world, will now reach a new and more tangible and further developed stage, as well. 

Now it’s not just new seeds we are sowing, but also already existing little plants that we need to nurture into full bloom and the bearing of fruit. And of course, there's a need for weeding as well!

The sextile is a harmonious aspect and consists of huge positive potential, but it takes an effort, if this potential is not to be squandered and left behind.

Jupiter and Pluto’s sextile enters into the exact phase today and the next 10 days forward, concurrent with Pluto standing still before a change in direction tonight – and concurrent with not only Jupiter, but also the Eclipse ruler Venus, sextiling Pluto during the Eclipse tomorrow.

This adds even more powerful, intense and transformative energy to the Eclipse weekend, which can be used for making significant and wanted change.

So now, it’s time to get right back to the spirit, during the peaks of the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction in 2020, where freedom loving souls and beings of light all around the world got together and totally rocked, on both inner and outer levels, and then take that even higher, to make sure that these changes are headed in the right direction. 

The energies are with us, if we make use of them (and don’t get distracted by expected “counter attacks”).

It all starts with tuning in Saturday between/during 21.28 – 21.41 BST (adjust to your local time zone), where it’s highly beneficial to meditate and open yourself up to guidance and then afterwards manifest and send positive intentions out into the aether, for a better, brighter future full of freedom and abundance for all – and after that, then going out doing something concrete to will and live that into existence.

How  you can best do that, is exactly what you could receive inner guidance about, during and around this Eclipse. So stay open and alert for that.

Happy Eclipse weekend

Freedom Truth Light ☮ &💖 Tina