Monday, October 18, 2021

Intense Full Moon Wednesday, 20th October.


On Wednesday the Moon reaches 27°26 Aries, exactly opposite the Sun in Libra, and the Full Moon of October takes place.

While the Sun in Libra seeks harmony, is diplomatic, regard showing and often willing to bite its tongue to keep the peace, The Aries Moon on the other hand automatically puts itself and its needs first, is always willing to stand up for itself and not afraid to push its agenda through, even if creates conflict.

In many areas of life, it is necessary and beneficial to compromise in order to be able to co-exist with others, but there are also areas, where you, in order to be true to yourself, need to stand up for yourself, cut through, set a clear limit for what you’re willing to put up with, and, no matter what, do whatever is necessary in the given situation.

The Aries Full Moon comes with the message, that you should pick your battles wisely, but then also be courageous enough to take on the battles that really matters!

Several of those might rear their heads in the near future...

Since Full Moon primarily is a time for release, this is also about letting go of that and those, not really worth your energy and your fighting spirit, so that your energy will be exclusively focused on what really matters, makes a difference and truly deserves your attention.

During the Full Moon, Aries’ ruler, Mars, is near the Sun in Libra, while Libra’s co-ruler Eris on the other hand is close to the Moon in Aries, creating a special energetic transfer between all these heavenly bodies. 

On top of that they are all triggered by a challenging square from Pluto in Capricorn which intensifies the energy to almost the extreme.

In other words, the Full Moon and Mars both trigger and activate the Pluto – Eris square, which has affected us immensely these past few months (see previous updates).

So, before the aspect between these two ebbs out, our Luminaries and Mars now gives the aspect one last giant surge, meaning that distinct, dramatic and rather surreal events might happen in the days before, during and after the Full Moon.

Because of these aspects, the energy of the Full Moon itself will be extremely intense and transformative, offering huge release possibilities, as well as potential for creating much needed change – on both a collective and individual level.

Because of the battle/fight nature of several of the energies involved, there will, however, also be a heightened possibility for dark psychic attacks, so make sure to protect yourself, even more than usual, or put your Light warrior armor on and keep it on!

Today, Monday, both Mercury and Jupiter changes direction and turns direct.

Pluto and Saturn did the same earlier this month, which means that we now get the majority of the planets moving in forward direction.

A new phase is thus setting in, which could both translate to certain dark agendas now rolling further forward, but also that the revealing of them and the insight in them could do the same, meaning that more and more will have their eyes opened to them, from now on.

One way or another we will be moving further ahead now, exactly how this next chapter will play out, is, as always dependent, on us, our consent or lack of it, the roles we chose to play, what we chose to release and what we chose to create.

The Full Moon is exact at 15.57 BST – adjust to your local time – and you can, if the skies are willing, enjoy the sight of its intense beauty on the evening and nightsky after Sunset.

Happy Full Moon – use the very powerful energies wisely and with focus.

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖 Tina

Monday, October 4, 2021

Hot spot period begins now


This week we enter into a hot spot period, where very powerful energies peak.

On Wednesday, also the day of the New Moon, (more on that at the end of the update), Pluto goes direct, and then it’s square to Eris peaks just a few days later, on Saturday.

The fact that Pluto is still stationary direct during this peak makes the energy extremely intense, powerful and transformative, for both good and bad.

So, high alert for upheaval, turbulence, very dramatic turns or events, huge changes, staged events and/or powerful reveals.

As always with the Pluto – Eris combo it’s important to not take anything at face value. They function in extremely muddy waters and clarity won’t necessarily be forthcoming right away.

The potential for important truths to surface and things that will turn out to be positive progress is also present, however, things could also go horribly wrong - so don’t jump to any conclusions too fast, about who is behind what and why.

Pluto will soon be heading into the last 5 degrees of Capricorn.

Collectively, Pluto tends to bring us out in the extremes of what the sign, it’s residing in, represents.

And when it reaches the last degrees of a sign, things easily become extremely extreme –  so far out, that it’s only a matter of time before that particular situation or condition cannot be upheld much longer.

When Pluto was at the end of the previous sign, Sagittarius, there was a spending feast extraordinaire, and a naïve believe in eternal growth; big and expensive was the thing to go for, whether we are talking travel or housing etc.    - and the banks were more than willing to lend the money for this spending, even encouraged it.

Positive psychology and thinking were everywhere, the collective tale and belief was that everything was only going one way; up, up, up and always to something bigger, better and greater, everything was a gift and there were no limitations what so ever.

The few wise voices who raised concern and pinpointed that constant growth had never ever been possible before, so why would it be now? – as well as those who pinpointed the paradoxical fact, that at the exact same time as positive psychology and thinking had been taken to the extremes, there had never been more people succumbing to stress or being medicated for depression and anxiety – were either ridiculed or simply ignored, both by various experts and the public at large.


Until BAM!!! – then Pluto entered Capricorn and we collectively hit a wall, with the financial crisis and had to learn the hard way, that yes, there ARE limits, as wells as bills to pay and after a time of going up, up, up, things will inevitably always go down again.

In the beginning it was a hard lesson in being more realistic, which was needed and useful, then along the way as Pluto had travelled further into the sign, Capricornian values such as sustainability, recycling and downsizing became trendy and something to strive for.

Then as Pluto had entered the last third of the sign, things began going into the aforementioned extreme.

During Pluto’s stay in the last 3rd of Sagittarius, it was more than fine bragging about big expensive trips around the world, the further away, the more expensive and exotic the better, and as often as possible, now it’s supposed to be almost shameful even to consider boarding a plane going anywhere at all…if the planes are even flying and we're not under another lockdown, not even allowed to leave our homes, without restrictive measures.

From freedom to travel anywhere, anytime as often as possible, purely for your own enjoyments sake, without any thought of any possible consequences to closed borders and total, restrictive micro managing of our lives, that borders on confinement.

From naïve over the top optimism to the darkest pessimism and constant fear of death.

See, that’s how Pluto makes the pendulum swing from one extreme to the other, from one polarity to the other, represented by signs following each other.

The lesson of course is to not let yourself get too caught up, when the pendulum swings to those extremes and to not be seduced by those acting as a spokesperson for these extremes.

Even though they will often be someone you have been raised to respect, believe in and perhaps even obey.

Not everyone participated in the gigantic spending feast, of course, some didn’t have the means or equity to do so, while other simply didn’t place value on such excess spending nor on doing what everyone else was doing and were thus less implicated and affected when the crash came.

Others were obviously forced to lower their spending considerably, but were not afflicted in any harmful way.

And then there were those, who really got into trouble, to the point, where lives were destroyed, when the "expert" statements, that there were no signs of the growth ever ending, turned out to be a lie.

For those who had to face, that their banks and financial counsellors weren't just there for their sake and that the counsel in some cases were wilfully misguiding – and that there were those, who actually speculated in others misfortune - it was a very bitter pill to swallow.

Not to mention the bank bailouts.

 Just as those, who had put their fragile psyche into the hands of those, that claimed that even the deepest trauma could be cured, just by thinking positive, had to realize that those “experts” didn’t really have a full handle on the human psyche and in some cases did more harm than healing.

There were huge societal consequences and costs from it all – and for many individuals also a very steep price to pay.

If we transfer a similar scenario to the present and the upcoming years, then we can see that while people back then felt misled by various eternal growth gurus and the banking system and financial counsellors, Capricorn instead represents state, governments, authorities and Big Business.

The next couple of years will reveal to what degree the people,  who have blindly followed their guidance and dictates will feel misled – and what consequences and price to pay, there will be this time around.

Some consequences are obviously already here, but only the tip of the iceberg has been revealed so far.

Pluto will remain in Capricorn until spring 2023, where it steps momentarily into Aquarius, and then leaves Capricorn for good in 2024.

This leaves us a minimum of 1,5 year, where things could continue to become even more extreme and many more lives potentially destroyed – or we could stop following that pendulum swing and the nudges to go along, until the bitter end, when this extreme inivitably also will come to an end, and hopefully lessen the destruction and hardship for those caught up in it.

Nothing lasts forever - everything ends - are classic Pluto motto’s, but before that end, things can go really, really beserk.

Do we really want that? If not, then it’s up to us to collectively to say stop, meaning that a large enough portion of the public will have to refuse to go along with it anymore.

That Pluto is now nearing the last degrees of Capricorn also have a deep meaning for the US.

No matter individual perceptions and possible political affiliations,  I think most can see and feel, that USA is far from the country nor the "Superpower" it once was.

In the chart of the US, Pluto is at the end of Capricorn and the country will thus experience a Pluto return shortly, which has obviously been building up for quite a while.

This means that if America is to survive it will have to rebuild and reinvent itself.

With Pluto, a complete collapse, before a potential restructuring and a new version can be reborn, is very possible.

Usually, what happen in the US has a huge influence on the rest of the world, it is not a given that it will always be that way, but for now, while this death – rebirth experience the country has to go through is ongoing, it obviously will affect the world.

The most intense phase of this begins early next year, but it’s already ongoing, so be prepared for a lot of American turmoil, as Pluto is now turning direct and will edge in on the degree of the US Pluto.

Asides from Pluto turning direct and its square to Eris, Saturn will also turn direct next Monday and it’s square to Uranus, that peaks in December, will really kick into gear again.

So, yes, it’s definitely hot spot time again now, and a lot of unstability is to be expected all over the world.

As a counter point to this, we have a New Moon in Libra on Wednesday 12.05 BST – ( adjust to your local time), which is a great opportunity to tune in and get our "inner scales" in balance, while the world might very well go crazy around us.

Beneficial initiatives and manifestation opportunities for this New Moon are:

- Diplomacy and bridgebuilding as a counterpoint to the very divisive energies, that are now kicking in, and the likewise divisive initiatives and actions that are likely to follow.

- Trying harder at seeing things from both sides.

- Focus on what binds together instead of on what seperates.

Letting justice be served in a fair and civilized manner.


- Anything that sweetens your day and brings more beauty into your life

- Anything that brings more harmony, balance and peace in your mind and your life in general

- Romance : anything prioritizing and improving existing relationship or if single and in search of a relationship; the manifestation of the right partner for you.

Mars is conjunct the New Moon, which tells us that none of this will just happen by itself, we need to work at it and be willing to fight for it, but if so, it's doable.

A more balanced view is prefered, instead of going into these wild extremes, and this is exactly what the Libra energy has to offer, to those who chose to tune in to the New Moon.

The most important thing will be to not let the dark forces, who wish to divide and split us, succeed.

Happy New Moon 

Harmony Balance Justice Freedom Truth Light ☮ &  💖 Tina