Sunday, July 31, 2022

Energies about to reach boiling point


As we are now heading towards the middle of the Summer quarter, we have a lot of incoming light from the heaven above us; the Sun is now peaking in strength during it’s transit during its own sign Leo, Sirius is returning to the morning sky (Lions Gate) and the majestic Perseid meteor shower is gracing us as well.

Aligning ourselves with all this Light can give us strength and help us stand firm in our own light and give us the courage to always follow our hearts, no matter what.

All of this will be much needed as challenges are clearly waiting ahead.

As July turns into August, we have the primary astrological indications of huge changes concerning economy, values and access to things such as food, other basic supplies and energy sources – all central  to our way of life  - uniting and enforcing each other.

Uranus, who has transited Taurus since 2018/19 (- and already then heralded these changes coming up  and also warned us, that the energy of this transit could be twisted and abused by dark power hungry forces, for the gain of a small percentage and to the disadvantage for all the rest of us, if we don`t keep them in check – and likewise that a rebellion and uprising caused by these exact things could be on the way) – and the Lunar Nodes (and the concurrent Eclipse seasons, taking place on the Taurus – Scorpio axis from 2021 – 2023) now meet in an explosive conjunction between Uranus, the North Node and Mars in Taurus.

Mars adds activating and confronting energy – which is why it’s to be expected that further developments will happen in these areas now. Mars furthermore refers to escalation in conflict and war, which in turn could affect the other areas as well.

The North Node refers to where we from a NATURAL – not artificial or manipulated - standpoint are meant to go from here –  what we from a soul level truly are here to learn and do, both collectively and individually.

Uranus often brings shocking events with it, as well as changes, rebellion, uprising, a cry for freedom and awakening.

So, as you can tell, there’s both possibilities for explosive, violent events as well as highly positive potential on a consciousness level wrapped up in this conjunction.

At the same time the Saturn – Uranus square is also gearing more up now.

Asides from pushing further to all of the above, as well as to recession, rationing and reduction, the aspect will during August reach the same orb as back in November – early December 2021, where various restrictive, invasive, divisive and controlling measures were reintroduced and escalated.

Further attempts on (re)introduction of some kinds of restrictions and limitations on our lives is thus not unlikely at all in the near future.

But this is also our chance to tackle these energies way differently, than during the other times, so that this theme doesn’t become a regular repeat performance or even a permanent measure for the rest of our days!

So, it is highly important to download and align with all the incoming Light and the elevated Leo energy present now and use it to stand strong in your own light and might and therein find the strength to reject anything happening feeling wrong, false, unnecessary, repressing or degrading.

Know who and what you are – and say clearly no to what you don’t want to subject yourself and your loved ones to and then use your co-creator skills to create what you DO want.

Freedom Truth Light & Tina