Friday, April 29, 2022

One of the Great Conjunctions of 2020 reaching an important new stage concurrent with this weekends Solar Eclipse

While we are hastily approaching the Solar Eclipse at the New Moon in Taurus on Saturday, that offers a huge positive manifestation possibility, (see last update), other interesting things are also going on as well, which are also partially linked to the Eclipse.

One of the Great Conjunctions of 2020 now reaches a new stage in their joint cycle. This is Jupiter and Pluto, who now enters into an exact phase of a sextile.

Out of the several Great Conjunctions, that the first half of this decade remarkably offers, it’s the cycle between these two, that have reached the furthest since their conjunction.

The sextile represents the stage, where the seeds sown and the things initiated during the conjunction now reaches a point of highly visible growth and further development, if plants are nurtured properly and doesn’t wither or are torn up by root.

The latter is certainly recommendable in some cases, as some of the things initiated during this conjunction consisted of very dark,  previously more hidden agendas suddenly coming out into the open and going very far; abuse of power, extreme measures, mandates, lawmaking, dictates and control.

Things definitely got much more extreme and sinister (Jupiter enhances and exaggerate everything it touches), but at the same time, as things came more into the open, they also became more obvious and thus easier to reveal or become aware of, ( Jupiter also sheds light on everything it touches and spurs growth and awareness) - and because of that many, many more people had their eyes opened to the deceit, the corruption, the abuse of power and the very dark and sick agendas (all represented by the dark side of Pluto) that exist in – and in many ways rule – this world.

At the same time a lot of positive seeds were sown as well.

Many likeminded and freedom loving kindred spirits found each other across the world.

There were many huge gatherings, that very clearly expressed, that they could not in any way consent to any of the above.

There  were record breaking huge world wide mass meditations, as well as smaller national and individual ditto, light rituals, manifestations and much much more.

In other words, a fuse was lit under our co-creator abilities and responsibilities.

The understanding of consent and not least of NOT consenting, as well as of the power in focusing with laser like precision on what we WOULD like to bring into this world instead – and that both things, side by side, are necessary – rose tremendously.

A sharp break in the infamous curvature, a visible comet in the sky, change/postponement/ parts dropped in total unacceptable laws and mandates, all happened right after an extra effort done during the 3 peaks of the Jupiter - Pluto conjunction, as concrete proof that it was actually working.

Now, we reach a new stage in this “planetary couple”’s cycle, coinciding with an Eclipse season, where the sign Pluto rules, Scorpio, is playing one of the leading roles.

Meaning, we can likely expect more revelation and awareness of sinister plans, likewise that it will become necessary to take a further and clear stand against things that are ethically and morally despicable, as well as other things, that each one of us, according to our own true values simply cannot consent and abide to.

When it comes to meditation and manifestation and other focus on what we wish to see and create in this world, will now reach a new and more tangible and further developed stage, as well. 

Now it’s not just new seeds we are sowing, but also already existing little plants that we need to nurture into full bloom and the bearing of fruit. And of course, there's a need for weeding as well!

The sextile is a harmonious aspect and consists of huge positive potential, but it takes an effort, if this potential is not to be squandered and left behind.

Jupiter and Pluto’s sextile enters into the exact phase today and the next 10 days forward, concurrent with Pluto standing still before a change in direction tonight – and concurrent with not only Jupiter, but also the Eclipse ruler Venus, sextiling Pluto during the Eclipse tomorrow.

This adds even more powerful, intense and transformative energy to the Eclipse weekend, which can be used for making significant and wanted change.

So now, it’s time to get right back to the spirit, during the peaks of the Jupiter – Pluto conjunction in 2020, where freedom loving souls and beings of light all around the world got together and totally rocked, on both inner and outer levels, and then take that even higher, to make sure that these changes are headed in the right direction. 

The energies are with us, if we make use of them (and don’t get distracted by expected “counter attacks”).

It all starts with tuning in Saturday between/during 21.28 – 21.41 BST (adjust to your local time zone), where it’s highly beneficial to meditate and open yourself up to guidance and then afterwards manifest and send positive intentions out into the aether, for a better, brighter future full of freedom and abundance for all – and after that, then going out doing something concrete to will and live that into existence.

How  you can best do that, is exactly what you could receive inner guidance about, during and around this Eclipse. So stay open and alert for that.

Happy Eclipse weekend

Freedom Truth Light ☮ &💖 Tina


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