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Eclipse Season Spring 2024: Eclipses has effect much longer and wider than you might think. Don't just fixate on a specific date or place


As expected, there’s a lot of pre hype concerning the upcoming total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Aries on April 8th with its totality path running across parts of the US, among other places.

However, it’s very important to not only fixate on one particular date or one country, when it comes to the effect of Eclipses.

First of all, an Eclipse never comes alone, it always comes in two and sometimes three.

Before the first Eclipse occurs there’s also always a build up of energy, typically starting a few days after the previous lunation has ebbed out, around 10 days before the Eclipse itself.

The build up before the first and the aftermath after the last Eclipse together form an entire "Eclipse Season", lasting several weeks, typically about a month.

It’s also important to note that the Eclipse Season energy is not exclusive to the places, where the Eclipses themselves are visible – we are all affected by it, to various degrees.

An Eclipse Season, like the one we are already in right now, often has a bit of surreal feeling, that makes it stand out from the rest of the year. 

It can almost feel like time is acting differently; things can speed up and suddenly develop very quickly and in other incidents time feels like it almost stands still.

Mysterious links to previous periods, with Eclipses in the exact same Zodiac degrees as the current ones, is also prevalent in both individual lives and collectively, just as there could be important links to the future.

(The Spring 2024 Eclipses have forerunners and links back to Spring 1997 and the following months (the Lunar Eclipse), as well as Spring 2005 and the following years (the Solar Eclipse) - and also generally the years 2013 – 14, which was the last time we also had a series of Eclipses on the Aries/Libra axis.

So you might wanna think back to what was going on in your life back then.)

We have been in this Eclipse Season since mid March, with the first Eclipse coming up on Monday the 25th, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra.

So, the “anything can happen at anytime now” sensation that is swirling around could potentially also manifest in outer events, already here in March.

During this entire Eclipse Season, lasting until mid April, the topics and areas of both Eclipse placements can and will come up.

Eclipses on the Aries/Libra axis typically brings some of the following to the fore:

Alliances or treaties; new ones made or old ones altered or broken/split up.

Division between different alliances.

Conflict, heated temperaments, aggression, blood spill, War.

Military, defense, weapons and weapon/military industry.

(Call for) Peace, truces and negotiation, diplomacy and compromise.


Individual opportunities for expression and activities, new initiatives, pioneering and pushing forward.

Collaborations, partnerships, romantic relationships, marriage; entering into, strengthening, crisis or break ups, divorce.

Striving for harmony and balance.

Social life and gatherings.

Sporting events and competitions.

Art and beauty.

Fire, heat, drought.

Air, wind, storms and hurricanes.

(An overlapping significant Jupiter - Uranus aspect in Taurus also brings the Earth element to the fore; so earth quakes, volcano outbreaks and the like is also possible).

Another very important fact about the effect of Eclipses is that after an Eclipse Season is over, most Eclipse degrees can and often will be retriggered and activated, by the astrological classic Eclipse trigger; Mars, once again bringing the topics of the Eclipse right to the fore and bringing further developments.

Sometimes that later Mars activation is even more impactful and eventful than the time around the Eclipse itself.

Some of the more dramatic examples of that, was when Mars retriggered a total Summer Solstice Eclipse in the sign of Cancer, in 2001, a few months later in September.

Yes, on 9.11, Mars was well within the required triggering three degrees of that previous Eclipse. (Mars can trigger Eclipses by either conjunction or opposition).

Cancer represents among other things; national feelings, changes in public mood, huge emotional outcries, homeland security and things done under the guise of wanting to protect, whether true or not...

Last year the total Eclipse in April in Aries was retriggered by Mars in October, including on October 7th, where we all know what happened in the Middle East...

Aries, among other things, represents: aggression, bloodspilling and outright war.


This time we won’t have to wait long for the retriggering of both Spring 2024 Eclipses, 5°07 Libra - Aries & 19°24 Aries, as Mars will already activate them in May, reaching exactitude on May 7th and May 25th respectively, but there's a period of around 4 days surrounding both of those dates on each side, which will be time windows to look out for.

(Mars will also once again retrigger the April Solar Eclipse from last year, that was first triggered last October, as well as the 2023 October Solar Eclipse itself, in May and June as well. Solar Eclipse degrees are sensitive for years after the Eclipse, how many years depends on the duration of the Eclipse or if and when it is terminated by a Saturn transit).

So the second half of March, April as well as most of May and parts of June will all be affected by very strong Eclipse energy, which could potentially spill into events and turning points.

So, as you can see fixating on just April 8th and on just one of the countries in the Eclipse path – outside of witnessing the total Eclipse itself, an absolutely amazing experience, by the way, so truly enjoy, if you are lucky enough to get do that 😍 – far from does the real influence of an Eclipse justice.

We can potentially all be affected, all around the world, just as we can all choose to work directly and consciously with the Eclipse energies as well.

With Mondays Lunar Eclipse in Libra for instance, you can beneficially begin more consciously to practice on getting better at finding inner peace, calm, harmony and balance, no matter what goes on around you. Find out what - or do more of what you already know – works for you in that capacity and then stick to it.

Because that will definitely come in handy as the rest of the Spring unfolds. It will be anything but calm!

Overlapping with the Eclipse Season, we also have a very important and impactful Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Uranus this Spring as well, peaking on April 21st.

Update on this follows very shortly.

So while the Eclipses, and of course especially a Total Solar Eclipse is definitely worthy of a lot of attention, there's a lot more going on as well.

Happy Eclipse Season and Beginning of Spring 🌱🌷

Freedom Truth Light ☮️ &❤️ Tina


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