Thursday, March 21, 2024

Another Great Conjunction: Jupiter & Uranus are now getting closer and closer in Taurus before uniting on April 21st 2024


On top of the Eclipse Season, (see latest update), there’s also something else rather significant and important going on astrologically, this Spring.

The fifth out of the six Great Conjunctions that the first half of the 2020’s offer us – which is rare and very remarkable - is now ongoing and will peak on April 21st, when Jupiter and Uranus meet and both end and start up a new cycle, this time in Taurus.

The build up started in late February and the energy of this combination is very easily felt and also quite visible in terms of outer events.

This combination brings with it both exciting new opportunities for awakening, growth and development, but also has a totally wild, bizarre, unpredictable and disruptive quality to it.

Uranus rules the sign Aquarius, so with Jupiter’s enlarging and enhancing influence - and Pluto at the same time placed at the very beginning of Aquarius - we can expect the Uranian/Aquarius energy and the areas belonging to it, to be taken to the max this Spring. That has obviously already begun.

These areas include:

Technology, electronics, electricity, the internet, everything digital.

Outages, crashes, hacking, cyberattacks.

Nuclear power (and weapon) and other energy sources.

Scientific breakthroughs.

Major Solar eruptions or other Cosmic radiation/incoming energy.

The sky, heaven, heavenly bodies, space – anything residing or moving through it.

Extra terrestial intelligences, real or fake.

Uprising, protests, social unrest, revolution and overthrows.

Jupiter adds:

Ethics, law, justice, courtroom dramas.

Travel activity.

Life philosophy, faith and religious communities.

Uranus can then take some of these Jupiterian areas to and over the edge, making things much more extreme, bizarre and fanatic.

As an example, it was during a previous J-U Conjunction, that the comet Hale Bopp was in the sky and that a cult committed mass suicide, “to get aboard the spaceship hiding behind the comet”...

That kind of gives you an idea of how this combination works when taken to the extremes.

Interestingly enough, we now also have a comet possibly reaching naked eye visibility in the sky – and who just so happens to be very close to Jupiter and Uranus, at the peaking of their meeting.

The Conjunction takes place in the sign of Taurus, so anything under the Taurus domain will of course also be highly relevant and subject to change, such as:

Nature, farming, crops, food, food supply, prices, currencies, payment options, banking, finances, economy and values.

A J-U Conjunction often brings the introduction of something new, different and pioneering with it, that will have a huge influence and spread later, for instance the forerunner to the internet, as well as Instagram and the CD were all introduced during previous J - U Conjunctions.

Whether it will be the CBDC (a centrally run, programmable and always surveilled digital currency with various strings attached; bye bye freedom... ) this time around or something else, time will tell (and pretty soon…)

The economy is definitely one of the things that could come into major focus – and obviously not in the most stable of ways.

Interestingly enough, when Jupiter and Uranus had gotten so close, that the conjunction began to set in, it was rumored - and documented - that several of the worlds richest and other politically influential people had begun to sell out of their stocks in a major way…


Scientific breakthroughs or introduction of new methods (U) of the kind that raises certain ethical dilemmas and questions (J) and possibly ensuing heated debate, is another trademark of this combination.

For example, it was during previous J - U Conjunctions that the first artificial heart was implanted, (with temporary success.),that the first execution by injection took place and that the cloned sheep Dolly was introduced to the world.

In the current area, this could obviously have to do with chip implants and humans merging with machines and artificial intelligence – or perhaps something else and completely unexpected.

During several previous J-U Conjunctions, there have been major protests, strikes, social unrest, revolution, overthrows or head of states resigning themselves – and with a Pluto in Aquarius this time around as well, it is almost a given – and obviously already ongoing in various places.

During the last J-U Conjunction air travel was completely stopped over parts of Europe for a longer period of time, due to a volcano outbreak in Iceland.

Jupiter (travel) + Uranus ( air, sky, space) is especially related to aviation, air traffic and space travel and during previous conjunctions, aside from the aforementioned complete air travel stop, have also brought the introduction of new airplane types and spacecrafts, fatal plane crashes, either with a lot of passengers or with “prominent passengers”, as well as space missions, both succeeding (or claimed to have done so), as well as failing and crashing.

We have already seen strikes stranding planes on the ground, during the beginning of this J-U Conjunction as well as a lot of really weird and bizarre Boeing action, including a highly suspect death of a whistleblower speaking out concerning serious security issues. To be continued, I’m sure…

Back when air travel was grounded due to forces of nature, it also referred to the complete unexpected turns this combination is known for; the totally unpredictable and the powerlessness, when bigger forces come into play – which of course could be about a lot more than just air travel and volcanos (even though there’s Icelandic volcano activity now as well...).


Whether we are talking organically happening nature phenomena, human interference, accidental or with malevolent intent, an attack or something else, the recurrent theme is that something that has become a given for us, suddenly becomes either impossible, out of reach or highly unstable, for a longer period.

Compared to the areas of previous J - U Conjunctions, we now live in a highly digitalized world and is thus way more vulnerable in a way we have never been before, (especially when you look, at what these two specific planets represent!)

So, no matter the cause, it can obviously not be taken for granted that everything will work, run smoothly or be available, this Spring.

Nor that things generally will continue in the way, we have previously known them to do. 

Huge changes and turn arounds could very well occur. (As this is one of six Great Conjunctions in a short period of time = a period where the world and our way of life completely changes).

At this time of writing, Jupiter and Uranus is still around 5 degrees apart – and during the previous 5 degrees (from 10 degrees apart and onwards), we have already had multiple various outages around the world, so no one can say, that we are not issued warnings beforehand...

Obviously, it would be a good idea to have some kind of back up in place; cash, extra food, water, other necessities, as well as various alternatives to be able to do whatever is the most necessary for you.

Easy access to most of your valuables as well. Taurus generally promotes concrete, tangible and useful values and commodities.

If you have many, spread them out, don’t put everything in one basket.

The more speculative – as well as anything that is really just numbers on a screen can especially come into danger, during this period.

Since Spring is now here, in the Northern Hemisphere, it is of course also highly advisable to take advantage of that and sow, plant and grow as many edible crops yourself, as possible. A lot can be done even in very small spaces.

And then when all that practical stuff is in place, it’s really just about jumping into the exciting possibilities that this Conjunction also brings with it, as the Jupiter – Uranus combination also represents:

Awakening, expansion of consciousness, personal growth, truth seeking and spreading and a strong incoming energy influx supporting all of this.

Anything alternative, alternative interests, disciplines, treatment, ways of life gets a huge boost from this combo as well.

Jupiter and Uranus are also the most freedom loving planets of them all.

So, anything concerning freedom and freeing yourself, creating more free conditions around you and choosing and walking your own path is all beneficially backed up now.

Things can be turned around. Chances taken. Huge changes made.

Do something different, create something new, strive higher and dare more, Jupiter & Uranus says in unison.

Manifestation in a very concrete and physical way, due to the placement in Taurus is also possible.

The consciousness expanding energy influx of the Jupiter - Uranus combo needs to be grounded and converted into something concrete and practical here on Earth from now on.

Manifestation, creativity, using your co -creator skills, as well as all alternative excursions are thus all supported and perhaps even demanded by Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus.

Aligning more with nature and the heavens and the heavenly bodies are also very beneficial under this influence.

On April 21st a new 14 year Jupiter – Uranus cycle will begin. This time it will happen during a onetime hit, over just a few months this Spring. (The last one had three direct hits of exactitude in both Pisces & Aries).

But onetime hits can also be even more remarkable, wild and transformative at once.

Whatever is initiated, on both an individual level and collectively in terms of what we allow to start up and consent to, will influence us the next 14 years, so high alertness and consciousness is needed right now,

There can both arrive something that needs a very clear and firm NO THANK YOU as well as something inviting a resounding YES!

Taurus represents values, so knowing or becoming more acquainted with your personal (not outside dictated) values, is extremely important right now, so that you can make your choices, with those clearly in mind, when things become even more disruptive than right now.

The Jupiter – Uranus combo overlapping with an Eclipse Season really whips up the energies to the max.

So, make sure to take good care of yourself, in all possible ways, so that you can handle and anchor the energy influx, that is certainly only gonna get wilder from now on...

You need to be able to keep your wits and then embrace the positive and constructive parts of the energies and use them to initiate something that makes a positive difference in your life and for those around you, amidst the more disruptive and distructive happenings.

The Conjunction  will reach its exact and most urgent phase from April 14th - April 27th, peaking on April 21st and will go on throughout May, and into June.

“Hold on to your wigs, these are the Days of wild”

Freedom Truth Light ☮️ &❤️ Tina




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