Saturday, May 14, 2022

Intense Blood Moon in Scorpio May 16th (some places 15th).

Depending on your time zone, a total Lunar Eclipse, also known as a Blood Moon, will take place during the Full Moon 25 °18 Scorpio, either Sunday or early Monday morning.

Totality and its red Blood Moon phase will be visible, wherever the Moon is still above the horizon, at 5.11 BST (adjust to your local time).

The energy will be present everywhere, though, and a total Lunar Eclipse is the most powerful Full Moon there is.

The placement in Scorpio, as well as the involved planets, which we will come to, certainly doesn’t make this one any less intense!

With the Taurus Sun having the honor of the lovely Spring time of year, with all the beauty and lushness physically manifesting before us, it is not so strange that Taurus has its main concern centered in the physical, material level.

Taurus knows how to enjoy earthly life, but often also spends an enormous amount of energy trying to hold on to all the good stuff, it has accumulated from what this earthly plane has to offer – and would generally like to maintain the status quo…

To which the Scorpio Moon only has one thing to say: “Enjoy it - while it lasts!” 

With its natural link to Fall, decay and death, Scorpio is extremely aware that nothing lasts forever, everything changes, everything ends and is then  later reborn in new form.  Basically, making it a waste of energy trying to hold on to something in the same form forever.

With a series of Eclipses here, this exact theme is made even more relevant and poignant for all of us, and could be rewritten to something like:

“Hope you enjoyed, while it lasted, cuz those times are over now,  a new era is underway”.

If you haven’t come to terms with the fact that, life as we knew it pre 2020 won’t return, then it’s probably about time…

Our way of life, our economy and money, which plays a central role in whether we are able to live our lives as we would like to or not, as well as our working life and our perception of life in general is all under transformation these years.

Our personal resources, our abilities, talents and gift will in the future have to be put to use, in a whole new way, but before we get there, there are things we have to change and things we have to let go off.

The Scorpio Moon would like for us to be passionate about our everything we do, letting it come from a deep and true place within us, both when we are talking about work and various other activities, but also really everything else in life.

But that isn’t exactly the kind of job situation, labor market or financial system or world, that most of us are living in right now, is it...

The Full Moon represents release time – a total Lunar Eclipse represents a remarkable release opportunity –  so you are now invited to begin a phase of letting go and releasing all that is (no longer) true and real in your life;  material possessions with no sentimental value, bodily and physical interactions without soul, relationships, that have passed their sell date and/or drains you, values that are not truly your own, work and other activities that you are not passionate about etc.

This is a South Node Eclipse, so while many things are already done and over, there are also things from the past, that still needs to be dealt with, that has to be brought from darkness into light and be processed, before we can truly put it behind us and move towards our future destination.

Eclipse rulers Mars and Pluto are both harmonically connected to the Sun and the Moon, during the Eclipse, making the Scorpio energy come through with great emotional intensity.

Saturn, however makes a challenging T-square to the Sun and the Moon, so there will also be blocks and resistance to overcome. Responsibility to placed and taken. Karma and debt to be payed. There will be deep inner shadow work to be done, both individually and collectively, before we can move on.

With both Saturn and Plutos involvement, the energy during this eclipse, will be extremely heavy, intense and dark, but also really effective and transformative.

Neptune will try to soften the energies a bit, from a beneficial angle to the Sun and the Moon, but the sensitivity that it brings with it, could also mean that the heavier energies will just be felt more deeply.

So expect very strong energy influx – and of those kinds of energies, that might not be for everyone…

Energetic protection is definitely wise – but at the same time, this is also an extraordinary opportunity, for those who dare to face the darkness within and without to dig much deeper than usual and to really clean up and clear the way ahead.

Collectively, Eclipses in Scorpio typically focus on things such as:

The underground world. Going undercover. Detective work, crime and mystery solving, research and reveals.

Sexuality, sex scandals, sex abuse.

Power and abuse of power.

Common resources, debt, taxes, inheritance.

Death, undertakers, obducents, hospice workers, graves and grave diggers, crematoriums and mortuaries. Murders.

Sewer system, Underground tunnels.

Energysources. Nuclear energy and weapons. Oil. Water.

Bringing things from the darkness into the light. Transmutation of the dark.


On a personal level, Eclipses here focus on shadow work, the aforementioned passion and realness, as well as mutual/common resources, give and take, sexual relationships, soul connections, your relationship with death and beloved deceased ones.

The Eclipse will be in effect the next half year, until the next Eclipse season in the Fall.

The houses in your personal chart, that contain 25° 18  Scorpio/Taurus will be the life areas, where the Eclipse topics especially will play out in your life and where there will be changes and/or things to be released/let go off/ put behind you.

 If you have important placements between 22°18 - 28°18 Scorpio/Taurus, they will be triggered and add further information to how precisely you will be affected.

There was an Eclipse in the exact same spot 19 years ago, in May 2003, so there could be echoes from that time showing in your life now;  similar themes and topics, that will occur, but that you will now meet from a more mature and different vantage point in life.

Collectively, there could be links to 2003 events as well.

Jupiter has just a few days ago started a new roundtrip throughout the Zodiac, when it entered the first sign, Aries, pointing to new adventures and growth opportunities.

The Solar Eclipse on April 30th was also future oriented.

But this Eclipse tells of a necessary showdown with the past, before we can truly move on.

Eclipse ruler Pluto is also retrograde and pointing backwards.

The same is Mercury right now, which refers to things and information that needs to be revisited, revalued, researched and gone over at least once more.

So, we are in the middle of this stream of energies, pointing us both forward and backwords, and there’s obviously great both inner and outer work to be done, before we can truly move on and go forwards.

This Scorpio Blood Moon invites us to get to it.

The Eclipse starts 2.32 on Monday (BST - adjust to your local time, some places it will still be Sunday). 

A partial Eclipse begins at 3.27. 

Totality peaks at 5.11. (visible, whereever the Moon is still over the horizon)

The Full Moon is exact at 5.14. 

The Eclipse will be over again at 7.50.

Happy Scorpio Blood Moon Eclipse – use the intense energies wisely.

Freedom  Truth Light ☮ & 💖 Tina



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