Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Powerful energy shift


On May 11th Jupiter entered Aries.

Jupiter changes signs at minimum once a year, (sometimes a couple of times, if it’s going back and forth between two signs), so Jupiter entering a new sign is among the more frequent occurrences, when it comes to “the bigger planets.”

This particular sign ingress, however, is a bit more special, since Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, meaning that Jupiter has now begun a brand-new 12 year long trip throughout the Zodiac.

In the past 12 years Jupiter’s growth oriented energy has thus passed through all the signs, as well as all of your individual placements in your personal chart.

In a couple of days, Jupiter will also leave the embrace of Neptune, ruler of the previous sign Pisces, and their conjunction will take a break until Fall, making its new placement in Aries even more evident.

The past Jupiter cycle through the Zodiac began with Jupiter joining Uranus at 0°Aries back in 2010 – because of this particular combination, these past 12 years have offered huge opportunities for awakening, growth and expansion of consciousness.

No matter the previous state of consciousness, that each of us were in back then, there has been many opportunities for expanding our horizons tremendously, perceiving things differently and thus realizing much more about what’s really going on in this world.

Whether these things truly happened or not for everyone is another matter, but the opportunities and the invitation were definitely there, like never before.


With Jupiter starting a brand new cycle, another new beginning is now dawning. Exactly what kind of new beginning is still open, however…

Jupiter in Aries points in two different directions; one towards even more strife, aggression, escalation of conflict, battle and war...

On a personal level, there could also be plenty to become angry about and red hot furious over.

Impulsive acts, that might later be regretted is also highly likely – so generally, it’s wise to count to 100 or a 1000 before initiating action.

Another direction is more concerned with sensing a blooming optimism, eyeing and exploring new exciting growth opportunities, feeling a newfound gait and finding the courage to initiate something pioneering, that you feel could better the situation.

Each one of us will have to make an individual and conscious decision about which direction and path we will primarily attach ourselves to, so we don’t get completely lost in the first option.

Choosing your battles, but then also being brave enough to take on the battles, that really matter, will be more relevant than ever.

This is a VERY fiery combination, that demands a vigilant firekeeper, to make sure that the flames are burning in a constructive manner, so they don’t just rage and destructively burn everything to the ground, completely out of control.

This will become especially evident, within the next few days and weeks, as Mars, the ruler of Aries will also enter its home turf Aries, within the next 24 hours, and will then close in on Jupiter, before reaching an exact conjunction on May 29th, right before the New Moon on the 30th. Their conjunction will be active until mid June.

This combination will make things EXTREMELY explosive, as the Aries energy will then come barging undiluted through in a highly exaggerated and out of control manner.

This will most likely also reflect on outer world events…


The Jupiter - Neptune conjunction ebbing out, and the new Aries focus is not the only things pointing to a very distinct energy shift.

During June we will also see the return of the challenging Saturn – Uranus square, that influenced us deeply the entire year of 2021.

It was not exactly an aspect, that we collectively managed to get to manifest in the most beautiful way, it was mainly used on division, splitting, shaming and contempt dripping from high official statements further down and out onto almost every and any other interaction.

There were combined MANY months of lockdown, social restrictions and human social life steered into a digital and artificial world, extreme censorship and surveillance, the beginning of the food and supply chain and energy crisis, lacks, scarcity, price hikes and inflation.

People are obviously easier to control and for sale if basic resources are withheld from them, but if things are taken to far, it could also backfire and explode in uprising and social unrest.

The softening of energies during the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction and the influx of light and more compassionate and soulful energies, will now be replaced by harsher and more in your face energies once again.

However, one can hope, that because we have had this break and influx of different energies, that came from a place of oneness, that we won’t collectively as easily fall into the same trap of divide and conquer tactics, nor compromise our true values and higher principles.

Anyone who took Jupiter and Neptune up on their invitation to spend more time within yourself, away from the outer world, will be better positioned now.

Because the more you are in contact with your true inner self and identify with your soul, you will obviously not even contemplate selling it!

And the offer to sell your soul could very well be on the horizon…

A choice between a natural, organic lifestyle and a natural evolution of your soul versus a world overtaken by dark agendas and artificial intelligence, that seeks to ruin the human body and trap your soul, will certainly become more pressing…

But we will now get another chance to both collectively and individually tackle these energies in a different way – or the inhuman, tyrannical dark agenda could just run even further along…

Social credit scores and digital food rationing passes are already underway in a few countries now, so it’s not hard to see how this aspect could be further abused by dark powers, if enough allow it and simply accept it.

On the other hand, this aspect could also be used to stop this crazy agenda, once and for all!

The aspect will heat up during the Summer and reaches the magical less than one degree apart stage, (without reaching complete exactitude), in September, thereafter the aspect begins to wane, but will still be in effect until the beginning of 2023.

The 2nd direct hit of US’ Pluto return has also just begun, it takes place in the area of the economy of the country and will thus affect the world economy and all of us as well. The second hit is exact in July and lasts until the end of August.

(The 3rd round sets in in November and lasts until the end of January 2023, peaking between Christmas and New Years.  An Epilogue will then take place in late Summer/Fall of 2023.)

Huge changes will obviously be taking place in the outer world, for the rest of this year and beyond and the battle is on, in terms of in which direction things will go…

One that benefits humanity as a whole or one that only benefits a tiny “elite”…

Jupiter will return to Pisces in Fall and enter into conjunction with Neptune again, without reaching exactitude.

So it won’t be until December that Jupiter truly starts a new cycle throughout the Zodiac, with no going back.

But we are getting a very fiery intro and preview now and the next few months, where we can lay  important groundwork for how we want that new beginning dawning to actually turn out.

The same goes for The Jupiter – Neptune and Saturn – Uranus aspects, where we for the rest of this year,  will be going back and forth between them and their energies. 

The difference now is, that we have tried them before, and thus potentially could also use them more constructively – but as always it is up to us.

While Jupiter (and Mars) in Aries urges us to be smart firekeepers and to look out for exciting new possibilities, the Saturn – Uranus square needs us to keep our heads cool and our hearts warm.

While the Jupiter-  Neptune conjunction is now about to take a break, we can still bring the experience of oneness with us and not give into manipulated division – and most importantly NEVER compromise our soul!

Freedom Truth Light ☮ & 💖 and Tina


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