Thursday, June 15, 2023

Make use of especially beneficial manifestation opportunities as harmonious energies will surge amidst more turbulent ones for the rest of June


We are now almost halfway through 2023 and we have experienced the first test run of Pluto’s upcoming two decades long stay in Aquarius, during the Spring.

Aquarius rules the heavens, space and anything “out there” and here in 2023, the interplay between us and that part of Aquarius’ domain have obviously reached new levels.

Not least, when it comes to our central star, whose outbreaks have been increasingly escalating.

Transmissions from the Sun and other cosmic sources have emitted higher and higher levels of Light and energy towards us, impacting us on a very physical and visible level as well.

Extraordinary aurora borealis have been witnessed several times in unusual places, lately impressive noctilucent clouds, too.

Down on Earth, the previous matrix doesn’t always seem to be able to uphold itself any longer, with various individual bizarre experiences as a result.

Upgrades in consciousness have been readily available for those receptive to it – and this was just the beginning, very exciting!

On the last days of Pluto’s stay in Aquarius, we of course also had the "official" whistleblower reveals of previous governmental salvage of both crafts and remains of extraterrestrial beings.

Whether true or false, (as a convenient setup for an upcoming fake alien invasion show), it is certainly no coincidence, that this happened right as Pluto’s first foray into Aquarius was wrapping up… to be continued, I’m sure…

Technology is another Aquarian area, and the wild spread of AI, as well as all round digitalization, has of course been another extremely present topic, that will no doubt be continued, as well. 

We will have to make some very important decisions, both collectively and individually, as to how to handle this, to not lose completely control and most importantly not lose our humanity in the process either, and it seems we better think and act fast in that regard!

Asides from use/abuse of technology, the Aquarian energy is really not very well suited for powerhungry entities, that wish to remain in power and continue sucking energy from others. Which is why this Aquarian era is so obviously feared by them and why they seem to now clamp down increasingly desperate on anything resembling Aquarian qualities such as freedom, free thinking, free speech, system critique etc. 

The Aquarian energy will however only get stronger and stronger, as Pluto settles in for a longer duration next time in January 2024 and then for good in November 2024.

For now, Pluto has, here in June, returned to Capricorn and will spend the rest of the year rounding up that Capricornian transit, that began in 2008; the year of the financial crisis.

Just as we saw back then, when Pluto was in a transition phase between Sagittarius and Capricorn, we have here in 2023 also seen several bank failures. It started that way back then too, before later evolving into a full blown crash and crisis…

The transition back then was mainly about going from a naïve believe in eternal growth and careless overspending and consumption (Sagittarius) to hard times and harsh realities, recession, depression,  a time to pay bills and take responsibility (Capricorn).

The transition from Capricorn to Aquarius is more about a complete systemic change, financially and otherwise. Exactly what kind of system, we’re gonna end up with, is what this whole ongoing battle is all about.

As this is the last time Pluto will transit back through several degrees of Capricorn, we certainly have a lot to round up for the rest of 2023, concerning unsustainable financial decisions (apparently very few in charge got the memo of that "taking responsibility" part), governmental overreach and abuse of power, corrupt corporations etc.

The rest of the year will no doubt be tumultuous and very transformative.

Pluto will be in the 29th  critical wildcard degree until late July – a time where basically anything could happen.

In July Pluto will also square the Nodes, the Sun will join in as well, as it reaches the end of Cancer, creating a tension filled and fateful Grand square at the very end of the Cardinal signs.

Then from mid August – early December, the infamous Pluto return of the US, will be going through its last decisive phase, no doubt with huge consequences for the country and its status, financially and otherwise, as well as the rest of the world, not least the Western world.

When Pluto makes a standstill and then goes direct in October, it’s another moment to look out for.

And then Pluto reaches the critical 29th degree once again in December, before reentering Aquarius in January.

So, we are pretty much in for it, for the rest of the year...

Right now, there is, however, some stabilizing and very harmonious energies present, as well, that it’s very important we make use of.

Perhaps you remember, all the hope, visions, ideals, meditations and other manifestations in the spiritual and truth world leading up to Great Conjunction, at the Winter Solstice 2020, when Jupiter & Saturn met and started a new several hundred year long era in the Air Element, when they joined at 0° Aquarius.

“The Age of Aquarius” was then to take another huge step into being. A free and golden age, bringing with it a higher level of consciousness for humanity.

This important phase of the new era was however met with extraordinary opposition and darkness, (as mentioned earlier, some entities really DO fear the free Aquarian energy), another round of very long lockdowns, harsh restrictions and mandates was initiated and then there was the unbelievable amounts of strife and divisive rhetoric that followed “the experimental roll out”, initiated that same December as well. Not to mention the danger to health or life...

But even all that darkness couldn’t dim the True Light and the positive seeds also sown, nor the visions and manifestations send out into the ether, by millions of people across the world, who felt called to do so.

The only thing that could do that, would be if they were given up on or forgotten.

Jupiter and Saturn have now reached the first major stop in their mutual 20 year cycle, they also began in December 2020.

The sextile is a harmonious aspect, which brings with it very beneficial opportunities to work further on all those positive visions, ideals and manifestations from back then, but now on a much more concrete and tangible level.

The sextile is not a super pressing aspect, which means you will have to make a conscious decision to work with it, but if you do so, there will be enormous backup for creating successful results.

This is an implementing and very productive phase of the cycle.

The exact phase of Jupiter & Saturn’s sextile has just begun, lasting from June 14th – 24th, with the exact peak taking place on Monday 19th, at 16.53, BST, (adjust to your local time).

The aspect will continue to be active for about another month following that day.

So, this is a time to consider deeply and work further on how your personal version of “The Age of Aquarius” can be implemented in your life and then how it could be shared with other likeminded – and then eventually spread further on from there.

It typically starts from within, then in close circles and then spreading further and further from there.

Saturn is standing still, in the days surrounding its change of direction, going retrograde on Saturday, which only brings the aspect further manifesting and crystalizing energy, as Saturn comes clearer through.

There’s a New Moon on Sunday the 18th, so the Moon phase is also with us, when it comes to manifestation possibilities and the Sun is of course reaching its culmination in daylight, at the Summer Solstice on the 21st  also during the exact phase of the Jupiter – Saturn sextile, adding only FURTHER positive manifestation possibilities and Light to the process.

The Sun will furthermore also aspect and support both Jupiter and Saturn from a beneficial angle for the rest of June, following the Solstice.

The Summer Solstice takes place at 15.58 BST, on  Wednesday, June 21st.

The Jupiter – Saturn Conjunction took place during the darkest Winter, at the return of the Light, the Jupiter – Saturn sextile takes place during the culmination and peak of Light and is supported by the Sun itself, a very symbolic visual of the beneficial opportunities present at this moment.

Jupiter & Saturn will be at 7°12 Taurus & Pisces respectively, during exactitude, meaning that the physical and the spiritual world can meet and have a unique opportunity to unite, blend, manifest and transcend.

What’s important right now, is to not let these beneficial and fruitful opportunities for positive changes go to waste. As mentioned previously, there are other intense and turbulent energies ongoing as well, at the same time, so make a conscious effort to not be diverted!


I wish you a happy and fruitful Jupiter – Saturn sextile and Summer Solstice 🌞 Let’s anchor as much Light as possible and then get to work.

Freedom Truth Light & Tina


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