Friday, August 11, 2023


We are now well into the second half of the Summer-quarter and Pluto has now moved so far back into Capricorn that it will come within the critical one degree of US’ original Pluto placement next week.

Transit Pluto will remain so the coming months, into December.

This last, decisive phase of the infamous and transformative US Pluto return – where the country, put simply, will have to either totally reinvent itself or self-destruct – will of course also have consequences for the rest of the world, as well as the whole “world order” and is thus relevant for all of us.

On the heels of the end of the US Pluto return, there will also be a total Solar Eclipse over parts of  America next Spring.

This Solar Eclipse is the follow up – partner to “The Great American Eclipse”, back in 2017. What was already made a big deal out of back then, was that the orbit of the two Eclipses together form a cross over parts of the country.

This could either be interpreted as the USA is pointed out and chosen for something specific or that the country - as we previously have known it – will by 2024 simply be…done...

In combination with a Pluto return the latter is not at all out of the question, in some form.

The problem with being “on top” as the only remaining “superpower” in the world, when a completely transformative Pluto return sets in, is that there’s really only one way to go from there…

The Pluto return takes place in the 2nd house of the US Sibley chart, the area of values, money and economy.

That a fierce battle of values is ongoing and dividing and in many ways destroying the country, in more and more extreme ways, is very obvious, at this point in time.

This Summer we furthermore have a Venus – Uranus square ongoing, firing even more up under those exact same topics, all over the world.

When it comes to the economy, it was astrologically speaking, clear even before the Pluto return set in, that the US would not be able to keep its current special monetary status of the dollar.

More and more countries and coalitions have also, while this return has been going on, begun to bring other currencies and ways out into play.

We are now entering the last phase of that process, where further developments undoubtedly will happen.

There is however much more at stake than just the reserve status of the dollar.

We are talking a potential complete systemic change financially, which will affect everyone.

As predicted, the Grand Cross of July between Pluto, The Nodes and the Sun brought further development on that front.

The transaction system “FedNow” was officially launched in the US, Russia declared that they were introducing a digital ruble, ready for August, and Worldcoin, with its creepy orb and iris analysis as digital identification, also went from test phase to official launch, all within the same short period, that the Grand Cross was active.

Many of the different components needed to make a giant shift to a total centralized, digital economy is thus already falling into place, in different parts of the world.

Now we just need some huge crisis or event, that could make the whole thing more “appetizing” and bring it in worldwide and at the same justify attempts of eliminating all other alternatives, old ones as well as new ones.

It is of course first, if it becomes the only option and choice and free will gone with the wind, that it becomes really dangerous to humanity. But the drive down the road to that destination has clearly begun, so we need to take seriously heed.

Centralized digital programmable currencies, as only payment option + mandatory digital & biometric id + social credit score = a total surveillance hell, where anything you own - which won’t be much! – can be reduced or completely removed by just one click, if you don’t comply. And not complying could mean simply doing, saying or thinking things that up until recently would have been completely natural for you and within your right.

At the same time the window is of course also open for other huge economic changes, that actually improves both the financial system, as well as the world and life here.

The only thing that's certain is that huge changes ARE forthcoming, with the prevailing energies these years.

The next couple of months could be crucial in that process – and we will practically constantly be in a heightened risk zone for something really transformative to happen (and it is obviously rumbling quite a bit in the financial world already).

The energy will however be especially concentrated and intense, when Pluto stands still, changes direction and goes direct in the beginning of October.

At the exact same time, we also enter an Eclipse Season, further intensifying the energy, during which we will get one last Eclipse in Taurus, also the sign of economy and values, in late October.

Just before that, the previously mentioned Venus – Uranus square will peak one last time, at the end of September. Venus rules Taurus, Uranus is currently in Taurus. So, as you can see, there is very heightened focus on change, resources, prices, currencies, economy and values the coming months and especially at the beginning of  Fall.

The end of September and October can in many ways be described as a hotspot within the hotspot period beginning now.

Throughout it all, we need to be especially vigilant and wary about what we allow to be implemented as well as phased out, we simply have to demand the continuation of different options, alternatives and a right to privacy and freedom going forward.

So how do we as individuals best deal with all of this?

Astrology gives us some wise clues, since on the same day, as Pluto come within one degree of USA’s Pluto, it is also:


The New Moon in Leo is always a wonderful and beneficial time of the year  to tank up on the Light and surplus available, when our Luminaries meet in that sign – this is the second last New Moon before entering the dark Winter half year, at the Fall Equinox in September.

And as you can probably sense from all of the above, you are going to need it!

The New Moon in Leo will, for those who tune in, offer an energy, that is beneficial for:

Finding strenght


Connecting with and anchoring the - stronger than usual - incoming Light on Earth, fill up your own tank, letting the rest flow and work through you and spread it around you.

Surplus and generosity

Taking more control of your own life

Healing the heart chakra

Following your hearts voice

Doing what your heart desires

Being creative, using your co-creator skills

Investments in gold – and other precious metals (Leo+ The Sun = Gold, The Moon = Silver, Venus (who is close to the Sun & The Moon in Leo, during the New Moon) = Cobber).


The New Moon also triggers Uranus and fires up under the aforementioned Venus – Uranus square and its topics of change, a rebellious spirit and urge for freedom, value battles, financial issues and possible sudden and/ or shocking events.

Your co – creator skills can beneficially be put to use by creating alternatives and other methods, ways and lifestyles, that are truly in alignment with your own personal values.

The Leo energy is definitely not of the kind that let others dictate to them what can and cannot be done.

With the Sun as its natural ruler, Leo is in very good contact with its own “inner regent” and divine spark and thus naturally prefers to set the parameter itself for its own life.

Uranus is the planet of awakening and rebellion and doesn’t put up with anything not in alignment with its ideals either, especially not anything that in ANY way diminishes freedom.

These energies and that attitude is what you will have an opportunity to align yourself more with, during this New Moon and then take them with you and find more strength in them going forward.

What it comes down to, is really knowing (or getting to know) yourself, who and what you are, your worth and your values and standing up for them. Know what you will and won’t be a part of and act accordingly.

Say clearly no thanks to that which you find degrading and low frequent.

Let your heart guide you to that which you can say clearly YES to, that uplifts and improves life and is full of meaning and purpose for you.

The New Moon is exact on Wednesday the 16th at 10.38 BST (adjust to your local time).

Since the Moon is void of course right after the New Moon, it isn’t until Thursday that outer action and new initiatives are advisable, however.

Wednesday, the New Moon day, is very well suited for meditation, anchoring of Light and various inner preparations and contemplations before manifestation, launch and outer activity and initiatives from Thursday and onward.

Happy New Moon – use is to stand even stronger in your own right, might and Light and to get you the best through the upcoming, no doubt challenging, months

Freedom Truth Light & Tina



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